Munich HighEnd 2014
Munich HighEnd 2014
Show Report (Part 1): McIntosh Audio Labs - Plinius

Also, at Munich, the company displayed for the first time their long awaited MHA100, a DAC/headphone amplifier, that can be used as an integrated amplifier to drive loudspeakers too.

Merlin Audio Lab owns a design center based in Switzerland where products such as the No.214 series are developed. This is their d/a converter…

… their power amplifier…

… and the preamplifier as well. The company also offers a device that can function as a media bridge and a music server.

Metronome Technologie displayed the CD player Kallista…

… and the converter Nausicaa (the later maintaining the “alpha macron” from the original ancient Greek word which was a surprising detail!)

The “My” series from Micromega includes an amplifier too. They called it myAmp.

The company also displayed their phono preamp myGroov and the headphone amplifier myZic.

Exciting news from Mytek as they seem to enter the audiophile market with the Manhattan DAC. They designed a device with more home-friendly aesthetics and, according to Mytek themselves, “much better” than the already well received pro-model Stereo 192-DSD.

DAC/headphone amp model 1050 from NAD.

NAD also displayed the M17, a 7-channel processor for high quality multichannel audio…

… and an accompanying power amplifier, the M27.

Nagra displayed their new d/a converter, the HD DAC. This is one of the prototypes, as the device has not yet entered the production phase.

A recorder such as the IV-S is not something that an audiophile could be normally interested of, but -anyway- it is a fascinating piece of equipment…

This is the rack with two synchronized Nagra VIs used to record in high resolution Helen and Susanna Vougioukli during their live performance in Lavrio, Greece…

… a recording project that Nagra publicized widely during the show.

Neat Acoustics introduced their new floorstanding loudspeaker, the SX7…

… but they also displayed their top of the range, the Ultimatum XL10.

Neodio's integrated amp NR 1500.

The Montecito from Ocean Way is a loudspeaker that fills the space, both physically and acoustically.

Octave Audio unveiled their new preamplifier known as the HP 700. This is, as expected, a tube based design that accepts different modules for the phono stage, depending on the user's needs.

This year, Perreaux celebrates their 40 years anniversary, hence this Anniversary Eloquence 250i.

IPS-3 is a high end combo designed by Playback Design. Includes a DAC, a preamp and a power amplifier.

An SA Reference from Plinius.

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