High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
High-End Munich 2016 - Show Report
Show Report: Avid - EAR

Avid demonstrated the Reference Series loudspeakers, their first attempt in this type of product. With the emphasis on creating a cabinet that absorbs/suppress vibrations, made from 40mm thick aluminum, the series comprises three models, two floorstanding (Reference 1 and 2) and a stand-mount (Reference 3).

Ayre entered the field of network players/streamers with the QX-5 Twenty. It is a device which gives access to a wide selection of digital media, either directly connected or via the home network as well as to Tidal and Teezer services. Ayre says that QX-5 is the first commercial product that features the new ES9038Pro DAC chip from ESS.

Visitors had the opportunity to see up close the top, anniversary case study loudspeaker from Band & Olufsen, the Beolab 90, which is active, digitally equalized and with adjustable directivity. And, of course, there is the aesthetics part, an area where the Danish company have always had to offer something interesting!

The BDCD 2 is a new CD player from B.M.C. It is a belt-drive design, featuring a large clamp from acrylic material, a specially designed bearing, and their new DAC circuit.

B.M.C. has, also, demonstrated the Mini Media, for those who want to centrally manage all their media, including music, video and photo files. It has an internal 2TB disk drive, an HDMI output and can be connected to a DAC via USB.

Boenicke demonstrated their first integrated amplifier, the E2 a high-power design that can deliver 200W/8Ohm, 400W/4Ohm and 800W/2Ohm, includes a has phono input and stepped level attenuator.

Also, Boenicke presented for the first time, their new W11, a 3-way floorstanding design with a flat diaphragm 10-inch woofer mounted laterally, a midrange driver with a wood cone, a Foundtek tweeter and a fill-in tweeter from the Monacor located on the rear side. 1st order filters are used for all drivers.

In the wake of their acquisition, from a US start-up, B &W presented for the first time their new flagship loudspeaker, the 800 D3. This is a design with two 10-inch woofers and the well-known, technologically advanced midrange/tweeter head that the company has developed for the 800 D3 series.

Brinkmann showed the prototype of the new a/d converter known as the Nyquist. It will be available towards the end of the year and supports PCM/DSD streams up to 32/384 and DSD128 respectively, supports MQA encoding and will be both software and hardware upgradeable.

Cantieri del Suono is not a particularly well-known Italian company which specializes in tube-based designs. The photo shows their top integrated amplifier, the Milliarium, which is based on a single-ended output stage with 300Bs, without negative feedback. It offers three line inputs and a stepped attenuator for volume control.

Canton demonstrated their new Reference K series, from which the most imposing model is, of course, the top Reference 1 K. Overall, the series comprises four floorstaning models, a stand-mount model, a subwoofer and a center channel loudspeaker. All the models feature new drivers and top materials and electronic components. Cabinets have a thickness of up to 50mm and are available in three finishes.

In Munich, Cayin showed the replacement of the A-88TMk2. The new integrated amplifier, named CS-88A, features two KT88 per channel and delivers 2x48W in Ultra Linear mode, and 2x27W in triode mode.

CH Precision introduced their first integrated amplifier, the I1. The amplifier uses CH's known, modular, architecture and the options include a phono preamp, a DAC, and a streaming module. Volume is controlled in the analog domain. It delivers 100W per channel.

The success of their DAC/headphone amp Hugo inspired Chord Electronics to design a power amplifier of similar size, which can accompany it. Based on a MOSFET power stage, delivers 130W per channel and offers both single-ended and balanced inputs.

Concrete Audio from Germany showed their little F1 on-wall loudspeakers, which are both active and wireless, while, for those who would like more punch, announced a subwoofer that can be installed also on the wall. The cabinets of all the products are made of some kind of cement.

Constellation Audio demonstrated their new integrated amplifier, the Integrated 1.0, a device that belongs to a more affordable series, the Inspiration, and already announced back in 2015. It offers both single-ended and balanced inputs, and a preamp output, and delivers 100W/8Ohm and 200W/4 Ohm per channel.

A new turntable from Continuum, after several years: the Obsidian features a new DC motor, which is electronically controlled by means of a closed loop system. The bearing uses magnetic repulsion and there is a suspension to isolate the turntable for vibration. The photo, also, shows Continuum's new Viper tonearm.

Creek Evolution 100CD is, in fact, a meticulously designed DAC, capable of streaming up to 24/192 via USB, combined with a slot-loading CD transport, which operates with its own clock. The device has four conventional digital inputs and offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

Although Crystal Cable is best known for their cables and loudspeakers, the Cube integrated amplifier also looks interesting. Based on Siltech's SAGA optical technology, delivers 100W per channel through an AB Class operating output stage.

One of the most iconic integrated amplifiers of the 80s' just returned! The Cyrus One has similar dimensions to the original Mission amplifier, offers an MM input, Bluetooth connectivity, and a headphone amplifier, but features a switch-mode output stage and delivers 2x100W. The price is expected to be quite attractive, too.

Denon, like a bunch of other important manufacturers, continues its re-discovery of 2-channel audio and demonstrated their new 2500NE series that includes the DCD-2500NE player and the PMA-2500NE integrated amplifier.

DS Audio demonstrated, for the first time, a new top-of-the-range system for the optical reading of vinyl records, Master 1, comprising the cartridge and the phono preamplifier. The DS technology uses a conventional needle for mechanically tracking the record, but converts the movement of the cantilever into an electrical signal through optical detection, eliminating the problems posed by the coils.

One of the most famous and successful loudspeaker series from Dynaudio, the Contour, returned in this year's Munich show. The 2016 Contour series includes three models (one stand-mount and two floorstanding) and all of them include new midrange drivers and woofers while the famous Esotar tweeter is used for the highs. The cabinets feature curved side panels and the front baffle is made from aluminum.

One of the classic Tim De Paravicini's designs, the tube-based EAR-825Q studio equalizer seems to find its way to the home systems. An interesting development for sureā€¦

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