IFA 2015 - Show Report
IFA 2015 - Show Report
IFA 2015 - Show Report

Show Report: LG - PIONEER

LG had, also, something to say about wireless audio: The Music Flow P5 is a small portable wireless loudspeaker with a rechargeable battery that lasts about 15 hours between charges.

Marley seems to constantly developing their products. One of the most interesting (although not new), was the Bag of Riddim (or Bag of Rhythm), a portable system based on smartphones/tablets for the audio source/controller part.

London from Marshall is a smartphone designed mainly with the mind on its audio capabilities and not as a regular smartphone. Based on Cirrus/Wolfson electronics, offers dual, separately adjustable, headphone output, two microphones and a complete application package for audio processing.

This 55-inch Topas series TV-set from Metz includes a dual DVB-T tuner, integrated media player and offers HDD connectivity. Its refresh rate is 1000Hz and supports 3D viewing.

Wireless speaker with multi-room support, from the Ministry of Sound. The model is Audio L Plus.

The same company also displayed the Audio S Plus, a little portable loudspeaker based on Bluetooth technology. One can use two of them in Left/Right configuration if interested in stereo. Its connectivity range is 10 meters.

On the occasion of completing 40 years in the market, Oehlbach presented a commemorative series of products. Here is the DAC Edition 40, based on an AK 24/192 capable chip…

…the fiber optic cable Connect Opto 40…

…and the Jubilee 1600 40, a full spec, top quality, fully shielded HDMI cable suitable for 18Gbit/s, that supports ARC and CEC 2.0.

Onkyo showed the ES-CTI300 headphone, an over-ear design with titanium diaphragms and aluminum metal parts which is compatible with iOS devices.

The same company also showed their top preamplifier/processor PR-SC5530, that supports Dolby Atmos/11.2 channels surround sound, 4K video signals (via HDMI/HDCP 2.2) and high-definition audio streaming.

However, the most interesting product from Onkyo was probably the in-ear W800BT, a completely wireless design (without an interconnection between the two earpieces). It includes a built-in microphone and a carrying case that acts as a charging station (using a rechargeable battery as a power bank).

This carpet-like surface demonstrated by Panasonic features loudspeaker units at its ends to create a surround sound field. Interesting experiment!

Panasonic demonstrated the CRW854 and CXW804, two TV-sets that can display UHD material and support high contrast (HDR) sources. The first model is based on a concave panel while the second is a standard flat design.

The same company also presented its new Blu-ray player, DMP-BDT750, capable of 4K upscaling…

… and the DMP-BCT950 / BST950 (depending on the type of the television receiver included) Blu-ray recorder. It is, also, compatible with high-resolution audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV and DSD) and offers a separate HDMI output to connect to an audio system.

With a weight of just 45 grams and a variety of mounting features, the HX-A1 action camera from Panasonic can record all the interesting things that its owner does

Parrot's Zik 3 is another headphone from a company with top industrial design skills. This last version remains wireless and features an active noise suppression system but now offers wireless charging. And a great color collection to select from, too.

Among the TV-sets demonstrated by TP Vision/Philips were those of 6500 series (Full HD panels with LED)…

…as well as the new 7600 UHD series. Based on Android TV OS and the Pixel Precise Ultra HD processor, they are available in 48, 55 and 65 inches.

Also, quite interesting was the evolution of Ambilight technology named Ambilux. Based on micro-projectors (instead of an LED light source), Ambilux creates a richer and more complex light-biasing signal in the room.

Philips also showed the new version of Fidelio M2 headphones, code-named M2L which is a wired design, compatible with Apple's Lightning connector. The signal transfer is done in the digital domain and the headphones include the DAC and the analog electronics.

A wireless loudspeaker from Pioneer, the FREEme, is compatible with all smartphones/tablets and has a battery life of up to 7 hours.

Pioneer also showed the receiver SX-N30, that includes a DAB receiver, supports online streaming via vTuner and supports high-resolution PCM and DSD audio playback …

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