IFA 2015 - Show Report
IFA 2015 - Show Report
IFA 2015 - Show Report

Show Report: AKG - LG

AKG launched the wireless version of the apparently very successful, D50. Called the Y50BT, it is based on Bluetooth technology.

A compact 2.1 desktop system. Altec Lansing's Aqua features transparent baffle satellites to offer a more "light" presence on your desk.

Not new, but still interesting. The Digital Groove from Apogee is a DAC/headphone amplifier based on an ESS Sabre d/a chip.

One of the most discussed exhibits, the AK-Ti8e is a result from the collaboration between Astell & Kern with Beyerdynamic. It is a top-class in-ear headphone based on Beyerdynamic's Tesla technology and optimized for A&K's media players.

A new turntable from Audio-Technica, the AT-P5.

The same company was also demonstrated the AT-PHA100 DAC/headphone amplifier. It is compatible with PCM up to 384kHz and DSD128 and delivers 100mW at 10-300 Ohm headphones.

Beoplay A6 is Bang & Olufsen's proposal for a small wireless speaker. Its design quality and aesthetics heritage are more than obvious.

The DT1770 Pro is designed mainly for studio/monitoring use. Beyerdynamic has been used Tesla technology (2.0) drivers for this closed-type/250 Ohm headphone.

Tesla technology drivers are also featured in Beyerdynamic's audiophile-oriented T1. This time, the architecture is semi-open and the voicing is adapted towards the needs of the home user.

During this year's IFA, the first ultra-high resolution Blu-ray disks were officially presented. For sure, the titles per se are of secondary importance, it is the intention that counts. Already two major manufacturers announced compatible players (Samsung and Panasonic).

Nothing to do with audio or video, but, certainly, a lot with entertainment: Byrobot showed a whole range of accessories and drones oriented to dogfighting rather than merely peacefully flying/shooting/filming.

Platinum: A headset from Creative Labs in their top series Aurvana. It is a wireless design but clearly addressed to those with audio quality concerns!

Creative has shown its intentions to invest in good sound quality, having already presented the Sound Blaster X7 DAC/Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier…

…and the small wireless loudspeakers Sound Blaster Roar with NFC support for easy connection and streaming.

Crystal Audio displayed their full range of WiSound omni-directional devices. The series includes integrated sound systems and loudspeakers specially designed for use with TV-sets.

Interesting design (and user interface) for the X1 from Echobox. It is a portable wireless streamer with high definition capabilities and high-quality audio circuits. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and can support AirPlay and WiFi.

Epson's, LS10000 belongs to Pro Cinema series, and it is based on LCD technology with a triple laser light source. It can handle 4K signals and is suitable for 3D material viewing.

Heco presented the model 20 in their Ascada active loudspeaker series. It is a two-way bookshelf design…

… the same as Direkt a loudspeaker that combines the low-frequency response of a floorstanding design with the stereo imaging of a compact monitor.

Very small dimensions (and a width less than 40 cm) shall not prevent the Boost TV from JBL to create an impressive sound field. The loudspeaker offers virtual surround and wireless streaming.

Harman/JBL also displayed their top Everest headphone series model, the Elite 700. It is wireless, based on Bluetooth 4.1 with active noise suppression technology.

New projector series from JVC. It includes three models, DLA-X9000, X7000, and X5000 which will support HDMI/HDCP 2.2 and 4K signals and will be compatible with HDR signals. The two larger models are THX 3D certified.

Lenco L-3808 has an integrated phono preamp and USB port to facilitate the digitization of vinyl records. It is based on an electronically controlled direct driven platter with stroboscope and pitch control.

One of the most talked presences at this year's IFA, LG has showed the first OLED panel 4K/HDR enabled TV-sets. The models showcased were based, however, on flat rather than concave panels.

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