Munich HighEnd 2014
Munich HighEnd 2014
Show Report (Part 2): Audioquest - Cayin

Cable terminated with RJ45 connectors for use in Ethernet infrastructures, from Audioquest. There are five versions with different conductor and dielectric materials and different lengths, with prices from €25 - to €700, -. Audioquest also offers a system for biasing the dielectric of those cables, an approach the company uses some years now.

Avantgarde's Zero 1 is not new, but is always attractive as it is the company's effort to combine the horn loading virtues with those of an active loudspeaker that is capable of wireless streaming.

The AVM showed the 8.2 series amplifiers that are available in either two-channel or monoblock versions…

… as well as the new Evolution series. At the top of the rack the Music Library media server.

A new version of Ayre's two-channel VX-R power amp, the VX-R Twenty, is expected to ship in the coming months.

BC Acoustique displayed their integrated amplifier EX-322…

… and the pre/power amp EX 322D/EX 522. The preamplifier includes a digital interface.

Bluesound company was founded by some of the people who were formerly members of NAD. Their aim is to exploit the potential of high-resolution audio and wireless streaming technologies. The Node (left) and Vault (right) shown here are respectively their solution for a media bridge and a media server (with 1TB drive and a ripping function).

This is the prototype of a new Blumenhofer Acoustics loudspeaker (no other details available). The amplifiers used to drive it during the demo were the new Allnic's monoblocks.

BMC showed their Pure DAC…

… as well as the Pure DAC loudspeaker based on an AMT technology tweeter…

… and additional drivers in a dipole configuration to create a rich reverberant field.

The rather strange solution of a tube based power supply, Roent II from Brinkmann…

… driving their new turntable called the Spyder.

The two smaller models of the Classical series from Brodmann, the VC-1 (left) and the VC-2 (right).

Burmester 's Music Player 150 includes a SSD hard drive for storing files, supports UPnP networking and streams Internet radio stations too.

The company also showed a more powerful device, the Musiccenter 151, that includes a CD player/ripper, two 2TB SSDs and is compatible with UPnP/DLNA standards. Musiccenter 151 can be managed via the web interface or an iOS app.

Cabasse introduced a new line of electronics for their top active La Sphere system. This includes a new 24bit/96kHz digital processor and new amps. La Sphere requires a processor and eight amps in total, one per way per loudspeaker.

After some years of just static display them, Cabasse demonstrated a fully operational La Sphere pair for visitors to have some listening sessions. The smaller model nearby is the Grand iO2.

Pacific 3 is Cabasse 's the biggest classic box-like loudspeaker. It's a design based on their BC17 mid/high coaxial driver.

The French company has also focused on wireless systems. Here, the Integrated Stream 1, that supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections via DLNA and NFC technologies …

… and, the Streamer, a device that allows the connection of any conventional system with wireless players.

To A6 is a small active loudspeaker from Cayin…

… which, among others, showed the DAC11 converter…

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