High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
Show Report: Adam Damper - Auris

Adam Damper's decoupling systems are based on an air spring to reduce any vibrations in the device that is placed upon them. Maximum support weight is about 200kg.

Impressive first presentation of the new Smart series from Advance Acoustic. The new series are compact in size and at the moment include an integrated amplifier (AX1) with analog and digital inputs (including Phono) and a power amplifier (BX1).

Aequo presented the Ensis, a floorstanding loudspeaker which is active in the low-frequency part of the spectrum, supported by an N-core technology power amplifier.

Alecta is Albedo's new top of the range loudspeaker. It is a three-way floorstanding design, with transmission line loading and ceramic drivers which are time aligned.

Media One media player/server from Alluxity (a brand name from the Danish AVM-Tec company), is based on ReQuest software and supports PCM/DSD playback (32/384 and DSD256). The device includes a 2TB internal hard disk drive and offers access to NAS and could be used as a control hub for Alluxity's amplifiers.

Alpha Design Labs' Stratos is a very interesting ADC/DAC and headphone amplifier capable of 32/384 (PCM) and DSD 4x playback. The a/d converter features 24/192 sampling and a phono MM/MC preamplifier is included.

Amphion's Argon 3 is a well known compact 2-way loudspeaker and its new version, code-named 3S, includes a significant change, as the last version's bass reflex loading has been replaced by a passive radiator.

Kalya is a 2-way loudspeaker from Apertura, which relies on a ribbon tweeter and an 8-inch mid/woofer. Low-frequency loading is through a down-firing bass reflex port and the crossover network is based on Apertura's DRIM technology.

Aqua HiFi presented their Formula d/a converter which is based on R2R conversion topology and, also, uses optical transfer of digital signals from the digital processor to the DAC circuit. The DAC support PCM signals up to 32/384.

First presentation of the new rHead headphone amplifier from Arcam. It features a class A output stage and offers both 3.5 and 6.4mm output jacks. Volume control is the same used in Arcam's top integrated amplifier, the A49.

Astell & Kern's AK300 features an AKM converter chip (AK4490) and can support up to 32/384 and DSD 2x playback through downsampling/transcoding to PCM 24/192. It offers 64GB of internal memory and can be used as an external USB DAC.

Audio Research presented their Foundation series, with some difficult-to-miss changes in aesthetics. The design of the series originates from the same team that designed the Reference series. The first devices are the LS28 preamplifier, the PH9 phono preamplifier, and the DAC9 d/a converter.

Audio Valve presented the new version of their Luminare headphone amplifier. The new version includes a DAC that supports streaming through a USB port. As expected, the analog circuit is based on tubes.

Audiolab demonstrated the M-One, an integrated amplifier with DAC, capable of audio streaming via Bluetooth. Both the chassis design and dimensions refer to the M-DAC and M-DAC+.

AudioNet presented many new products. With names inspired by science, the Scientist series -designed by Hartmut Esslinger- includes the Heisenberg power amplifier, a monoblock design based on Audionet's ULA technology…

…the Stern preamplifier, featuring optical isolation circuitry, a stepped signal attenuator, and a top quality power supply…

…and the Watt integrated amplifier, a dual mono design with separate power supplies per channel and per stage which, also, includes a phono MM/MC preamplifier and top quality components.

AudioQuest exhibited the Beetle DAC, a d/a converter optimized for use with computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, and televisions, as well as their new portable device-friendly versions of the DragonFly, the Red, and the Black.

In the new top of the range ART1000 MC cartridge from Audiotechnica, the coils are positioned in front of the cantilever, just above the tip, an approach that offers, according to the company, better transfer of information. Coil winding is made of a 20 microns OHNO wire and the sensitivity is 0.2mV.

Audiovector's new QR series includes two models, the stand-mount 2-way QR-1 and the floorstanding 3-way QR 3, both featuring the company's AMT tweeter.

X7 from Aune is a new headphone amplifier which is based on a class A output stage and provides both single-ended and balanced outputs.

Auralic unveiled the Altair, a quite clever combination of the streaming device Aries and their top Vega DAC in a device that offers the functionality of both but at a lower price level. Altair is based on the company's Tesla hardware platform and includes a DAC chip from ESS.

Auris demonstrated this aesthetically interesting system …

… but even more interesting was the first presentation of the Titan 150 amplifier, a push-pull design based on KT150s which can deliver 150W per channel and uses output transformers that allow for a 50kHz bandwidth.

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