Munich HighEnd 2014
Munich HighEnd 2014
Show Report (Part 2): Advance Acoustic - AudioNet

New integrated amplifier from Advance Acoustic. The X-i1000 delivers 220/400W to 8/4 Ohm loads and includes a digital interface with standard inputs and a USB port as well.

During the exhibition, an X-i1000 was used to drive the Advance's new top-of-the-range loudspeaker coded as the X-L1000, a three-way design with a ribbon tweeter, time aligned drivers and great aesthetics.

Advance also showed the X -Preamp preamplifier which also includes a digital interface and the X - A160 power amp capable of 160/240W power in 8/4 Ohm loads.

The French seem to have invested heavily on digital media playback. Among other things, we saw this device, codenamed X-UNI, comprising a CD player, analog inputs (and an a/d converter to digitize them) and streaming capabilities both through the local network and the Internet. Under the X-UNI appears their small integrated amp, the X-i90.

This is a prototype of the Metis, the new preamp from Aesthetix. It is a design without coupling capacitors (capacitors in the signal path), symmetrical design and the ability to include, optionally, a phono preamp. To be expected in the second half of the year.

Allnic's new, top-of-the-range, power amplifier, the A-10000. It is a monoblock design based on KR242 (Kron) tubes for the driver stage and a directly heated triode Kron 1610 for the class A output stage. The amp delivers 100W.

The very simple and relatively compact turntable from AMG (V12) easily wins some good impressions, even in a static display. This is the black version.

The Antelope Zodiac Platinum can, now, accept a new upgrade (apart the Voltikus power supply), a clock generator based on a version of the 10M atomic clock the company offers in their pro- series.

Arcam showed, among other things, their new C49 preamplifier and their new power amp P4. The later is capable of 200/400W at 8/4 Ohm loads using a power stage topology that allows operation in class A up to 50W and becomes more efficient if more power is needed. The company states that the output stage operates in class G, without giving more details on the specific topology used.

Aries Cerat used the Concero, a single ended class A monoblock (with transformer inter-stage linking) with a power output of 30W…

… and the Impera II preamplifier that uses an inverted triode topology as its output stage (a topology offering a very low output impedance) and a multi-tapped transformer as attenuator…

… to drive the Symphonia, a loudspeaker based on a custom horn loaded RAAL ribbon tweeter a 4-inch solid wood horn loaded mid driver (with a diaphragm made by titanium) and finally a 3-meter long horn for low frequencies. The company states a -3dB point at 35Hz.

Akku is a battery-based power supply for ASR's amplifiers.

Asus, the well known company for computer hardware, presented their Essence III, a DAC /preamplifier and headphone amplifier that supports DSD and features a temperature-controlled oscillator circuit clock…

… as well as the Xonar Essense One, their top USB DAC based on the high quality Muses op-amps (Muses 01) from NJR (former JRC).

ASW's new small loudspeaker in Opus series, called the M14, features a soft dome tweeter and a carbon fiber mid/woofer…

… and may be accompanied by the SW14 subwoofer to create a full range 2.1 system.

Audio Exclusiv demonstrated their electrostatics. P3.1 is on the left and P6.1 on the right.

At the same space we also saw this Referenz turntable with a special, aesthetically intriguing finish.

Audio Physic displayed their full range loudspeakers. Here, shown (from left to right) are the Classic 30, Classic 20 and the Tempo 25 Plus…

… and, here, the small Classic Compact.

The Active Discreet concept from Audio Vector includes over thirty models and offers the user the ability to wirelessly drive each loudspeaker, by simply retrofitting the necessary hardware. Obviously one can purchase those models complete with the wireless networking functions included in the first place.

New combo from Audioblock, this time in a half-width chassis. Includes a CD player, a network/media player, a streamer and the necessary amplifier as well.

The DNP preamplifier (Digital Network Preamplifier) from AudioNet is their first that includes the necessary hardware to connect to the home network and to stream media offering control through the respective app. The preamp could be upgraded by adding a new external power supply, the EPX.

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