Thoeress Phono Equalizer/Enhancer.

Thoeress Phono Equalizer/Enhancer.

Thoeress Phono Equalizer/Enhancer.
Specifications (according to published data)
Description: Phono preamplifier/adjustable equalizer.
Inputs: 6x, in five different versions. MC inputs with adjustable loading (50-500 Ohm), MM Inputs/MC High out. inputs in 47k Ohm.
Outputs: 3x, single ended (RCA).
Tubes: 2xPC86, 2x12SN7GT, 1x PCC88, NOS (Siemens, RCA).
Other options: Set the gain/slope of the de-emphasis curve at three points. Six steps/point, including an RIAA-compatible position.
Thoeress Phono Equalizer/Enhancer.
Price & General Information
Price (€) 8.400,- (*)
Sample source MF Audio, tel.: 0030-210-724.4147
Sample source URL
More Information
(*) Please note that this price is for the local market where our review sample source provide their services. For a price specific to your location, consult your local dealer.

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