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Naxatras III Magnetic Fidelity LP/Duplication Master

Comparatively listening to the Naxatras III audiophile vinyl cut and the tape directly transferred from the master, as edited by engineer Jesus Agnew and Magnetic Fidelity, leads to the appreciation of the analog sound values, when the process is, indeed, impeccable. But, at the same time, the prerequisites are far from simple, both in the recording/transfer and the playback chain. For us, this was a research project that, probably, took too long but it was worth every minute spent!

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IFA 2017 - Show Report

With over 250,000 visitors and press coverage from seventy countries, IFA closed its doors on September 6, confirming the view that it is one of the largest consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. We have found the most interesting exhibits related to Audio/Video technologies and we present them to you.

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Munich HIGH END 2017 - Show Report

The 36th HIGH END show has confirmed its position as the largest European event for high-performance audio equipment, both in terms of breadth and number of exhibits, and in the general feeling it has created, leaving no doubt that its scale is that of international importance. Take a look at the most important products displayed in Munich.

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CES 2017 - Show Report

The numbers rarely lie and in this case are in agreement with the overall feel: The organizers hFor consumer electronics in general, 2017 should be a very interesting year, taking into account the overall impression created by the CES, both in relation to the exhibits as well as the attendance size. And, although the audio/video and the home entertainment systems market sector appears to be more in a consolidation phase, rather than in a booming phase, where the major manufacturers try to pass the recent developments to a wider consumer audience, there surely were many interesting things to see listen to at Las Vegas!

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IFA 2016 - Show Report

The numbers rarely lie and in this case are in agreement with the overall feel: The organizers have every reason to be satisfied with this year's IFA, which appeared to be greater in volume terms and more complete in market coverage than ever, although its significance for the audiovisual systems sector, in particular, could raise some serious debate… In any case, take a look at the photos they are quite interesting.

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High-End Munich 2016 – Show Report.

One of the most important audio shows, the High End 2016, was held in Munich/MOC during the four days between 5-8 May, achieving an exhibitors number record and the largest exhibition floor area in 35 years of its history. Traditionally, some quite interesting products, solutions, and ideas were presented and we have more than 100 photos to prove it.

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CES 2016 – Show Report.

Given that each year's CES is a good indicator for the short-term developments in the audio/video industry, 2016 should probably be rather conservative, however not boring, since a handful of interesting products were displayed in Las Vegas. Take a look at the photos.

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IFA 2015 – Show Report.

As 2015 enters its final quarter, the Berlin consumer electronics fair provided a good summary of the year. Judging by what was exhibited, our industry marches steadily, based on the ultra-high definition video and on the audio streaming and related services with some strong presence of hi-rez and wireless equipment. Have a look, there are many interesting things.

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HIGH END 2015 – Show Report.

Interesting, as always, with products meeting every need and aspect of the audiophile community, including the necessary extravagance, and with many good ideas, the High End Show in Munich closed its doors last week, leaving a taste of optimism for the industry.

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CES 2015 - Show Report

The well known annual feast for consumer electronics offered, as always, something for everyone: Super-high definition screens, new display technologies, countless gadgets and computer products and, of course, quite some audio equipment, enough to make us busy for 2015. See some of the most interesting exhibits…

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IFA 2014 - Show Report

Apart from the foretold battle of impressions around the 4K concave screens and their dimensions in inches (well yes, it happened again), there were quite interesting things to see in the area of audio and video technology in Berlin, this year. IFA is the largest exhibition for mainstream home entertainment devices in Europe at this time, and the mainstream will always be important.

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Munich HighEnd 2014

This year, the show in Munich was impressive in both scale and exhibits, signaling, possibly, a recovery trend for the industry of high performance audio products. A recovery not only in economic terms but -most importantly- a recovery on ideas and philosophy.

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CES 2014
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