High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
Show Report: EAT - Metaxas

The e-Glo phono preamplifier was launched in 2013 from the European Audio Team (EAT). The circuit features ECC83/ECC88 tubes and step-ups from Lundahl, it is suitable for MM/MC cartridges and offers adjustable gain, cartridge loading resistance and input capacitance.

Echo Diastasis currently offers a pair of preamplifier/power amplifier, an integrated amplifier and an MM/MC phono preamplifier (PH-79, showing). It is a dual mono design, with no negative feedback, offering both adjustable gain and cartridge loading.

Elac's Concentro should be one of the most photographed loudspeakers in this year's show, and not without a good reason. The 1.70 meters high, elliptical shaped cabinet, features four 10-inch woofers (operating in phase), the famous Jet-5 tweeter and Elac's excellent Crystal mid/woofer. This is a product designed for their 90 years anniversary…

…and the same applies to the Elac Miracord 90, a turntable homage to the original Miracord series. The new system features a belt driven aluminum 6.5kg platter, an electronically controlled motor and a tonearm with carbon fiber armtube.

Although a company with a clear professional background, EMT counts a lot of friends among serious audiophiles. Here, the MkII version of the JPA 66 tube preamplifier, which offers line and phono inputs, a selection of the de-emphasis curves and filters adapted to the needs of vinyl playback. It is available in a more "serious" gray color too!

Esoteric showed two new integrated amplifiers, the F-03A and F-05 (photo). To larger model (F-05) includes a phono input, three single-ended and two balanced inputs, tone controls with a bypass switch and can deliver 120W/8 Ohm and 240W/4 Ohm per channel.

At the Munich show, Estelon presented, for the first time in Europe, the YB, the first loudspeaker of their new series "Y". It is a 3-way, floorstanding design by Alfred Vassilkov, based on a composite cabinet and a beryllium tweeter to offer a 40kHz bandwidth.

Final Audio displayed in-ear headphones whose finishing is done through 3D printing, a process which opens some serious potential in customizing.

Focal unveiled its new and largest member of their Sopra series, Sopra 3. The new loudspeaker follows the general format and philosophy of the other models in the series, and uses the same technology, but relies on two new 8.25-inch woofers for a better low extension and somewhat higher sensitivity.

On-E power strip from Franc Audio features Furutech power outlets with rhodium coated terminals, Furutech OFC internal wiring and a solid CNC-machined aluminum housing. The base is made of wood.

Grimm Audio demonstrated the new version of the LS1, the LS1Be, which uses a new, Beryllium dome, tweeter. The system is supported by Grimm's latest version of DSP and control software.

One of the most-discussed projects in recent months, that of Horch on the revival of open tape devices, gained some new momentum, as the company announced their cooperation with Revox. The intention is to design, produce and market a new open reel machine (to be expected early 2017). The photo-realistic images are great and the whole thing gets seriously interesting!

iFi's iPhono2 is the improved version of their successful original iPhono phono preamplifier. It offers an improved power supply, lower noise levels, large gain (72dB), a more accurate de-emphasis and the same variety of equalization curves to select from (six in total) as the previous model. It is based on the new top J-FET technology op-amp from Burr Brown, the Soundplus series.

Jadis JA80 MkII is a monoblock power amplifier which is based on four KT150 per channel to deliver 90W in class A with auto-bias.

JR Audio is a belt drive turntable which relies on a Promotec motor and a bearing with a ceramic ball. Vibration damping is implemented through four Vibrapods. The turntable could be upgraded with an external electronic control circuit.

Wireless active loudspeaker from KEF. The Egg can handle signals up to 24/96, it is compatible with Bluetooth V 4.0 and features the KEF's well known Uni-Q array, with an aluminum dome tweeter and a 4.25-inch mid/woofer driver in a coaxial arrangement.

Kharma presented their impressive Enigma Veyron series, which includes four floorstanding models, based on Omega F drivers. The top-of-the-range model is the EV-1, showing here, and the series also includes a subwoofer, a pre/power amplifier pair, a power conditioner and a rack.

LAB12 demonstrate, among other things, their very successful power analyzer/conditioner Gordian, with selectable noise filters and a quite sophisticated software for displaying and assessing the quality of the mains supply voltage, current and power.

Luxman's MQ-300 unveiled near the end of 2015 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary. It is a single ended design, delivering 8W per channel through one Takatsuki Electric 300B per channel.

Magico presented the new version of their S5 loudspeaker, the S5 Mk II. This is a heavily improved design, featuring a new 1-inch beryllium dome tweeter, a new 7-inch midrange driver and two new 10-inch woofers with an aluminum cone.

Mark Levinson's No.519 is a comprehensive digital source which includes a CD drive, a DAC relying on a top ESS/Sabre chip, and a streamer capable of 24/192 PCM and DSD 2x. Of course, it also offers both wireless and wired networking, and access to online content services like Tidal, Qobuz, Rhapsody, etc.

Marten demonstrated their new loudspeaker, the Mingus Quintet. It's a 3-way floorstanding design with three aluminum sandwich cone 7-inch woofers, a 5-inch, ceramic diaphragm, midrange driver, and a 0.75-inch diamond dome tweeter. Woofers are loaded through bass reflex and the high-frequency cut-off is about 100kHz!

The N1ZH60 from Melco is a more affordable option for those looking for a storage and management system for their music files. Based on the top company's platform, known as the N1Z, offers two 3TB hard drives and can be connected either to a home network or directly to a USB DAC.

A company with an important and interesting history, Metaxas Audio Systems unveiled their Opus preamplifier, the Solitaire power amplifier, and the Ikarus integrated amplifier. Although there are not many details about the electronics, both the design, and the production method are, indeed, top class!

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