Munich HighEnd 2014
Munich HighEnd 2014
Show Report (Part 1): Transrotor - Wagner Audio

This is a new version of Transrotor's phono preamp, the 8.2 MC Sym.

Trigon unveiled the media player/streamer Chronolog (top), that transfers CDs to an internal SSD (for playback or ripping). The photo, also, shows the preamp Dialog and the Recall II CD player.

Trinnov exhibited the Altitude 32 processor, their newest product which is expected to ship in September. Altitude 32 is a multichannel/home cinema oriented preamp/decoder with HDMI inputs and the algorithms for room acoustics correction the company is well known off.

Trinnov also displayed their two channel preamp/processor, the Amethyst…

… and the latest, upgraded version of the special microphone used during the measuring phase of their software for room acoustics correction.

Tsakiridis Devices announced the new version of their line conditioner, Athina, that offers a total of ten outputs (filtered, buffered and direct) and an optional power factor correction circuit. The device has a screen that displays the power grid parameters and sends relevant data to a smartphone via a special application.

Tsakiridis also displayed the prototype of a very flexible, digitally controlled tube tester, compatible with both low signal and power tubes. The tester offers a complete list of parameters for each tube, as well as script-based pass/fail procedures based on user preferences.

The Zeus is a full-featured phono preamplifier from Tsakiridis Devices based on 6DJ8 tube and offering configurable inputs for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.

Finally, the company demonstrated the Dionysos, a passive preamp with two inputs and two outputs that features an Alps-based attenuator and all the necessary switching to be used as an A/B comparator both in line level and high power applications.

The always impressive Anima from Tune Audio…

… accompanied by an equally impressive subwoofer, the Pulse.

VDH presented the first CNT (Carbon NanoTube) products, a technology that was demonstrated for the first time during last year. Van Den Hul himself has, also, expressed his positive opinion for the Akiko tuning sticks. Here is a Gem AJ Gold.

VDH also displayed the Grail SB phono preamplifier that uses an LCR network for the RIAA de-emphasis and offers input load self-adjustment.

Ready to celebrate their first 20 years, during 2015, Verity Audio debuted the new Parsifal Anniversary. The new version of the loudspeaker includes new cabinets and crossover filters as well as Verity's isolation platforms instead of the standard spikes.

A quite massive amp, the MP-S201 by Vitus Audio is a 125kg beast with 4.5kVA transformers and 1.2F of total filter capacitance. It uses active bias control for class A operation and delivers 700/1400W at 8/4Ohm loads. There is, also, a variety of colors to choose from…

Viva Audio won, (according to some reliable information), some very positive impressions for their first headphone amplifier Egoista (what a name!).

The company also exhibited the Numerico, a CD player that can be used as a DAC too.

Vivid Audio's Giya loudspeaker series always attracts attention.

Their distinguished structure makes Vovox cables easy to distinguish. Here, the loudspeaker cables of the Vocalis series.

Voxativ's Ampeggio Due…

… driven by the company's amps, namely the “Pre” preamp and the “Mono” monoblocks.

One of the two amps presented by the Wadia, the 300 is a 300W/8Ohm class D monoblock. There is, also, a two-channel, 150W per channel into 8 ohm loads, version.

Wadia showed their top 321 D/A converter that supports PCM up to 32bit/192kHz through the USB port.

Concerto Grosso from Wagner Audio is a heavy (50kg) belt driven turntable with enough space for up to three tonearms (including 12-inch ones). The motor is electronically controlled.

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