The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle
What's The Inner Circle?

A normal review is the the outcome of a number of procedures, and is organized in a way to be readable and of some reasonable length, to be useful to the average visitor. But, in general, both the subjective and the objective parts of the evaluation includes some details that never get published.
Inner Circle pages are designed to include those details in raw form for anyone interested and motivated enough to study them. In this context, “Raw form” means that we provide the data set as it is, without comments/opinions or evaluation text, other than those originally published in the review.
For starters, here you will find the full set of measurements performed for each review sample, including those that are not published in the relevant review pages, but in the short term we have plans to include a lot more.
These pages are under construction and when ready, you will need to register for a user account to gain access to Inner Circle but we promise not to spam you or sell your email to others or anything like. You will, also, need some standard software tools like a photo/graphics file viewer, a PDF reader and a spreadsheet software (preferable the OpenOffice Calc) to view/take advantage of the data.