HIGH END 2015 – Show Report.
HIGH END 2015 – Show Report.
HIGH END 2015 – Show Report.
photos: High End Society

Show Report: Illusonic-MBA

Well known for their two- and multichannel audio processors, Illusonic displayed some room acoustics control software tools.

Isol-8 showed the Substation Integra filter that includes separate lines for high-powered and more noise-sensitive devices.

In addition to Mosaic Genesis, IsoTek demonstrated for the first time, a new power control system in a very compact chassis. It can power loads up to 100W.

Already enjoying a big success with their excellent small loudspeaker, the Pulsar, Joseph Audio unveiled the Prism.

The second generation of the Kef's Blade…

Kef also demonstrated the full Reference range, including the top model "5".

This could be an interesting new company that sprung from nowhere … Kii showed little Three, a DSP supported active loudspeaker, with amplifiers designed by Bruno Putzeys. There is a different version for both home and professional/studio use.

Small, portable headphone amplifier from King Sound featuring two outputs, both for dynamic and electrostatic headphones. Offered in many colors too!

This is the small, so to speak, turntable from Kronos Audio. It's name is Sparta.

LAB12 displayed two brand-new devices, the power conditioner Gordian…

…and the integrated amplifier Integre4 featuring 4550s in its output stage.

Lars&Ivan is an interesting company from which we singled out the small, active, wireless loudspeaker RR45…

…the tube-based THA-8 portable headphone amplifier…

…and the THA-21 desktop headphone amplifier featuring a class A output stage.

Lindemann has consistently invested in the field of media players/streamer. The musicbook: 15 is a device that supports DXD and DSD, but also includes a conventional CD player.

Magnat unveiled a new loudspeaker series called the Shadow, covering the mid/low price market segment.

The SA-14SE SA-CD player and the PM-14SE integrated amplifier were the devices chosen by Marantz to mark their 30 years of "special edition" anniversary.

First presentation of the imposing Coltrane-3 from Marten.

Metronome Technologie presented the Music Center One.

The Starter is the latest product of Michell Engineering and is exactly what its name implies: A product for those vinyl newcomers.

New product series by Micromega. The company from France have always been able to surprise and delight their customers and the M-One integrated amp is, surely, capable of that!

Mizik returned this year with products featuring the enhanced MusiC compensation technology from Wadax. The devices shown are the DAC dPlay, the streamer dStream and the phono/ADC dVin.

MBA (Modern British Audio), offers a range of loudspeakers which includes The Progression…

…and The Pulse.

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