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Gold Note introduced the premium PH-1000 phono preamplifier.

What if you could play back any LP ever pressed with the correct equalization? And what if you could adjust or even modify that equalization curve on the go? Or adjust any of the settings using a simple knob without messing around dip switches and external components? That’s Gold Note’s PH-1000.

Burmester announced new products in their home segment for 2021.

In commemoration of the late company founder Dieter Burmester, who would have turned 75 today, Burmester Audiosysteme recently announced several new products to be released in 2021.

Piega delivers Swiss Ace…

Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer, Piega, has launched the Ace series - an affordable, elegant speaker collection featuring Piega signature aluminum cabinets and AMT tweeters.

AudioControl X-Series AVRs and Preamp/Processors now Roon Ready.

Roon’s subscription-based music management software enables music lovers to easily access local and streaming content, discover new artists and more, using AudioControl X-Series AVRs and preamp/processors as the centerpiece of an outstanding entertainment system.

SC-PMX802: A premium network Hi-Fi system from Panasonic.

Panasonic recently announced the new SC-PMX802 Premium Hi-Fi System and Network Player, incorporating technology from Hi-Fi specialist Technics, to deliver outstanding sonic performance.

Periodic Audio’s Rhodium is a digital delight in a Pint-sized package.

Periodic Audio unveiled the Rhodium, an ultra-compact high-resolution DAC that offers the music lover incredible performance, value and versatility.

Rega announced availability of their new Kyte loudspeaker.

The new compact loudspeaker is a two-way design and features a phenolic resin cabinet, supporting a ZRR (Zero Rear Reflection) technology high frequency unit and a handmade Rega MX-125 bass/mid driver.

Astell & Kern unveiled a USB-C DAC Cable, for smartphones without a headphone jack.

Smartphone manufacturers are removing headphone jacks from their products. Without a headphone jack, how do you listen to music on your smartphone with the headphones and earphones you currently own? A&K's development team give an answer to this and other questions.

Focal presents Clear Mg, new luxury headphones for home use.

Focal recently unveiled a new reference: Clear Mg. In addition to their sophisticated finishes, the sound reproduction of these open-back headphones is even sharper than that of their Clear predecessor.

McIntosh unveiled the new MCD85 SACD/CD player.

The MCD85 with its open chassis design is not only a serious piece of music hardware, but it shows that you are serious about your love of music.

Next-generation Klimax DSM is the best yet, says Linn.

The new Klimax DSM is the epitome of extreme engineering, with every element designed from first principles, inside and out, applying decades of Linn’s unique audio innovation and digital technology expertise.

Triangle unveiled Limited Editions of Antal and Comete loudspeakers.

Entirely redesigned and improved, the mythical speakers Antal and Comete feature the latest acoustic innovations from Triangle's R&D department. Between legacy and perpetual quest for innovation, this 40th Anniversary Limited Edition embodies the philosophy of the well-known French company.

The Trinnov Altitude Platform Advances in 2021.

Despite the global challenges that COVID 19 presented, 2020 was an exceptionally productive year for Trinnov’s R&D team, as they introduced DTS:X Pro and their exclusive Dolby Atmos object viewer.

Bluesound introduced new Pulse Soundbar+.

Bluesound announced the Pulse Soundbar+, an all-new soundbar addition to the brand's high-performance ecosystem, featuring a 3D immersive audio engine, support for Dolby Atmos, and easy touch panel controls.

Enjoy powerful surround sound with the new HT-S40R from Sony.

Sony has announced the HT-S40R, a new powerful sound system, perfect for recreating a real cinema sound that fits your home. The HT-S40R has 600W of powerful and real 5.1 channel surround sound, with wireless rear speakers that bring every movie to life.

MAATgo: A new plug-in from MAAT gives computer audiophiles unprecedented control.

MAAT, a manufacturer of professional audio solutions, announced the release of a cross platform plug–in and native application for routing, matrixing and visualization of digital audio.

T+A launched the new Caruso R all in one system.

T+A recently launched three new products within its Caruso family. Closely resembling the Caruso all-in-one audio system, the Caruso R mirrors the functionality of its sibling but, for the first time in the Caruso range, does not include internal loudspeakers, as their duties will be taken care of by two new speaker packages – the floorstanding S 10 and standmount R 10.

Paradigm launched the Founder loudspeaker series.

Canadian speaker specialist Paradigm has brought together innovations from its flagship Persona range, along with a host of new technologies and approaches and launched the Founder speaker series.

Goldmund unveiled the flagship Eidos Reference SACD player.

Eidos Reference SACD player aspires to be the perfect audio source for demanding music lovers who expect their sound systems to deliver lossless audio resolution, no distortion, sculptural design, and ease of use.

Sonos unveiled the Roam, an ultra-portable smart speaker.

Fully connected to your Sonos system on WiFi at home and automatically switching to Bluetooth when you’re on the go, Roam’s powerful, adaptable sound defies expectations for a speaker of its size, the company says.

Innuos announced the release of their new PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch.

Innuos recently announced the release of their new PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch, designed from the ground up for network audio, featuring -among other things- a high quality power supply and audiophile components.

ATC announced that the CDA 2 Mk 2 combo has received Roon Tested certification.

Roon is a rich and engaging way to browse, organize, and listen to music. All Roon Tested devices are profiled by Roon’s QA Team so that Roon can identify them and automatically configure its settings to be optimized for them. This means that you can now just plug in the CDA2 Mk 2 and be sure you will be able to enjoy the best in high performance.

Auris Audio unveiled the Tangenta Hawk tonearm and a turntable prototype.

Milomir Trosic's Auris is going full analog as he unveiled a top-class tonearm, the Tangenta Hawk and a prototype of a turntable that goes with the name Rondo.

KEF introduced Mu3 earphones, designed by Ross Lovegrove.

Designed by visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, and engineered by KEF’s UK acoustic team, these new Mu3 earphones deliver pristine, high-resolution sound on the move and provide music lovers the freedom to hear every note, every word, every detail whether on their commute, at the gym, or on the sofa.

iFi unveiled Signature versions for both ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN.

iFi has reworked the award-winning ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN to create step-up Signature versions, delivering even higher levels of performance, alongside an associated “crowd design” initiative.

Densen goes Green: Limited, 30th Anniversary models are based on older aluminum cabinets!

Densen is celebrating it's 30th anniversary with a special BEAT pre- and power amplifier set - the BEAT Power and BEAT Pre, that only can be bought directly from Densen's web shop.

Sennheiser unveiled new entry-level wireless HD 250BT headphones.

Sennheiser says that their new HD 250BT headphones deliver a thrilling audio experience with dynamic bass, state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity and a durable design that is built to take on life’s adventures.

Spotify announced Hi-Fi streaming.

Spotify's reaction to both artists and fans, saying that sound quality is important to them, is Spotify HiFi, allowing, later this year, Premium subscribers in select markets to upgrade their sound quality and listen to their favorite songs the way artists intended.

Euclid: Audeze’s first closed-back in-ear, Planar Magnetic headphone.

Audeze expanded on their award-winning iSINE legacy with Euclid, their new closed-back planar magnetic in-ear, allegedly offering superior detail retrieval and sonic accuracy with a soundstage and dynamic range so robust you'll forget you're listening to a closed-back design.

Bang & Olufsen introduced Beosound Level, a powerful home speaker made to move.

Bang & Olufsen introduced Beosound Level, a portable wireless home speaker that delivers impressive sound, unrivaled craftsmanship and a modular design that improves longevity.

McIntosh unveiled the MHA200 vacuum tube headphone amplifier.

McIntosh recently introduced the MHA200, a device designed for discerning headphone enthusiasts who demand the most from their headphones. It offers a versatile set of connectivity options and allows for nearly all headphone types to be connected.

Stellar 8K Optical HDMI 2.1 cables from Wireworld.

Wireworld Cable Technology offers the Stellar Fiber Optic HDMI, an extended-range product series which utilize the highest quality laser modules and driver chips, to improve image quality and provide long term reliability over the long lengths used in many home theater installations.

Advance Paris introduced new high-definition aptX HD Bluetooth Transmitter.

Advance's new HDT800 transmitter is a truly versatile device which allows you to transmit sound wirelessly between two points, via Bluetooth technology, including a TV and one or two headphones, two Hi-Fi devices or between a computer and a home audio system, in high definition quality.

Surround Sound from Lightweight Roll-to-Roll Printed Loudspeaker Paper.

The Institute for Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany, has further revolutionized the printing of paper loudspeakers - German government funded the project with around 1.4 million euros - Results now published in the renowned journal Advanced Materials.

Pass Labs unveiled the new INT-25 integrated amplifier.

The INT-25 embodies all the innovation that kept the X and XA amplifiers at the forefront of high-end audio, but -being a smaller stereo Class A amplifier at a lower price- it takes advantage of the lower power requirements to have simpler single-ended circuitry and fewer parts in the signal path.

Weiss announced new software version for Series 5 units, new cables.

Weiss' Series 5 units (DAC501, DAC502, DSP501, DSP502) got a new software version which includes a crossfeed algorithm for headphone listening while the company, also announced a new type of speaker cable in their Chiron cable series.

Audio Research unveiled the Reference 80S stereo power amplifier.

The Reference 80S stereo amplifier continues Audio Research’s latest design effort in creating a vacuum-tube amplifier that not only redefines ultimate music reproduction, but does it in an incredibly beautiful package.

ubsound launches their Feel and Velvet Series.

In this current phase that also affects the audio industry, ubsound from Italy presents the new, passive loudspeakers Feel and Velvet Series 2021, designed in Milan city and truly made in Italy.

Falcon Acoustics announced the Mini-Monitor Q7 “Complete@Home” loudspeaker.

Falcon Acoustics recently re-introduced the Q7 Mini-Monitor “Complete@Home” loudspeaker system. Designed by Malcolm Jones and sold by Falcon for many years, the updated Q7 Mini-Monitor features the same Falcon B110 and T27 driver units as used in the Falcon LS3/5a.

Cabasse gives a new dimension to its Hi-Fi loudspeakers with the Pearl sub.

The Pearl is Cabasse's first 2.1-connected active subwoofer capable of delivering maximum dynamics, with deep bass, sound optimization for each speaker (DEAP technology), auditorium-class room correction and high-resolution streaming, adapted to its iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 speakers.

KEF announced the KC62 subwoofer, based on Uni-Core technology.

KEF announced the launch of the new KC62, using force-canceling and Uni-Core technologies, to exceed traditional expectations of what a subwoofer can achieve based on its size.

iDSD Diablo: Revel in the detail.

iFi ushers in the 2021 with the best battery-powered DAC/headphone amp the company has ever produced – the iDSD Diablo. Engineered to sit at the top of iFi’s range of mobile and transportable devices, the Diablo is built for the purists – the true headphone enthusiasts who crave pure, unadulterated sonic performance.

Cambridge Audio launched a new flagship DacMagic 200M.

The DacMagic 200M is Cambridge's new top-of-the-range DAC and headphone amplifier, featuring integrated Bluetooth, a more powerful headphone output and superior DAC technology to deliver a thrilling performance that's bigger than the box it comes in.

Hegel announced the V10 Phonostage.

Hegel recently announced their first-ever phono stage, the V10, a device featuring a discrete FET-based input stage and is fully adjustable, to match virtually any cartridge.

M2Tech announced a MkIV version of their Young DAC/Preamplifier.

M2Tech recently announced the new Young MkIV DAC/preamplifier, the fourth generation of the famous Young DAC. The MkIV is a serious improvement over the previous Young MkIII, thanks to the new generation XMOS interface and the adoption of the AK4497 conversion IC.

New Klipsch Cinema soundbars usher in room-thrilling sound.

Klipsch recently announced a new soundbar line which comprises Cinema 400, Cinema 600, Cinema 800, and Cinema 1200 models and offers an extensive range of movie and music-led features. All of the new models include a sleekly styled soundbar and matching subwoofer.

Mamalos Cables introduced the epitome sp speaker cable, a design featuring their own nanotubes technology.

The epitome sp comprises Mamalos' effort to employ their innovative allotropes of carbon nanotubes technologies into a speaker cable, which offers reference sonic performance at a moderate price.

Cambridge Audio doubles the power with new Edge M monoblock power amplifier.

The new Edge M takes the principle designs of the existing Edge W power amplifier, and applies it to a monoblock design, delivering twice the power and a more faithful, dynamic sound with less distortion.

Cambridge Audio introduced Melomania Touch with High Performance Audio Mode.

Cambridge Audio unveiled the next evolution of its celebrated Melomania headphones, the Melomania Touch true wireless in-ear headphones, a design which follows on the success of the award-winning Melomania 1, to offer an all-new design with intuitive touch controls, stunning sound performance and world-class battery life.

DMS-700: Cary's new Network Audio Player/Streamer.

Cary Audio is not known for change for the sake of change alone. The new DMS-700 represents a significant step forward in network and internet music streaming sound reproduction, while further solidifying the Cary Audio DMS platform and range of products as one of the absolute best there is for network audio.

Sonus Faber adds new Maxima Amator to Heritage Collection.

Sonus Faber recently announced the Maxima Amator, a two-way loudspeaker that successfully merges two drivers to achieve a unique emotion with the maximum representation of natural sound. The new floorstander pays homage to brand’s Italian roots.

Lehmannaudio Black Cube II: A classic redefined.

The Black Cube II is a phono stage of distinction, using studio-grade components and decades of expert design knowledge to create a product with peerless dynamics and exceptional sound imaging to let you rediscover old and new recordings as if it was your first time, Lehmannaudio says.

Cyrus Audio launched their XR series of next generation Hi-Fi.

The XR series is positioned towards discerning audio enthusiasts and, at its launch, it will include six brand new products, including two integrated amplifiers with DACs, a preamp, two CD players and an external power supply.

New All-in-One Music System Ottava f SC-C70MK2 from Technics.

Technics unveiled their new Premium Class Ottava f SC-C70MK2 a new version created by further refining the sound quality, function and design of the preceding SC-C70 model, a compact all-in-one system highly acclaimed in the market for casual enjoyment of high-quality music.

Making the Music Glow: a book to celebrate Audio Research's 50th anniversary.

Audio Research released a special book commemorating the company’s 50th anniversary. Entitled "Audio Research: Making the Music Glow", the book describes the people and processes responsible for the design, manufacturing, fine-tuning and marketing their legendary products.

Linn announced availability for Majik LP12's Krane tonearm.

Announced in September, the new Krane tonearm for Linn Majik LP12 is now available and all new Majik LP12 turntables will ship with the new higher performance arm fitted as standard.

Torus Power unveiled new PowerBlock Isolators/Filters.

Torus Power launched a new Torus Power PowerBlock series, now available with European style Shucko outlets. The PB4 and PB2 Powerblock models feature Torus Power's toroidal transformer-based isolation and power conditioning in a new compact footprint.

HighEnd 2021 Show rescheduled for September.

HighEnd 2021 audio show, which was planned to take place in mid-May, has now been moved to the late summer, namely from 9th to 12th September 2021 to ensure a successful relaunch and also to increase planning reliability for all parties involved.

Pro-Ject Audio announced the Phono Box RS2, their most sophisticated phono preamp yet.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems recently announced the Phono Box RS2, their most sophisticated phono preamp to date, a device which offers features and performance only found in the most expensive gear – but at a fraction of the cost.

House of Marley's Redemption ANC Earbuds are marking 10 years as sustainable-minded audio maker.

House of Marley's flagship Redemption ANC true wireless earbuds mark the 10 year anniversary of the sustainability-minded audio maker, dedicated to superior quality, innovative eco-conscious materials, and charitable causes.

Moonriver unveiled the Reference version of their 404 Integrated amp.

Moonriver Audio from Sweden, recently announced a new model, the 404 Reference integrated amplifier, which is the improved version of their standard 404 model.

M2Tech's Mitchell analog electronic crossover.

The Mitchell Analog Electronic Crossover is an incredibly versatile frequency dividing device which can be easily configured to fit virtually any loudspeaker system for multi amplification.

PSB brings decades of expertise to compact, powered loudspeakers.

PSB announced the immediate availability of two new affordable compact, powered loudspeakers, the Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5. The two affordable active monitors are built on the success of highly acclaimed Alpha Series.

Dali launched the Oberon C: Wireless Hi-Fi made easy and affordable.

Oberon C wireless active speakers and Sound Hub Compact audio preamplifier couple simplicity of installation and operation with audiophile sound quality.

Sonos Brings High-Definition sound to streaming radio at home with Sonos Radio HD.

Sonos Radio HD delivers an expanded catalog of original radio stations from iconic artists and expert curators, all ad-free and in high-definition audio – the highest quality of any streaming radio service.

PM6007/CD6007: New entry level integrated amp and CD player from Marantz.

Marantz recently announced the new PM6007 integrated amplifier and CD6007 CD player, designed for listeners ready to take the next step in their two channel Hi-Fi system with new levels of performance and connectivity options.

Grado introduced the GT220 True Wireless Stereo earbuds.

Grado recently announced their first ever True Wireless in-ear headphone. The unconventional, Brooklyn based, audio manufacturer has wielded its more than 65 years of know-how to deliver a perfectly tuned offering to the worldwide market.

Harman Kardon introduced new Citation Amp.

The new amplifier adds the power of HD streaming to home entertainment systems. Powering bookshelf, floor standing, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, or combining with other Harman Kardon Citation products, creates a multi-channel wireless surround sound system.

Grimm Audio updates MU1 player firmware, offers smoother operation.

Grimm Audio recently announced a new release (v1.2.14) for the firmware running in their critically acclaimed music player MU1. The main focus of this update is on the internal control software that manages all systems in the MU1.

EM5: New beryllium-based earbuds from FiiO.

The company says that the all-new exterior style, high quality construction as well as outstanding sound performance of the new EM5 will keep reminding one it is time to change their headphones for something better…

Arcam unveiled the ST60, a launch that marks the Cambridge maker’s debut dedicated network player.

Enabling audio streaming from all of the major services – including Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal – the ST60 is the perfect companion to any stereo amplifier, including one of from Arcam's own HDA series of award-winning two-channel audio engines.

Bowers & Wilkins launched special PX7 Carbon Edition wireless headphones.

Designed to highlight the PX7’s pioneering use of carbon-fiber composite reinforcement in its construction, the new Carbon Edition features a high- quality carbon black finish with diamond-cut detailing on each ear cup, creating an even more premium look that also evokes the illustrious heritage of B&W headphones over the years, inspired by the original P5.

Beogram 4000c: B&O recreates a Limited Edition Classic.

The original iconic turntable which set the standard for all record players that came after, is re-imagined for contemporary use, but Beogram 4000c will be available only in Europe for now.

Celebrating its 45th birthday, Melco wraps its N10 library in champagne.

To mark 45 years of Hi-Fi design and manufacturing, Japanese digital music library specialist, Melco, has launched the N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition, a special version of its flagship half-width library.

Q Acoustics introduces their first active loudspeakers: Q Active 200 and Q Active 400.

Q Acoustics recently announced its first active loudspeakers: the Q Active 200 bookshelf speakers and Q Active 400 floorstanding speakers. The Q Active range represents the ultimate combination of convenience, style and audiophile-quality sound for exceptional value for money, the company says.

McIntosh announced MA12000 hybrid integrated amplifier.

The fully loaded, hybrid MA12000 is McIntosh's most powerful integrated amplifier ever, offering 350 Watts per channel. You will think your favorite musicians are playing a live, in-person performance in your house, the company says.

NEO iDSD: iFi's new DAC/Headphone amplifier.

According to iFi, this is an all-new design, state-of-the-art specifications and a sound that soars – iFi’s NEO iDSD hi-res DAC/headphone amp is every music lover’s perfect housemate, sporting sophisticated circuits to supply scintillating sonics with every audio format in a home environment.

Devialet unveiled Gemini, the company's first true wireless earbuds.

Devialet Gemini marks the first time the company has brought its acoustic expertise and first-rate audio technologies to a portable product.

Burson introduced their newest version of the Soloist headphones amplifier.

Introduced in 2005, the original Soloist was a bit rough around the edges. Still, with its fully discrete circuitry, resistor ladder volume control and Class-A amplification, the Soloist made a name for oneself, turning Burson from a band of idealists into a brand representing ideals.

Mark Levinson announced the No 5101 Streaming SACD Player and DAC.

Coupling audiophile-grade physical media formats with high-resolution streaming, a standalone DAC, and expansive control features, the new Mark Levinson No 5101 is designed to deliver digital content with the best possible quality and convenience for nearly every digital audio format.

Luxman launched D-10X flagship SACD/CD Player.

Befitting the company’s finest SACD/CD player, the Luxman D-10X is the world’s first home audio component with ROHM Semiconductor’s eagerly anticipated MUS-IC BD34301EKV digital-to-analog converter.

Wharfedale announced new Diamond series, the 12, signed by Karl-Heinz Fink.

Since 1982, Wharfedale’s famous Diamond speakers have served as the classic entry point to true high-fidelity sound, their exceptional sonic value for money earning numerous "product of the year" accolades in the UK and around the world. This autumn, with the introduction of the all-new Diamond 12 Series, Wharfedale once again raises the bar for affordable, high-performance loudspeakers.

Marantz introduced new 8K Ultra HD AV Surround Preamplifier.

Featuring 11.2 Channels of balanced and unbalanced pre-outs, masterful 8K HDMI connectivity and Marantz’s signature musicality, the AV7706 aspires to be the ultimate foundation for an immersive home entertainment system.

Moon launches 40th Anniversary Edition System for slightly over €30,000.

Moon has created an iconic audio system to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The stunning Moon Anniversary Edition features the highly acclaimed 680D streaming DAC and the elegantly powerful 600i v2 integrated amplifier.

Audio Solutions introduced Overture MK3.

Audio Solutions introduced the Overture MK3, their third-generation, entry level loudspeaker system. All Overture models are completely redesigned with new cabinets, drivers and crossovers.

Elac's new Uni-Fi 2.0 Line of Home Speakers.

Elac recently announced the Uni-Fi 2.0 line of home speakers. This new line builds upon the success of the first-generation Uni-Fi Family and incorporates a variety of new features and technologies.

Bryston unveiled the BR-20 preamplifier.

The BR-20 breaks new ground, merging Bryston’s brand new, best-ever analog preamplifier with their award-winning DAC and bit-perfect high-resolution streaming capability all into a single chassis.

Introducing Vivid Audio Kaya S12.

Vivid Audio recently introduced the revolutionary Kaya S12. Although the internal volume of this loudspeaker only measures 12 liters and puts less than 7kg on the scale, it is filled to the brim with their own patented technologies.

NAD introduced the C 298 power amplifier with Purifi Eigentakt amplification.

NAD announced another high-performance amplifier that uses Purifi Eigentakt amplification technology, a two-channel powerhouse that is a perfect partner to high-quality preamplifiers or in any application where additional channels of audiophile amplification are desired.

Klipsch The Fives highlight the power of connection.

New powered stereo speakers from the celebrated US maker come equipped with comprehensive connectivity, including HDMI ARC and Bluetooth.

Wilson's SabrinaX loudspeaker.

The SabrinaX is a ground-up rethinking of the Sabrina, the universally loved, small, floorstanding loudspeaker from Wilson Audio. Like the original Sabrina, the new X-version is a rare combination of traditional Wilson hallmark attributes and a sense of inherent musical “rightness,” the company says.

McIntosh announced MC830 solid state amplifier and C8 vacuum tube preamplifier.

Following in the footsteps of their immensely popular and retro styled MA252 and MA352 integrated amplifiers, which took design cues from their timeless MC275 vacuum tube amplifier, McIntosh introduced two new models with similar styling: the MC830 solid state amplifier and C8 vacuum tube preamplifier.

Emerson: Wattson Audio's first product is a proprietary streaming solution.

Wattson Audio was born of the passion and experience acquired during nearly twenty years by the company Engineered SA in the musical reproduction field and builds on their growing will to combine numerous electronic and software concepts developed throughout the years. Of all their achievements, the highlight is undoubtedly a proprietary streaming solution.

Mission LX MkII: luxurious sound at entry-level prices.

Mission upgraded their award-winning LX loudspeaker range with a host of improvements, including technology trickled down from the QX Series.

Mytek Audio unveiled the Empire DAC/Streamer/Preamplifier.

The Empire establishes Mytek as a top player in the high-performance audio arena, offering RoonOS compatibility, a dual mono, fully balanced differential analog preamplifier with an ultra quiet MM/MC phono stage and a high current, dual mono, fully balanced headphone amplifier.

Reed unveiled new entry level tonearm.

Reed's 1H is the latest addition to their entry level tonearm series, featuring, for the first time, carbon fiber as primary Reed 1H’s armwand material.

Rotel celebrates collaboration with Ken Ishiwata with two Tribute Versions.

Rotel has revealed the launch of two special editions of the company’s hugely popular A11 Integrated Amplifier and CD11 CD Player models, with each named as Tribute version in celebration of the company’s partnership with the late audio legend Ken Ishiwata.

Lumina: Sonus Faber launched new line of high-end speakers.

Sonus Faber recently announced the Lumina collection, a new line conceived on the notion that now, more than ever, it is important to savor time for ourselves and celebrate life’s precious moments.

KEF Revealed the LS50 Collection, the first speakers to feature their Materialism Absorption Technology.

KEF recently launched the LS50 Collection, comprising of the LS50 Meta bookshelf speaker and the LS50 Wireless II wireless Hi-Fi speaker. Both speakers are an innovative evolution from previous iterations.

Marantz introduced new 8K Ultra HD Slim AV Receiver.

Marantz recently announced their latest slimline 8K Ultra HD AV receiver, the NR1711. Designed to deliver exceptional sound for movies and music without sacrificing valuable entertainment center space, the new slim AVR offers the iconic Marantz sonic signature loved by audiophiles and everyday listeners alike.

Leak: the return of a British audio pioneer.

Legendary British audio brand Leak has returned with its first products for more than 40 years. The Leak Stereo 130 is an integrated amplifier featuring state-of-the-art circuitry nestling within a classic Leak exterior, while the Leak CDT is a matching CD transport.

Nelson Pass' First Watt announced the availability of the F8 amplifier.

According to Mr. Pass, small amplifiers have a number of advantages over “big iron” in that very high quality can be achieved with simple Class A circuits using little or no feedback. Towards this goal, First Watt recently announced the availability of the F8 power amp, a 25W/8Ohm per channel minimal design.

Marantz introduced their vision for the future.

Marantz announced two products signifying a new era for the brand, the Model 30 Integrated Amplifier and SACD 30n Network Audio Streamer and SACD Player. Born out of the founding mission of Saul Marantz, both devices were expertly designed and precisely tuned over the last three years.

EMM Labs unveiled the DS-EQ1 Optical Phono.

When Ed Meitner made the decision to dust off his extensive vinyl collection, he was interested in finding out what the current state of vinyl playback was. During his research, he became intrigued with DS Audio’s optical cartridge technology. The result is a new -specifically designed- phono equalizer.

Andover introduced PM-50 headphones.

The PM-50 Planar Magnetic headphones from Andover aspire to create a spectacularly detailed and musical soundscape for private listening, offering high-grade private listening experience with all-day comfort.

Ultima PRE 2: Chord's eight input reference preamplifier.

Featuring unrivaled connectivity and minimal coloration, the Ultima PRE 2 from Chord Electronics can be the hub of your Hi-Fi system without taking anything away from the incoming signal.

Technics announced the first-ever Reference Class SU-R1000 integrated amplifier.

The Reference Class products are developed in pursue of an insatiable desire to deliver ultimate sound quality and they offer premium musical experience the Technics brand is known for. Now, the company unveiled their first Reference Class integrated amplifier, the SU-R1000.

Linn unveiled the Majik DSM, a one box solution that does it all: just add speakers!

Take your first step into authentic Hi-Fi with Linn's Majik DSM. The powerful combination of network music player, preamp and power amp, all in one timeless package, is peerless, whether you're streaming music or using one of the many inputs to plug in your sources and, even, a turntable.

iFi announced the CAN headphone amplifier.

Is it possible to make an analogue headphone amp that delivers high-end performance with all manner of headphones and bring it to every music lover for a more-than-reasonable price? iFi says "yes" and gives us the CAN!

REL's powerful 212/SX subwoofer.

Whilst 212/SX thunders and shakes foundations, it also resolves detail and restores midrange warmth to its correct balance. At 1,000 watts with four 12-inch drivers, 212/SX drives rooms hard and in multiple modes which allows it to create richer bass everywhere.

Yamaha unveiled Next-Gen AV Receivers, featuring multiple 8K inputs, new look and immersive technology.

Redesigned from the ground up and built on the foundation of the performance and power you can expect from Yamaha, the new RX-V line is positioned to support the latest trends and specifications for home entertainment, including gaming – both now and into the future.

Cobra: Audio Note's latest integrated amplifier.

Cobra is Audio Note'w (UK) latest integrated amplifier, a tube-based device with an additional on-board DAC, featuring the venerable Philips TDA1543 16-bit converter.

Debut Carbon EVO: Pro-Ject's most popular turntable refined in every aspect.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems recently announced the Debut Carbon EVO, the latest evolution of their most popular turntable design that revolutionized the Hi-Fi industry.

Clearaudio upgrades Basic and Balance phono stages to new V2 editions.

Clearaudio’s ever-popular duo of mid-priced phono stages offer a raft of covetable options for the high-end audio beginner or upgrader – and both have now been treated to their own upgrade.

Chord Electronics adds new streamer/player to their Hugo range.

The 2go streamer/server transforms the abilities of the Hugo 2, adding both Ethernet and wireless streaming, plus 4 TB of microSD card storage to the award-winning DAC/pre/headphone amp.

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems started delivery of the Progression Integrated Amplifier.

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems has begun shipping the Progression Integrated Amplifier, the latest addition to the award-winning Progression Series. The Progression Integrated combines the elegance and detail retrieval of the Progression Preamplifier with the power and dynamic capability of the Progression Stereo Amplifier topology.

Klipsch introduced McLaren Racing-inspired true wireless sport earphones.

Klipsch recently introduced three new true wireless earphones that are designed to deliver best-in-class sound, comfort, technology and materials. Each new model features an innovative and functional case.

Marantz introduced new 8K-Ready AV Receiver and AV Amplifiers.

Marantz announced the latest edition of their SR-Series, comprising the SR5015 AV Receiver and the AV Amplifiers SR6015, SR7015 and SR8015. The 8K-ready AV receiver line offers the most musical sound from any source, including home theater, vinyl and streaming media, the company says.

ATC launches Limited Edition SCM150ASLT Active loudspeaker System.

ATC recently announced the availability of the SCM150ASLT, a luxurious marriage of world-class transducer and electronic design engineering, conceived to deliver extraordinary levels of clarity, neutrality, transient response and effortless power delivery. The limited edition system brings exceptional focus to a 45-year heritage of innovation and precision engineering.

iFi introduced the iSilencer+ and iDefender+ USB noise suppressors.

When used for audio, USB interfaces are inherently noisy. iFi’s iSilencer+ and iDefender+ remove electrical noise that distorts the audio signal to unleash the connected equipment’s sonic potential.

Bowers & Wilkins granted the 705 and 702 the Signature status.

Signature product launches are rare and special events in Bowers & Wilkins’ 54-year history, but when the company attaches the name Signature to its loudspeakers, you can be sure the results are very special. This is what recently happened to their 705 and 702 models.

Neat Acoustics' Ministra Loudspeaker.

Following hard on the heels of the Ekstra loudspeaker, Neat Acoustics announced a bookshelf version, the Ministra, a two-way, compact design based on their favorite isobaric architecture.

Taga Harmony unveiled the v.3 of their HTA-700B hybrid integrated amplifier.

HTA-700B v.3 is the latest edition of Taga's highly-rewarded and extremely popular mid-size hybrid integrated amplifier, a design featuring a pair of double triodes in the preamplifier part and a pair of monolithic power stages in the output.

Schiit Audio unveiled the new Modius DAC.

Schiit Audio today introduced an all-new, affordable balanced DAC: Modius. The new device offers Schiit's exclusive Unison USB input, as well as optical, coaxial, and AES inputs, in a compact, convenient, USB-powered package.

Ubsound launched their new handcrafted “Feel” loudspeaker series, designed in Milan and made in Italy.

On the occasion of the company’s ninth birthday the Italian Ubsound launched the Feel Series of premium handmade passive loudspeakers with two models available (bookshelf and floorstanding), in four vibrant colors to choose from, designed and handcrafted in Italy.

Torus Power introduced the AVR Elite series, offering much more than a power transformer.

The new AVR Elite series models are a full-feature state-of-the-art power transformer, which provides true isolation (using massive toroidals) and protects all connected equipment from the risk of severe power line surges using series-mode surge suppression.

AURALiC's new G2.1 Series: Breathing new life into your music.

While the success of the G2 products proved a welcome chapter, the AURALiC team, in its innovative spirit, felt that it’s time to further the series in terms of its capabilities, both in the realm of hardware and software.

AWKT, AWAS and WP900: Audio-Technica's high-performance, wood-finish headphones.

The over-ear ATH-AWKT and ATH-AWAS audiophile and over-ear ATH-WP900 portable headphones, combine beautifully crafted woods with superb sound quality, while the ATH-IEX1 features an exclusive hybrid multi-driver system for an unmatched in-ear listening experience.

Wharfedale's Elysian loudspeakers aspire to turn home into sonic heaven.

In Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields are a heavenly place where the heroic and the virtuous are rewarded in the afterlife. Elysian, as an adjective, means blissful – a fitting name for Wharfedale’s new flagship loudspeakers, conceived to deliver blissful sonic reward to music lovers seeking heavenly respite from the rigors of daily life.

Hallmark Recordings' Richard Strauss, re-issued by Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

The new vinyl, "Analog Only”, edition of the Vienna Philharmonic from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, is being transferred directly from the original tapes of Deutsche Grammophon and Decca, with no intermediate digital processing.

Audio Analogue adds to its PureAA line with the new AAdac.

In 2018, Audio Analogue launched their PureAA line of products, drawing key ideas from their 20th Anniversary amps and adding a raft of further features. Third in the line, following the AAcento amplifier and AAphono, is the new AAdac.

Bang & Olufsen introduces Beosound Balance: A Powerful and Poetic Home Speaker.

Created with a passion for music, design and craftsmanship, Beosound Balance is inspired by interior objects to redefine home audio in a way that only Bang & Olufsen can: a soft, rounded silhouette, an innovative user interface and seven carefully placed drivers with beam-forming technology.

No longer just for pros: Kerr Acoustic loudspeakers now available to home listeners.

Kerr Acoustic is already a well-known name in professional audio circles. Now, founder Jes Kerr plans to bring his high resolution loudspeakers to the home audiophile market, apparently, starting from the UK.

A5: Magico's Largest A Series loudspeaker.

The largest and most advanced of Magico’s A Series, the A5 incorporates the company’s first 5-inch pure midrange driver as well as enhanced midrange and bass driver cone technology. The three-way, five- driver floor standing speaker retains such Magico hallmarks as extensively cross-braced 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and Elliptical Symmetry crossover.

Nordost's Tonearm Cable+ available in the Blue Heaven, Heimdall 2, Frey 2, and Tyr 2 tiers.

Nordost’s new Tonearm Cable+ redesign which optimizes every aspect of tonearm cable construction, is available in the Blue Heaven, Heimdall 2, Frey 2, and Tyr 2 tiers.

Electrocompaniet introduced the ECP 2 MKII Phono Preamplifier.

The Electrocompaniet ECP 2 MKII Phono Preamplifier is the latest product release from Electrocompaniet, continuing the upgrade of all their Classic Line products and featuring a brand new chassis and front plate design in line with all other MKII upgrades.

Sonos unveiled the Arc, a premium smart soundbar compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Arc represents Sonos’ most immersive home cinema experience. With smart, adaptable, cinema-quality sound, support for Dolby Atmos, and multiple voice assistants, Arc sets a new standard for premium home cinema sound.

Audio Research announced a Special Edition of their Reference Phono Stage.

The company recently announced some important updates to their top-of-the range phono stage, the Reference Phono 3 with the launch of an SE version, following the launch of the recent Reference 6SE Line-Stage Preamplifier.

York: An ultra Hi-Fi phono by Six Acoustic.

There is a new game in town when it comes to high fidelity audio. This is what Six Acoustic is saying with its new product, the York. The Toronto area company has introduced a new phono preamp, a device that amplifies the minute output of your turntable so that you can connect it to your power amplifier, a necessary gear for connoisseurs of vinyl recordings who want their music to sparkle.

DSs: Network player/Streamer from Metronome.

Metronome has enriched their Digital Sharing series with a Network player that supports high-resolution streaming from home network resources, at the high quality level for which the French company is well-known.

Goldmund unveiled the Telos 7 NextGen integrated amplifier.

According to Goldmund, Telos 7 NextGen is one of the most spectacular integrated stereo power amplifiers currently delivered by them, as it can drive any high-end passive stereo loudspeaker system with true ease, providing the strongest energy level as well as a truly spatial, clear, and detailed sound image.

Grimm Audio updates their MU1 music streamer.

With the release of its v1.1 firmware, Grimm Audio claims that their MU1 Music Streamer is now truly mature. It adds support of DXD, DSD128 and DSD256 file formats, so the MU1 owner can enjoy the quality of the upsampler also for downsampling.

Musical Fidelity's new M8xi integrated amplifier.

MF's latest super integrated amplifier aspires to be a high-end marvel that combines masses of power with true audiophile sonics and ultimate convenience.

Karousel: Linn offers a new bearing for their venerable Sondek LP12.

Karousel, Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing, offers smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from your Sondek LP12.

Pro-Ject Audio announced the Jazzy Zoetrope Studio and Live Recording vinyl record.

Pro-Ject announced a new audiophile record for the first time under the Pro-Ject Records label. Available as a 180gr double LP and a direct master tape copy, this production is a landmark release for Pro-Ject Audio Systems. The record is easy to listen to, with great atmosphere: Jazz classic on its best.

Q Acoustics expands award-winning 3000i range with powerful 3030i standmount loudspeaker.

Q Acoustics has added a new model to its award-winning 3000i loudspeaker range: the 3030i standmount speaker, engineered to provide more powerful bass performance in a conveniently compact size.

New Stereo Ultima Amplifiers from Chord Electronics.

Chord Electronics has introduced its ground-breaking next-generation Ultima amplifier topology to (full-size) stereo for the first time, with the introduction of two new power amplifiers, the Ultima 5 and Ultima 6.

AudioControl unveiled new audio receivers and preamp/processors.

AudioControl has announced the introduction of three new A/V receivers and two new A/V processors. Τhe company says that all five units share a stunning industrial design along with the most advanced technologies available, painstakingly engineered to be the foundation of a premium home cinema.

M 002 P: Ballfinger unveiled new open reel, playback-only, tape deck.

The M 002 P is a pure playback machine and provides an upgrade path, since -in addition to the internal amplifiers, the tape head is directly connected to the XLR connectors, so the machine, similar to high-quality record players, can serve as a pure drive and can be combined with various external playback amplifiers.

Focal completes its Chora line for Home Cinema configurations.

Chora 826-D, Chora Center and Chora Surround to join the line of first Chora loudspeakers, combining design, technology and performance for a genuine home cinema experience at an unrivaled price.

iFi adds to its range of portable DAC/headphone amps with an all-new design – the hip-dac.

Smartly dressed in petrol blue with a touch of copper, the go-anywhere hip-dac portable USB DAC/headphone amp is designed to slip discretely into a pocket and offers an extensive hi-res specification that belies its eminently affordable price tag.

Exposure's new VXN active crossover allows you to upgrade your system to active operation!

The company says that you can experience a serious performance enhancement by upgrading your loudspeakers to active operation, with their new VXN active crossover which by-passes the speakers’ internal passive crossovers.

SVS Sound introduced three new subwoofer models to set a new performance benchmark.

Set to raise performance benchmarks in their price class, three new models make SVS' flagship “Ultra” bass design available in the price range around €1,000.-.

Rega announced the Ania Pro MC cartridge.

This latest member of the Rega MC cartridge range uses the company's advanced Vital profile nude diamond stylus which is a stylus previously reserved for the more costly Apheta 2 MC model.

McIntosh  introduced the MC901 Dual Mono/Monoblock, bi-amp optimized amplifier.

The MC901 is a monoblock amplifier that drives a single loudspeaker. But it is unique in that it's two amplifiers combined into one: Each chassis consists of a 300 Watt vacuum tube amplifier and a 600 Watt solid state amplifier, to drive the mid/high and the low frequency part of the loudspeaker respectively.

Philips unveiled New FidelioX3 headphones.

Specially created for the music loving connoisseur, Philips Fidelio X3 headphones offer exceptional performance, style and comfort thanks to the application of highest-quality materials from European specialists, including responsibly sourced Muirhead leather from Scotland and Danish Kvadrat acoustic fabric.

ATC launched new C1 Sub Mk 2 subwoofer.

The new C1 Sub Mk 2 is a compact real wood veneered design, incorporating a hand-built 12-inch (314mm) ATC bass driver and a fully discrete ATC 200W MOSFET power amplifier.

New Clearaudio Smart Power 12V for Concept and Performance DC turntables.

New Clearaudio Smart Power 12V for Concept and Performance DC turntables.

Parasound debuts flagship Halo JC 1+ 450W monoblock power amplifier.

For nearly two decades, the Halo JC 1 monoblock power amplifier was Parasound's flagship product, and the aspirational amplifier for thousands of audiophiles world-wide. Now, Curl’s innovations make the new Parasound Halo JC 1+ the finest amplifier in Parasound’s 38 year history.

JBL introduced the L82 Classic bookshelf loudspeakers.

Harman International recently unveiled the JBL L82 Classic, a modern bookshelf version of the all-time best-selling JBL L100 loudspeaker.

Magico introduced the MRACK equipment stand.

Employing the culmination of knowledge accrued in resonance control and energy dissipation through the development of their “Q” and “M”’ loudspeaker series as well as the POD products, Magico now offers what they say is the most acoustically resolving and structurally inert audio equipment stand, the MRACK.

Polk Audio's flagship Legend Series.

Drawing from more than 45 years of experience in developing loudspeakers, the Legend Series, allegedly, represents the most sophisticated, and intensively engineered loudspeakers the company has ever introduced. The series is comprised of six models, including two bookshelf, one center, an Atmos height module, and two tower loudspeakers.

Yamaha consolidated their high-end effort: The 5000 Series.

Yamaha made their biggest statement in the Hi-Fi market since it coined the term “Hi-Fi” 65 years ago, with the release of the Hi-Fi Player. The company continues its legacy in the premium category with the 5000 Series, a new standard of components designed for the most discerning and passionate audiophiles.

Rotel revives their iconic Michi series.

Rotel is re-introducing their Michi brand via a new flagship range of three hi-end audio components, each strive to offer outstanding audio performance with the highest build quality and an elegant and modern design – all delivered with exceptional value.

Sound EVOlved: Wharfedale's new EVO4 loudspeaker series

EVO4 Series loudspeakers harness concepts and technologies from Wharfedale’s flagship Elysian project to deliver high-end performance without upscale price tags.

Pro-Ject's The Beatles Singles Turntable.

To celebrate the release of “The Beatles Singles Collection” box set of vinyl singles, Pro-Ject Audio released a very special addition to their Artist Collection turntables: Simply referred to as the “Singles Turntable”, the deck itself will be finished with a collage of all original Beatles single sleeves, and it will include several features unique to this edition.

CL1000: Luxman's new flagship Control Amplifier features a new LECUTA attenuator.

Luxman’s new flagship control amplifier, the CL-1000, is the spiritual heir to the legendary C-1000, launched in 1975. But, the new device, also, looks forward with an all-new LECUTA volume control system and more, the company says.

Acuhorn's new tube-based DACs: same digital core, different output configurations.

The company from Poland, recently introduced the R2R TS, R2R T and R2R XT family of D/A converters, all featuring the same discrete R2R/FPGA-based signal processing, but different output stages.

Allegri Reference: Townshend's new passive preamplifier.

The Allegri Reference is a microprocessor-controlled, passive, autotransformer volume control preamplifier, ideally suited for both the Hi-Fi enthusiast and the professional user. It is wired throughout with Townshend’s proprietary Fractal cable and features a full remote control, an LED display and the latest Seismic Isolation.

Cyrus Audio announced the ONE Cast amplifier.

Cyrus Audio has recently announced the launch of the ONE Cast Smart Audio System. The latest member of the award-winning Cyrus ONE family, the ONE Cast fully embraces the freedom and usability of the smart speaker, but offers the additional flexibility and audiophile performance associated with a dedicated Hi-Fi system.

Rega announced the new amplifier Aethos.

The Aethos is a dual mono design that delivers 156 W per channel into 6 Ω, a no-compromise product with the goal to deliver music as faithfully as possible, built to Rega’s high standards of reliability and quality, to ensure many years of musical enjoyment.

Melco unveiled new S100 data switch.

Melco, taking advantage of the parent company Buffalo Technology's design team expertise, has launched an audiophile-technology extreme-performance data switch, the S100, which, they say, offers improved sound quality for any network audio device using an Ethernet connection.

Audio MusiKraft announced their new Nitro Series cartridges.

Audio MusiKraft recently announced the new Nitro Series cartridges. The Nitro series is up to now their most advanced series and the company says that these are the world’s first and only “Tunable and Customizable” phono cartridges.

Primare announced NP5 Prisma shipping.

NP5 Prisma is a clever little device that provides Primare’s Prisma network player technology to virtually any system with a digital input, offering extensive wireless connectivity and streaming capabilities.

Audiovector introduced the new “R” Series.

Audiovector recently launched a new series of loudspeakers: the R-series, a loudspeaker line based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. Everything that a designer believe a pair of loudspeakers should ever deliver, R-series does to perfection, the company says.

Boulder announced shipment of their brand-new 866 Integrated Amplifier.

Boulder amplifiers recently announced the immediate release and shipment of their 866 Integrated amplifier. The 866 is a part of the 800 Series and the successor to the venerable 865 Integrated.

Series 3: A Linn's approach to the wireless, high quality loudspeaker.

According to the Glasgow-based manufacturer, blending timeless elegance with precision engineering, Series 3 is an all-in-one, wireless loudspeaker that brings music to life in incredible detail, getting closer to the original performance than ever before.

Compact, tube-based, hybrid integrated amplifier from Vincent, includes DAC.

The Tube-Line in a compact design, but not "compact" in sound quality - that's how Vincent introduces their new SV-200 hybrid amplifier. In fact, SV-200 is a little brother of the SV-237MK and SV-700, using a circuit which includes both transistors and tubes and offering both analog and digital inputs.

PA 1100 E: T+A's DAC-equiped integrated amplifier includes Bluetooth aptX.

Based on the PA 1000 E model, the PA1100 E differs only in its input configuration, offering a digital board with a complete set of inputs, ranging from the standard S/PDIF, USB and HDMI ports up to Bluetooth wireless streaming.

Chora: Focal's new standard in affordable loudspeaker design and performance.

Chora is a new generation of high-quality yet affordable loudspeakers, featuring unique technology and design. Replacing the renowned Chorus range, Chora embodies French manufacturing quality and is an interesting new entry into the Hi-Fi world.

Audeze announced the LCD-1 Compact Reference headphones.

Audeze, recently announced a new reference audio headphone, the Audeze LCD-1. Available now, this new device combines Audeze’s renowned planar magnetic technology with a new lightweight foldable design.

Mamalos cables introduced The epitome, a liquid nanotubes technology interconnect.

The epitome comprises mamalo's effort to employ their newly developed allotropes of carbon nanotubes technologies and redesign the original project into an otherwise classic configuration cable, which offers reference sonic performance at a moderate price.

Magico's new bookshelf loudspeaker.

Building on the success of the A3, Magico expanded the A-Series with the introduction of the new A1 bookshelf loudspeaker, which features a fully braced aluminum enclosure, a beryllium dome tweeter, a carbon Nanographene cone, and their elliptical crossover.

Tambaqui: Mola Mola now offers a separate DAC.

Responding to popular demand, Mola Mola launched their famous discrete DAC from the Makua as a separate unit. Dubbed the Tambaqui, it's the perfect upgrade for system owners wanting the very finest audio quality from their digital sources.

Wharfedale unveiled the WPod wireless in-ears.

During the recent CPH HighEnd Show in Copenhagen, Wharfedale unveiled their first true wireless in-ear headphones, the WPod. WPods utilize Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a carefully tuned DSP and are perfect for the active lifestyle, the company says.

Ayre Acoustics upgrades much-loved QB-9 DAC to new Twenty edition.

Ayre Acoustics’ QB-9 DAC has been one of the company’s most successful ever products and was lauded as one of the pioneers in enabling computers to become genuinely high-end music sources. Now, a brand new update is released.

Pro-Ject Audio unveiled two new Record Cleaning Machines.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ first vinyl record cleaner, the VC-S, revolutionized the affordable vacuum record-cleaning machine market. The two new machines, VC-E and VCS2 ALU, represent the evolution of this original design.

Aurender's W20 Special Edition.

Since its launch in 2013, the Aurender W20 has been regarded as on of the top music server solutions. Now, revised and refined in 2019, the new W20SE (Special Edition) aspires to raise the bar again in both user experience and absolute audio performance, the company says.

Lab12 to display new Dac1 Reference at Warsaw Audio Video Show.

Lab12 recently announced that they will attend the Audio Video Show in Warsaw, on 8th-10th November. Their display/listening set-up will include tube amplifiers (preamplifiers, power and integrated amps) and two new designs, a phono preamp and a d/a converter.

iFi gives Power to The People with the new PowerStation mains block.

The PowerStation is the latest addition to iFi’s collection of performance enhancing audio essentials – a six/eight-way mains block that uses Active Noise Cancellation and ensures any audio or AV system is supplied with clean, consistent electricity to unleash its full potential.

HP 205D: Directly heated triode headphone amplifier from Icon Audio.

The 205D is a directly heated triode designed by the Western Electric Co in the 1920s and is probably the oldest tube in current production!

Hifiman's Ananda headphones has a Bluetooth version too.

The Ananda-BT is the wireless version of the well-known planar headphone Ananda, introduced in 2018. Hifiman uses HWA, LDAC and aptX HD codecs to offer high resolution through a wireless connection (up to 24/96).

PM7000N: Marantz introduced new high-performance integrated amplifier.

Marantz recently announced the PM7000N, the company’s first fully discrete integrated Hi-Fi amplifier with high resolution music streaming capabilities.

Burson Conductor 3 Ref: The best Conductor DAC/Headphone Amp/Preamp.

Burson's last version of the Conductor features a high-end DAC-chip/USB interface solution, a class A 7.5W amplifier, multiple proprietary power supplies, and upgradable op-amps in a sleek chassis and offers 32/768 and DSD512 playback along with analog inputs and wireless streaming via Bluetooth.

Quad unveiled the new version of Vena II, named the “Play” and featuring DTS Play-Fi.

The Quad Vena II Play is the latest addition to the best-selling QUAD Vena series of integrated amplifiers, signaling the arrival of wireless audio streaming and multi-room technology to the Quad product portfolio.

Fidelice line brings the classic Rupert Neve's studio sound to your home.

Chances are, most of your favorite albums from the last fifty years were recorded, mixed or mastered with Rupert Neve's legendary studio gear. Now, with the new Fidelice line of playback equipment, the classic sound of Rupert Neve’s designs is available to bring true studio-quality audio to your home.

Bryston introduced the BDA-3.14 DAC.

Bryston has introduced the new BDA-3.14 multi-function DAC, a device that adds an array of impressive features to the much heralded BDA-3 DAC platform. The BDA-3.14 includes a built-in music player, an on-board digital volume control and an updated user interface, creating a world class digital entertainment hub.

Aliante pays tribute to Sequerra's Met 7 with the Caterham 7.

The Caterham Acoustics 7 follows the steps of the original Met 7, featuring only minor updates, including slight improvements in the quality of the wiring and of the capacitors while the drivers are direct descendants of those of the original loudspeaker.

IsoAcoustics' Delos “Butcher Block” isolation platform for turntables and electronics.

The Delos butcher block from IsoAcoustics decouples the turntable from the supporting surface and dramatically diminishes structural vibrations and resonances, resulting in greater clarity and detail.

Aurora: Immerse yourself in sound with iFi’s all-in-one music system.

iFi’s new wireless music system, the Aurora, brings together a unique collection of proprietary technologies to deliver a sonic experience unlike any other tabletop, all-in-one system.

Weiss introduced digital-only versions of their DAC50x devices.

The company says that the DSP501 and DSP502 units are a new kind of audio equipment and names them the “DSP50x" unit. Each DSP50x unit has the same features as its D/A converter counterpart, the DAC501 or DAC502, but offers only a digital output instead of an analog one.

MSB introduced the 500 Series power amplifiers.

MSB has launched a new line of power amplifiers, claiming that there was a need for a clean slate design that could meet, head on, their top-class DAC’s ultra high dynamic range. The result, the company states, was the 500 Series, the finest amplifier they've ever created, and allegedly one which redefines excellence and sets a new bar in the industry.

Verity Audio's new Lakme loudspeaker.

Verity Audio introduced the new Lakme, a new and innovative addition to their high quality loudspeakers line. The Lakme comes with a unique floor isolation system inspired from Verity's MASIS technology and it is placed between the world acclaimed Finn and Otello models.

Pure tape head preamplifier for reel to reel tape decks from Merrill Audio.

Merrill Audio Pure Tape Head Preamp is the first of a series of three tape head preamps the company will introduce to the market. The preamplifier is focused on the purist audiophile demanding the most accurate sound signature with the least amount of artifacts.

Thorens' TD 1600 and TD 1601 turntables will try to revive the TD160 legend.

Starting with the acquisition of the Thorens brand by Gunter Kurten and the resettlement to Germany in 2018, a revival process of the company began. The first result of this appears to be the introduction of TD 1600 and TD 1601, two turntables which can be considered as modern incarnation of TD 160.

Wilson Benesch's Omega Drive is featured in GMT ONE system.

The Omega Drive is the world’s first axially orientated, precision magnetically geared turntable drive. The new system is featured in the GMT ONE, a turntable announced to mark the company’s 30th anniversary.

Phonitor xe: SPL's flagship amplifier for headphone enthusiasts.

SPL's Phonitor was a success story; designed and developed for the sound engineers, it soon found a fan base among Hi-Fi aficionados around the world. Now, the xe version is the ultimate standalone device for headphone enthusiasts who want the perfect solution without any compromises.

Gryphon introduced the new Ethos CD player.

The company says that the sleek lines, low profile and stylish blend of metalwork, and high-gloss acrylic in the exterior design of the Ethos CD player can only begin to hint at the sophisticated technology concealed within as Gryphon again takes up the challenge of creating the definitive combination of CD transport and digital-to-analogue converter.

Klipsch introduced new T5 Series earphones, including their first-ever true wireless model.

Klipsch recently announced that their highly anticipated T5 Series of earphones are now available. The company states that the T5 Series models are small in size and weight, yet powerful in performance, technology and materials, allowing people to listen on the go.

Sonus Faber introduced the Minima Amator II.

Unveiled, for the first time, during this year's Munich High End Show, the Minima Amator II is a compact 2-way loudspeaker that belongs to Sonus Faber's Heritage collection, along with the Electa Amator III, and is the modern version of the original Minima Amator first introduced in 1992.

X2: A heavyweight, uncompromised turntable from Pro-Ject Audio.

In 1991 Pro-Ject Audio Systems started a revolution in the Hi-Fi industry with the introduction of the low-budget Pro-Ject 1 turntable. Recently, they announced the latest generation of this turntable, the X2.

Opera Audio celebrates 25th anniversary with the Linear845 tube integrated amplifier.

Linear845 is Opera Audio's flagship integrated amplifier, but -also- an anniversary model, specially designed to celebrate their 25 years history of focusing on audio experience and of technological achievements on tube amplifier development and manufacturing.

Astell&Kern launched 2nd gen KANN high-res audio player, the KANN CUBE.

Astell&Kern recently launched the KANN CUBE, the second model in the KANN performance line, a device which offers higher power output, supports ΜQA and it is based on dual ESS Sabre DAC chips.

Weiss Series 5 devices are now Roon Ready.

Weiss recently announced that they got the Roon Ready certification for their DAC501, DAC502, DSP501 and DSP502 units, i.e. the whole Series 5. Roon is a next generation player software, featuring, among other things, extensive metadata support, playback from NAS and streaming from an extensive collection of online services.

DMS-550/DMS-600: Cary Audio's new streamers/DACs.

Cary Audio announced their two new models at the end of 2018. They are the replacement of the successful DMS-500, offering critical upgrades both in the structure, the electronics and the chassis, while they both can, also, be used as a digital preamplifier.

McIntosh unveiled the C49 Preamplifier.

McIntosh recently unveiled the C49 preamplifier, an upgradeable device that features their DA1 digital audio module and comes with a multitude of inputs, including standard digital and USB, the proprietary MCT, 5 line-in and two phono.

Chord Electronics announced the Huei MM/MC phono preamplifier.

Entirely conceived, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, Huei has been carefully designed to provide turntables with the same high standards of amplification that Chord Electronics has become known for over the past 30 years, the company says.

DS-10: Gold Note unveiled new DAC/Streamer Preamplifier/Headphone amplifier.

The DS-10 is designed to cover the needs of the contemporary audiophile, completing any audio system and offering almost all kind of Internet and digital connectivity in a convenient elegant shape. DS-10 is an innovative D/A Converter that is easy to install and use every day.

6000Ν Play: Audiolab's new streamer.

The Audiolab 6000N Play is a wireless audio streaming player and is the latest member of the acclaimed Audiolab 6000 Series of components. Featuring DTS Play-Fi Technology, music can be streamed over the wireless network from any accessible source, including smart-phones, tablets or PCs as well as NAS devices.

SME introduced their new entry level 12A turntable with Model 309 tonearm.

SME recently announced the launch of the Model 12A, an addition to the range of their precision turntables, mirroring the exact standards and engineering excellence of the senior models and aiming to deliver a pleasing detailed sound balance that encourages fresh exploration of any record collection.

Grimm Audio unveiled the MU1 music player.

The company announced the perfect companion for their LS1 loudspeaker system, the MU1 music player, a full fledged digital source capable for up- and downsampling, standard and high resolution network streaming, which also includes a FM receiver!

Wharfedale introduced new version of the Linton iconic loudspeaker.

The Linton represents one of the most iconic models in the long history of Wharfedale loudspeakers and its new version, under the Heritage series, further exemplifies the company's principles of quality and value for money.

M2Tech introduced the new Marley MkII Headphones Amplifier.

M2Tech revealed the new Marley MkII Headphones Amplifier, designed to encompass a wealth of technological solutions in the compact, yet stylish Rockstars Series case which fits every style of furniture thanks to its essential lines and minimal design.

Teac announced a new high performance integrated amplifier.

The AX-505 is a stereo integrated amplifier that delivers 115W+115W of output power but occupies just an A4-size footprint and can be paired with Teac's latest standalone DAC unit, the UD-505, or the NT-505 USB DAC/Network player.

Salk Sound debuts the affordable, high performance, 3-way SS9.5 floorstander.

Salk Signature Sound announced the introduction of the SS9.5 luxury high fidelity loudspeaker. Incorporating top shelf components, the newest addition to their product line was auditioned for the first time at the recent AXPONA Hi-Fi show in Chicago.

Merrill Audio announced new power amp based on GaN power transistors.

Merrill Audio applied trickle down technology from the award winning ELEMENT 118 and ELEMENT 116 monoblock power amplifiers released last year and introduced the ELEMENT 114 stereo power amplifier, a design based on zero feedback topology and GaN transistors to offer zero dead time and bottomless noise floor.

Sonarworks launches User-Driven Research Project for Sonic Personalization.

Sonarworks, the European sound calibration software developers, have just announced the launch of a public research project designed to fine-tune the calibration of their award winning apps for individual listener preference.

Pro-Ject‘s classic turntable design re-imagined with the new X1!

In 1991, Pro-Ject started a revolution in Hi-Fi with the introduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable., a new, high quality but low budget turntable at a time when CD was king. Now, their new X1 is based on the same concept as the P1, but is improved in every aspect, thanks to modern materials and new production methods.

Klipsch La Scala AL5: A new take on the Mini Klipschorn for 2019.

Originally designed for professional use and released for the first time in 1963, the La Scala took its name from the Teatro alla Scala in Italy and aimed to bring to life every nuance of an audio performance. The latest AL5 generation stays true to this tradition, but brings new modern technology and an improved cosmetic appeal to the design.

Torus introduced the new PowerBlock 5 isolation transformer.

Torus recently announced that the first member of our their PowerBlock family is ready for shipment. The Torus Power PB 5 is a North America Series, 5-amp Torus Power toroidal isolation transformer with a compact footprint and rugged construction.

Fenestria: PMC's fact range flagship.

Fenestria is a 1.7m tall, three-way, floorstanding passive loudspeaker, featuring twin ATL loading, tailor-made drivers, twin Laminair vents for improved aerodynamic airflow, plus a newly designed cabinet that houses the treble and mid-range units.

SVS announced the Prime Pinnacle loudspeaker.

SVS recently unveiled the Prime Pinnacle loudspeaker, a floorstanding design featuring a new driver array, trickle down technology from the reference Ultra Series models and performance that will delight both discerning audiophiles and home theater fans, while blending seamlessly in a room.

Lehmannaudio unveiled the Linear USB II and Linear D II amplifiers.

With the introduction of the classic Linear headphone amplifier in 2004, Lehmannaudio raised the standard for headphone amplifiers to a new level. Now, the company announced its new big brother – the Linear II, available in two versions, the Linear USB II and the Linear D II.

Thorens to show a high-end tape machine in this year's HighEnd Show in Munich.

You may have already noticed that, these days, not only the vinyl records are experiencing a strong revival but, also, the long forgotten magnetic technology, based on quarter-inch tapes, is rising like a phoenix from its ashes. Thorens opens a new chapter in history of high quality analogue reproduction with the presentation of their new open-reel tape machine TM 1600.

PS Audio introduces a Power Plant into the Stellar line.

PS Audio originated the product category of power regenerators. Through the years the company has gone bigger and smaller in their line of Power Plants, but until now, there hasn't been one similar device in their affordable Stellar line. That changes now, with the introduction of the 300W Stellar P3.

Teufel x Rosenthal - Where the wireless loudspeaker meets the fine porcelain.

Teufel in cooperation with Rosenthal, the world-famous German manufacturer of porcelain goods, recently announced a new wireless loudspeaker system, consisting of two porcelain loudspeakers, the amplifier in a porcelain casing and the necessary connecting cables, in a limited, 500 sets edition.

Luxman unveiled a new turntable.

Targeting a wider range of vinyl enthusiasts, Luxman recently introduced the PD-151 belt-drive turntable, a new product based on the company’s highly regarded PD-171A, which was introduced in 2014 and continues in the line.

Okki Nokki RCM: An affordable record cleaning machine from the Netherlands.

If you’re investing in building up a vinyl collection, you’re no doubt keen to keep your records in tip-top condition so that you can hear them at their best. Still, a record cleaning machine may feel like a bit of stretch. Fear not, Dutch brand Okki Nokki has the solution.

Forza: Estelon's new flagship series model.

Estelon has launched the newest addition to their flagship series, a 1.7m in height, 4-way, closed-boxed design, featuring a full set of Accuton drivers, loudspeaker, named Forza. The new model was already premiered in Hong Kong and it will be unveiled in Europe, during the next HighEnd Show in Munich.

E-Glo Petit: European Audio Team's new elegant tube phono preamplifier.

E-Glo Petit is the small sibling of the highly acclaimed and award-winning E-Glo S, featuring a fully discreet, operational amplifier-less, hybrid tube/transistor design to achieve an outstanding sound in a small and compact form factor.

MTI100 from McIntosh is much more than just another turntable…

Besides the turntable, the MTI100 also includes a power amplifier, a vacuum tube preamplifier, a phono preamplifier, analog and digital inputs, a Bluetooth receiver, a subwoofer output, stereo speaker outputs and a headphone jack for personal listening!

Focal introduced the Stellia headphones.

Stellia integrates a new generation of exclusive speaker drivers, capable of working at low sound levels while offering an extremely extensive frequency response (5Hz- 40kHz) and features many well-known Focal technologies to deliver sound precision, detail and realism, the company stated.

Deeptime Ionic Sound System: A 2.1 loudspeaker system, 3D printed from sand.

Inspired by natural shapes, Deeptimes's Ionic Sound System is designed by Ondrej Chotovinsky and Martin Hreben to be both a superb sounding audio solution and a sculptural object. The first audio system that is 3D printed from sand, is now available in a limited edition of 1618 sets.

Sweep-IT E: Pro-Ject's cleaning arm.

The Sweep-IT E is a high-quality record cleaning arm, bringing convenience, great sound and longevity to vinyl record playing systems at an attractive price.

Quad upgraded the versatile Vena integrated amplifier to Vena II.

Quad, launched a new version of one of its most popular products of recent years – the Vena integrated amplifier. The new Vena II builds upon the strengths of its predecessor by adding new features and enhancing sonic performance to form an affordable, high-performance audio system.

Boulder announced the new 2108 phono preamplifier.

Boulder was recently announced the immediate release and shipment of the 2108 phono preamplifier. The 2108 is a part of the 2100 Series, Boulder’s highest-performing product line in continuous production and is their reference level phono preamplifier.

Rotel unveiled new affordable CD player and Integrated amplifier.

Rotel recently added two new components to their portfolio of affordable products. The CD11 CD player and the A11 integrated amplifier are obviously designed to complement each other, both aesthetically and functionally, leverage Rotel's Balanced Designed Concept and, as a pair, will cost a little over €1.000,-

Monitor Audio's all-new MASS Surround system

The new MASS Surround Sound system is designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, elegant loudspeaker cabinets that will augment any interior. Packing plenty of Monitor Audio’s acknowledged loudspeaker expertise inside a choice of sophisticated cloth covers, MASS is a discreet, stylish system capable of truly immersive sound.

Not new, but always a true classic. Falcon's LS3/5A loudspeaker.

The Falcon Acoustics Classic 15 ohm LS3/5A is fully licensed by the BBC and hand-assembled by Falcon in Oxford England. It is the only LS3/5A now in production that is recognized by top reviewers to faithfully replicate the original design published by the BBC in October 1976.

Technics unveiled the SL-1200MK7, the newest version of their iconic DJ-oriented turntable.

The SL-1200MK7 maintains the same operating ease as the Technics SL-1200 Series direct drive turntables, which have supported the dawning of the DJ culture, while delivering the high-quality sound expected from the famous audio brand. The SL-1200MK7 is scheduled to be launched in summer 2019.

Berkeley Audio Design unveiled the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3.

The original Alpha DAC Reference Series was a breakthrough product that reduced noise, particularly in the time domain, to levels significantly lower than any audio D to A converter previously available. Now, the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 contains breakthrough technology that redefines the potential of digital audio quality.

Alva TT: Cambridge Audio unveiled Bluetooth/aptX HD capable turntable.

Cambridge Audio tries to indulge analog-loving, vinyl listeners to a streaming device which offers both the joy of record-handling and the versatility of a wireless connected source with the Alva TT, the world's first Bluetooth/aptX HD capable turntable.

Exposure adds new CD player to multi award-winning compact XM series.

In 2017 Exposure launched the XM series of Hi-Fi components, packing an impressive complement of high-end features and performance into a compact and affordable design. Since then, a lot of customers asked for a CD player, Exposure says. Now, their expectations are met with the series' CD player.

JBL introduced the 4312G Studio Monitor.

JBL recently introduced the 4312G studio monitor, a modern take on the classic JBL loudspeaker. Crafted in the mold of the legendary 4310/4311 family, and the more recent 70th Anniversary 4312SE, the 4312G delivers thundering, clear bass, with crystalline and precise highs, even at the highest listening levels, the company says.

ATC launched matching CD Player and Integrated Amplifier/DAC.

ATC introduced two new system components for high fidelity music reproduction. The CD2 CD player and SIA2-100 2-channel integrated Amp/DAC are designed to work together, driving a high quality passive speaker pair, or individually to upgrade existing sources or amplifiers.

Focal completes its Hi-Fi headphones collection with an audiophile DAC/Amplifier.

The manufacturer started to develop ultra-high-performance headphones less than three years ago with very good results and, recently, unveiled the Arche, a unique audiophile DAC and amplifier. Ideal to sit between the digital source and the headphones, Arche is the perfect solution to fully enjoy the music.

GoldenEar unveiled the Triton One.R.

GoldenEar Technology unveiled the new Triton One.R, a new reference-quality loudspeaker which is a smaller, less expensive follow up to the Triton Reference, an effort to bring the advanced technology, luxurious cosmetics and state-of-the-art performance of the flagship into a more compact and less expensive model.

McIntosh announced the RS200 wireless loudspeaker system.

McIntosh recently announced the RS200, their next generation home audio wireless loudspeaker, designed for a modern streaming lifestyle, packed with virtually everything needed to enjoy music streamed from handheld devices, stored online or a local computer, or played from legacy audio sources.

Auris Audio unveiled the Euterpe Class A/SE headphone amplifier.

Auris Audio unveiled the Euterpe, a new high end headphone amplifier. According to the Greek mythology, Euterpe was one of the nine Muses, the Goddess of music and a ''giver of delight'' and that's exactly what the Auris Euterpe will bring to audiophile community: more happiness, the company says.

Pro-Ject Audio announced the DAC Box E mobile - portable Hi-Res DAC/Headphone amplifier.

DAC Box E Mobile is Pro-Ject‘s first endeavor into the portable audio market. It is a compact digital to analogue converter that elevates the sound performance of the modern portable audio devices, being an effort to be the modern audiophile’s companion and the road warrior‘s savior.

New horn-loaded sound bars from Klipsch.

Klipsch recently announced new premium sound bars that are a major upgrade to stand-alone television sound, enhancing movies and music with clarity and realism.

Gryphon introduced the PS2-S MM/MC Phono Stage Module.

Gryphon recently introduced the new PS2-S MM/MC Phono Stage Module, an updated version of their renowned PS2, which offers an extended range of MC cartridge load impedance options.

NAD unveiled the Masters Series M10, BluOS streaming amplifier.

NAD unveiled a new Masters Series product, the M10, a BluOS enabled amplifier that, in its simplest form, is an ultra-high-performance streaming amplifier with great audiophile sound and can be combined with other devices in a BluOS ecosystem of wirelessly networked music players throughout the home.

Magico announced the APOD as the perfect coupling mechanism.

Magico, announced a newly developed spiked footer solution for the A3 loudspeaker named the APOD. The new product is based on the scientific design principles of Constrained Layer Damping (CLD).

Sony PS-LX310BT: Recreate the classic vinyl sound experience but wirelessly.

Whether you are revisiting your old records or building up your collection with new releases, transport your vinyl experience into the present day with the new Sony PS-LX310BT turntable, a device that fuses the much-loved vinyl sound quality with the convenience and flexibility of connecting to a wired or wireless device.

Sweet sound of SYMFONISK: IKEA to offer Sonos-based audio products range.

What do you get when you combine great home furnishing knowledge with sound expertise? The answer is SYMFONISK – an all new audio device range that marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between Sonos and IKEA. The first product is already within earshot.

Technics unveiled the new SL-1500C Premium Class direct drive turntable system.

The SL-1500C inherits the brand's high-end sound quality concept and adds a host of original Technics technologies, such as a core-less direct drive motor and high sensitivity tonearm, while also includes a built-in Phono EQ and a high-quality Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge to simplify installation and use.

Nagra announced a new flagship D/A converter, the HD DAC X.

The Swiss company announced it is releasing a new digital to analog converter to compliment their HD range, that is called the HD DAC X and is a major evolution of the world-acclaimed Nagra HD DAC.

PSB updates acclaimed Alpha Series loudspeakers.

PSB, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, launched an all-new range of Alpha loudspeakers that, like their predecessors, deliver remarkable value and performance. It appears that by popular demand, Paul Barton tries to redefine the performance/value equation.

Sony introduces all new 360 Reality Audio powered by Object-Based spatial audio.

Sony announced an all new music experience called "360 Reality Audio" that makes listeners feel as if they are immersed in sound from all directions. The new experience is delivered by Sony’s object-based spatial audio technology and was announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Technics unveiled the Grand Class Network/Super Audio CD Player SL-G700.

Technics recently unveiled the new SL-G700 Network/Super Audio CD Player, a playback device that covers most of the digital audio media available today, from traditional CD/SA-CD to the latest high-res and many streaming services, and plays them all back in the highest possible quality.

Pro-Ject presented the Ortofon Century Anniversary-Turntable.

Pro-Ject Audio released the Ortofon Century turntable in conjunction with Ortofon, to celebrate their 100-Years jubilee. Built on The Classic SB it has a few tweaks -including a new, sophisticated, aluminum sub-platter- which result in even better performance

Audio-Technica introduced the audiophile-oriented ATH-AP2000Ti over-ear headphones.

Audio-Technica just introduced their new premium audiophile headphones, the over-ear ATH-AP2000Ti, which feature a host of the company's latest engineering and materials technologies, including the DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating and the Permendur magnetic circuit.

M-DAC Nano: Audiolab's mobile DAC/headphone amp is small, yet mighty.

The latest addition to Audiolab’s multi-award-winning M-DAC range is the M-DAC Nano – a powerful, pocketable mobile DAC/headphone amp with advanced technology to boost sound on the go.

Mark Levinson unveiled two 5000-Series Integrated amplifiers.

Mark Levinson showcased the first two models from their new 5000 series, the №5805 and №5802 integrated amplifiers at CES 2019. Both models were created to deliver all of the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson, the company stated

Monitor Audio announced the new Gold Series.

Monitor Audio’s decades of experience in producing groundbreaking, class-leading loudspeakers has resulted in the latest Gold Series. Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the new Gold Series has been designed to deliver performance to savor for a lifetime.

Sennheiser's AMBEO Soundbar Will Be Available from May.

Created to be one of the world's best soundbars, the AMBEO Soundbar places the listener inside the sound experience with incredible realism, delivering 3D sound that blurs the line between playback and reality from a single all-in-one device.

Marantz's Limited Edition KI Ruby Range.

To celebrate their brand ambassador, Ken Ishiwata’s, 40th anniversary with the company, Marantz released -last Autumn- two very special limited-edition KI-Ruby components: the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player and PM-KI Ruby amplifier, which will be made in a limited run of 1000 units apiece.

Mytek announced the new Brooklyn Bridge Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier.

Mytek, manufacturer of renowned Brooklyn and Manhattan DACs, has just announced the new "Brooklyn Bridge" Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier, a versatile and easy to use solution for hi-res digital music streaming and playback.

Grado unveiled new iGe3 in-ear headphones, the affordable Iggy 3.

Grado headphones are renowned among audiophiles for their rich sound and hand-built quality, but that doesn't mean they are only for high end music lovers. Their iGe3 earbuds are priced at only $99, a price point that allows anyone to experience the iconic Grado sound for themselves.

Music Hall's brand-new turntable: the MMF 3.3.

Music Hall recently released a brand new MMF turntable which features their dual-plinth construction, whose distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components. The turntable's first public appearance was during the Copenhagen High End Show, October 2018.

Cabasse unveiled the Pearl wireless loudspeaker.

The Pearl is an active, high-definition, connected loudspeaker that concentrates all the expertise and technology of the mythical Sphere in a compact active device in a round, life-style friendly format.

KEF introduced the LSX – a fully stereo and fully wireless music system.

KEF announced LSX, a compact two-speaker fully wireless, both from source and between the loudspeakers, music system with all the convenience and features of the connected world, but the emotion and detail of true high-resolution stereo.

van den Hul’s new top phono cartridge: the Colibri XGW Signature Stradivarius.

van den Hul’s Colibri cartridge first appeared in the mid-1990s and has continually evolved in the form of a range of versions and editions since. With the new XGW Signature Stradivarius edition, it now reaches what van den Hul stated as the best possible cartridge, based on his more than 40 years’ experience.

Prime Wireless Speaker System and SoundBase Wireless Bridge from SVS.

SVS' new wireless network devices are designed to transform the sound quality of music streaming available from the everyday smart speaker experience.

iFi's Pro iDSD DAC/Streamer.

Having sparked a revolution with its low-cost DACs that offered portable DSD256 playback for less than £500 a few years ago, iFi has maintained its position at the vanguard of the audio world with the launch of the ground-breaking Pro iDSD DAC/Streamer.

Musical Fidelity unveiled the M2si integrated amplifier and the M2sCD player.

Musical Fidelity unveiled the M2si and the M2sCD, their first new products since the brand changed ownership and received new investment earlier in 2018.

HW-40: VPI's 40th Anniversary Turntable.

As a milestone in the foundation of VPI, it was a goal to develop and produce a direct drive turntable to pay tribute to the company design roots. VPI team created the HW-40 Direct Drive, an evolution of VPI’s 40-year design and engineering, which holds the DNA of their Class A+ Classic Direct design.

Magico unveiled the M2 floorstander.

Magico announced the M2 loudspeaker, a floorstanding model which expands the M-Series product lineup and features many ground-breaking engineering designs distilled from the M6 and M3.

Chord Electronics introduced the Ultima pre/power amp pair to their Reference Series.

Chord Electronics recently introduced the Ultima preamplifier and one-channel power amplifier, a top-of-the-range pair of devices.

Amadeus released the Philharmonia Mini.

Amadeus announced they are now shipping the new Philharmonia Mini passive loudspeakers, co-designed specifically for the Hi-Fi market by world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel. The Philharmonia Mini was unveiled at the High End Music trade show in Munich, Germany, last Spring.

Naim's Mu-so range will support AirPlay 2.

Naim Audio recently announced that Apple AirPlay 2 technology will be available soon for its award-winning Mu-so range, bringing with it highly advanced multi-room audio capabilities and natural voice controls via Apple’s Siri virtual assistant.

Pro-Ject released the Phono Box ultra 500.

Pro-Ject Audio unveiled their new Anniversary-Edition Phono Box ultra 500. The "500" in the name as well as the general availability, worldwide limited to 500 pieces, celebrate the 500,000th Phono Box that Pro-Ject shipped in early 2018.

xCAN: iFi's new portable/wireless DAP amp.

The xCAN is a portable, wireless DAP amp, capable of storing eight Bluetooth devices at once while delivering 1000mW of power per channel. And with built-in aptX and AAC Hi-Res streaming via Bluetooth it’s so clever, it replaces two previous iFi products in one go, the micro iCAN SE and the nano iCAN.

Buchardt Audio unveiled brand new S400 loudspeaker model.

S400 is a compact, passive radiator loaded loudspeaker with an exceptionally well controlled directivity which was designed/simulated with state of the art computation methods.

DS Audio upgrades ground-breaking DS-W1 model to create new DS-W2.

The new DS-W2 is a direct replacement for the DS-W1 which will now be phased out. It offers significant design enhancements over its predecessor and occupies the middle position in the company’s range of optical phono cartridges.

The Unico CD Uno CD player and Unico Due integrated amplifier from Unison Research.

The Unico line from Unison Research was recently enriched through a new CD player/DAC with a tube-based, pure class A output stage and a new hybrid integrated amplifier featuring a dual triode-based preamplifier stage and a MOSFET power stage.

Lab12 announced starting of production and availability for the melto2 phono preamp.

Melto2 phono preamplifier is now available on the market and the device appears to be quite flexible, fully adjustable and includes a remote control, while, being a Lab12 design, features a tube-based circuit.

RecordingTheMasters launched new analog Compact Music Cassette.

RecordingTheMasters, the worldwide leader in reel-to-reel tape manufacturing, is set to launch its new analog compact music cassette with best-in-class sound quality. Initially introduced at the Munich High End show this past May, the new FOX C-60 ferro-oxide cassette will be available soon.

A New Flagship: Meze Empyrean – The First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone.

Meze Audio unveiled their new flagship headphones. Named Empyrean, they are the first Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones, featuring a new, unique, piece of technology which ends up to one of the lightest and most advanced planar magnetic drivers on the market.

Audiolab announced 6000 Series CD transport.

For the many people for whom CD remains a crucial part of their musical diet, Audiolab’s new 6000CDT is the ideal CD-playing companion for the 6000A integrated amplifier.

Audio-Technica's ATH-M50xBT adds Bluetooth capability to an industry standard.

Audio-Technica announced the ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones, which bring Bluetooth wireless technology to one of the world’s most acclaimed pro audio and consumer headphones.

Perpetuum Ebner unveiled their new entry-level turntable, includes pre-installed cartridge.

PE800 is a new, entry-level model from the German manufacturer, a split-chassis design based on a gimbal-suspended tonearm, available with a pre-installed Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge.

SweetVinyl's SugarCube SC-1: Bring your vinyl records back to life.

The SugarCube SC-1 has been designed to enhance the enjoyment of vinyl records with a pioneering click & pop removal technology created by SweetVinyl, a Silicon Valley-based start-up focused on elevating the vinyl experience with old or damaged records.

Well Tempered unveiled the new Amadeus 254/LTD turntable/tonearm system.

Well Tempered Labs recently unveiled their brand new model Amadeus 254. The new turntable will be replacing the successful and well reviewed Amadeus and features the 10.5-inch LTD tonearm.

KEF's new completely revamped R Series.

KEF, has announced the launch of their brand new R Series, a complete, top-to-bottom transformation of what was already one of the company's most acclaimed loudspeaker ranges, drawing on acoustic developments originally achieved in KEF’s flagship Reference Series.

Sonetto Collection: Sonus faber offers an affordable loudspeaker series.

The new Sonus faber Sonetto line draws upon many iconic elements from models further up the Sonus faber range, while the company developed new technologies for enclosure tuning, new transducers, integrated new materials and refined the production chain.

Parasound unveiled new DAC/Preamplifier.

Parasound introduced their new Halo P 6, 2.1-channel DAC/Preamplifier to replace the five-year-old P 5, improving upon its predecessor with a premium ESS DAC, ladder-style volume control, many internal audio refinements, and subtle new gold highlights.

Pro-Ject upgrades their iconic Primary turntable.

Since its original launch in October 2016, the Primary turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Vienna-based analogue Hi-Fi specialists, has been an overwhelming international success. Now, in 2018, they have updated Primary to make it more affordable than ever before, without losing the quality fans of the brand have come to expect.

Devialet unveiled their latest feat of extreme engineering, the Phantom Reactor.

As Devialet's third product and latest addition to the Phantom family, the Phantom Reactor line is the most affordable, and offered in two forms: Phantom Reactor 600 and Phantom Reactor 900.

6000A : Audiolab's new integrated amplifier.

When Audiolab launched the iconic 8000A in 1983, it swiftly became Britain’s favorite step-up from the budget amps of the time. Its crisp ergonomics, high-quality engineering, useful range of facilities and excellent all-round sound won it a legion of fans. Now, Audiolab harnesses its latest tech to deliver an affordable integrated amplifier, fully equipped to meet the demands of modern music lovers.

Wharfedale unveiled the new D300 Series.

In the early 1980s, Wharfedale created the blueprint for modern budget Hi-Fi speakers when it made the first-ever Diamond – the classic entry point to high-fidelity sound. Almost four decades on, Wharfedale again redefines the low-cost, high-performance speaker concept with an all-new range, the D300 Series.

Akiko unveiled the Minelli affordable audio power conditioner.

Based on their best product, the Corelli power conditioner, Akiko designed a new, affordable model with much of the technique and quality of the original. Minelli is a compact power conditioner with excellent value for money, offering effects which will pleasantly surprise the listener, the company says.

Gershman Acoustics' Posh Loudspeaker.

As they unveiled it, about one year ago, Gersman stated that the Posh has been designed to provide the best sound and quality, featuring a massive enclosure, ceramic midrange driver and twin 8-inch aluminum woofers, along with Mundord and Furutech components.

Krell's new K-300i stereo integrated amplifier.

In 1999, Krell released the original KAV-300i which was the world’s first high-end integrated amplifier that delivered audio performance similar to high-end separates but from a single compact chassis. Recently, the company introduced a radically advanced integrated product that offers the latest in analog and digital performance - the K-300i.

Technics' new Premium Class Ottava S SC-C50 wireless loudspeaker.

In spite of its compact size, the Ottava S SC-C50 offers acoustic technologies that deliver clear sound across a remarkably wide soundstage. A room calibration technology also allows free speaker placement, and highly diverse network reproduction is supported for an advanced wireless music experience.

Onkyo A-9110 and A-9130 integrated stereo amps aim for rich and comfortable sound.

Onkyo has unveiled new A-9110 and A-9130 integrated stereo amplifiers that further refine the company’s acclaimed A-9010, an entry-class amplifier that’s won an excellent reputation for musicality and dynamism in the global marketplace.

Sonos Beam: A highly versatile smart loudspeaker for both TV and Music.

Sonos unveiled the Beam, a game changing smart speaker that delivers incredible sound for virtually any streaming content in the rooms people spend the most time in. With the goal of providing a simple, rich sound experience for all the sonic content that matters – from movies and TV shows to music and podcasts – Sonos Beam supports 80+ music services, multiple voice assistants and Apple AirPlay 2.

dCS launched new Bartok Upsampling Network DAC with Headphone Amplifier.

dCS recently unveiled their Bartok network DAC and headphone amplifier – a single-box, state-of-the-art digital-to-analogue converter with full network streaming functionality and class A headphone amplifier.

Sony introduces next-level Noise Cancellation with the WH-1000XM3 headphones.

Sony recently announced the WH-1000XM3 noise canceling headphones, the newest addition to the highly acclaimed 1000X family. This headband-style, around ear model, offers all of the much loved features from the previous WH-1000XM2 while adding multiple key improvements, including upgraded noise canceling performance to enhance the listening and user experience.

New top-of-range 5010 pre/power amplifiers from Exposure.

British Hi-Fi brand Exposure’s new top-of-range 5010 series features a preamplifier and a pair of mono power amplifiers and builds on the brand’s previous flagship, the highly regarded MCX series to deliver an excellent balance of power and finesse.

Quad's Artera Play gets upgraded to Play+.

Quad has replaced the original Artera Play source component with a new version called the Artera Play+. The new version of the CD player/DAC/preamp from Quad’s Artera Series adds features and improves performance, whilst also lowering the price.

HINT6: Parasound's new and improved Halo Integrated Amplifier.

Parasound has introduced the HINT 6, an improved version of its popular Halo Integrated Amplifier. The new model features a Burr-Brown volume control, easy-to-read front panel display, an upgraded USB receiver, a second optical input, increased phono gain, and some refinements to its appearance.

Bowers & Wilkins announced their new 600 Series entry-level loudspeakers.

The sixth iteration of Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series dramatically improves the range's legendary combination of outstanding value and audio performance, the company says. The new 600 Series brings high-end sound quality within reach, applying B&W's cutting-edge technologies and leading design.

Samsung and Harman/Kardon collaborate to provide new Premium Soundbar lineup.

Samsung Electronics released two co-branded premium soundbars – the HW-N950 and HW-N850, in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, the renowned consumer audio brand. These new soundbars were largely developed by Samsung, with Harman/Kardon certifying the audio quality through sophisticated sound quality testing.

Zesto Audio unveiled a Deluxe version of their Andros phono preamplifier.

The Andros Deluxe phono stage is created from taking the very best attributes from both the Andros 1.2 phono stage and the Andros Tessera phono stage, including the same footprint as the former and many of the internal features of the later, while maintaining its own unique sonic personality.

Sony Expands Signature Series with DMP-Z1 digital music player.

Combining super high quality sound, premium design and enhanced usability, the DMP-Z1 is a high end music player bringing top quality stationary class headphone amplifier sound and power to wherever you desire.

Acoustics 2018, Hel.In.A. Conference to be held in Patras, Greece.

The 9th National Conference “Acoustics 2018” is organized by the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics (Hel.In.A., a member of the European Acoustics Association) on Monday 8 and Tuesday of October 2018, at the Conference and Cultural center of the Patras University.

Audio-Technica unveiled ATH-CKR7TW headphones with new True Wireless technology.

Audio-Technica introduced their new Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW in-ear headphones, which incorporate the company’s new True Wireless technology that eliminates all connecting wires.

Grado announced world's first open back Bluetooth headphones.

Grado recently announced the GW100, the first open back Bluetooth-based wireless headphones and their first wireless set ever. Based on Grado signature drivers, and offering the openness in sound the company is well known off, are specially designed to diminish sound leek.

Chord Electronics announced the Hugo M Scaler.

Using technology first seen in the flagship BLU MKII digital/CD transport, the Hugo M Scaler is a standalone upscaling device containing the world’s most advanced digital filter. It uses Rob Watts’ unique filter technology to upscale standard 44.1kHz digital audio up to 705.6kHz and offers up to 768kHz sample rates (from 96kHz input data) for Chord's dual-BNC-input DACs DAVE, Qutest and the new Hugo TT 2.

Cary Audio introduced a new version of the CAD-805 monoblock power amplifier.

The latest generation of the CAD-805, the CAD-805 Reference Series (RS), continues the single-ended mono block amplifier line that has been in production since 1993. The new amp includes a bias meter, RCA/XLR inputs and several changes to the circuit that significantly increase performance.

Furutech adds to best-selling NCF Booster range with new NCF Booster-Signal.

Following the considerable success of Furutech’s remarkable accessory, the NCF Booster, the company has introduced a second companion edition, the new NCF Booster-Signal. Prepare to be surprised at the clear and positive difference that this innovative duo can make to your system’s performance, the company says.

A Vinyl Table from Norway...

HRDL is a small company established in 2015 by commercial photographer Stian Herdal in a small, one car, garage in Kristiansand, Norway. One of Herdal's project is The Vinyl Table, a record player/turntable cabinet which includes storage space for both an amplifier and about 200 records.

Hifiman announced the Ananda planar headphones, optimized for portable devices.

Hifiman recently announced the availability of Ananda, the company’s new open-back planar headphone designed to maximize performance of any personal audio source, especially smartphones and tablets.

Tidal Audio launched a new high-end audio brand: the Vimberg.

Tidal Audio, designer and manufacturer of premium high-end audio components announced the creation of a new brand: Vimberg. The first two models in the range of launched products are 3-way loudspeakers Mino and Tonda.

DTS Play-Fi launches headphones App to bring personal connectivity to home systems.

DTS announced the new DTS Play-Fi Headphones app, now available on iOS and shortly coming to Android, as a companion app to select DTS Play-Fi audio products. The free app enables users to stream content over Wi-Fi that is playing on any DTS Play-Fi-supported product to any pair of headphones connected to a phone or tablet.

Falcon Acoustics introduced the R.A.M loudspeaker range.

Falcon Acoustics introduced their Reference Audio Monitor (R.A.M.) loudspeaker range, alongside with an interesting mix of some of the most revered and modern designs, including a hand-building version of the world-famous LS3/5a monitor exclusively to the original BBC spec.

MartinLogan unveiled new subwoofers, featuring wireless connection, control and ARC.

MartinLogan's new series includes the Dynamo 400, 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X models, the X in the model names designating the inclusion of app based controls via Bluetooth, wireless Anthem Room Correction (ARC), and wireless signal connection capability.

Primare announced shipping of Prisma products.

Primare recently announced immediate availability of their I35, CD35 and DD35 Prisma products, while I15, SC15, CD15 and I25 Prisma are to be expected during Summer 2018.

Spendor announced new A7 loudspeaker.

Spendor’s multi award winning D7 and A6R loudspeakers have been a grate success, therefore it is not a surprise that the company has applied key elements of the technology and materials developed for these models, to create the all-new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers and especially the A7.

Revolutionary Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds officially launched.

Bose announced the availability of its revolutionary noise-masking sleepbuds — tiny, truly wireless earbuds that combine an ultra-comfortable design with soothing sounds to block, cover, and replace the most common noises that interfere with sleep.

NAD introduced Value-Minded C 538 CD Player.

NAD announced their new C 538, a performance CD player engineered for musicality, simplicity and value – all virtues true to the brand’s proud tradition. Designed as either a music lover’s first CD player or as a quality replacement, the C 538 employs many of the same engineering techniques found in audiophile players but at a fraction of the price.

iFi's next gen of portable DAC/Headphone amp.

The xDSD is an MQA-optimized DAC/amp that can be ultra portable or home-based. With aptX and AAC Bluetooth, it delivers high-resolution audio up to PCM768kHz and DSD512 at 500mW per channel to amplifiers, active loudspeakers and headphones of all types.

New SA-CD/CD Transport from McIntosh.

The MCT500 is a digital only unit and features 4 digital outputs; industry standard balanced, coax and optical outputs plus McIntosh's exclusive MCT connector. To enjoy CDs, it can be paired with any product that has standard digital inputs and a DAC, while for SA-CD playback, the MCT500’s proprietary MCT output needs to be connected to a McIntosh product with an MCT input.

Nelson Pass unveiled the First Watt SIT-3 Stereo Power Amplifier.

Nelson Pass recently gave some details about the SIT-3 power amplifier, the successor to the SIT-1 and SIT-2 amplifiers, which is now in production. Like the former models, the new amp uses a Static Induction Transistor (aka VFET) in the power stage of a simple no feedback amplifier.

Suzanne Ciani released LIVE Quadraphonic album via limited pressing vinyl.

Suzanne Ciani released LIVE Quadraphonic digitally, with a numbered Quadraphonic vinyl package available for direct pre-order. The performance, recorded live at Gray Area in San Francisco on March 5, 2016, was her first solo Buchla synthesizer performance in 40 years.

M2Tech announced availability of the long waited Nash MC/MM phono preamplifier.

With a slight delay over plans, M2Tech recently announced the availability of the Nash MC/MM phono preamplifier, a device with both phono and line inputs and a wide range of adjustable parameters for each cartridge, including gain, input load for both MMs and MCs and capacitance.

Yamaha debuts Aventage RX-A 80 Series with Artificial Intelligence and MusicCast Surround.

Yamaha unveiled their new Aventage RX-A 80 Series with three of its receivers equipped with Surround:AI. All six receivers also come with MusicCast Surround technology, which allows for a 5.1-channel setup with wireless surround loudspeakers.

exaSound unveiled the PlayPoint DM dual-mono DAC and Network Audio Server

The Canadian company announced the PlayPoint DM next-generation flagship music server and DAC, a combination of a reference-grade 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, a balanced headphone amplifier and a Roon-enabled music server in one elegant component, which unites simplicity with sonic perfection.

Triangle unveiled the Sensa loudspeaker series.

Triangle recently unveiled their new generation of connected loudspeakers, the Sensa. The new series includes two models and is founded on the research conducted for the active Elara loudspeaker system and is an effort to introduce the technology in products at a more affordable price-range.

H590: Hegel's new top integrated amplifier.

With a power output of more than 300W per channel, a new built-in d/a converter and a full set of digital and analogue inputs, the H590 is Hegel's new top-of-the-line amplifier, over the H360. It was unveiled during this year's Munich show and is expected in the last quarter of 2018.

Aequo Audio introduced two new loudspeakers.

Aequo Audio recently announced two more loudspeaker models, extending the current product family at both ends of the price range, with the Gladium, a more affordable fully passive 3-way and the Diluvium, as the newly redesigned outcome for Aequo's production of the ultimate flagship loudspeaker.

NAD completes makeover of Classic Integrated Amplifiers with the addition of C 316BEE V2.

NAD Electronics announced an update to one of its most popular amplifiers ever: the C 316 BEE V2. Blending simplicity with best-in-class performance, the updated NAD integrated amp now includes an MM phono input featuring the company’s acclaimed RIAA equalization circuit.

New music streamer from McIntosh.

The sophisticated yet simple to use MS500 music streamer seamlessly integrates both any internet based streaming and locally stored digital music into one comprehensive device. It allows a digital library to be enjoyed, including uncompressed, lossless files with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution.

Arya Audio Labs' AirBlade driver.

Arya describes the AirBlade as a broadband, low distortion, high power, linear phase and linear impedance driver, that does not become directional towards higher frequencies and from the available info it appears as a quite clever application of the AMT principle with a fully redesigned mechanical infrastructure.

Linn launches Akurate products featuring the Katalyst DAC Architecture.

Linn recently announced an all-new Akurate range with the addition of Katalyst DAC Architecture to Akurate DS, Akurate DSM and Akurate Exaktbox, available as an upgrade for existing owners and, also, shipping as standard for all new customers.

Audio-Technica announced availability of their new QuietPoint ATH-ANC700BT Headphones.

Audiotechnica recently announced the availabitlity of the ANC700BT QuietPoint over-ear wireless active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones, which feature the company’s latest advancements in ANC technology to deliver superior noise-canceling performance and audio quality, along with improved wireless convenience.

Dali Loudspeakers formally Joined BluOS Family.

With a global partnership first announced at 2017's Munich HIGH-END Show, Dali’s initial launch of its Callisto Wireless Active Speaker System at this year’s show formalizes a welcome addition to the BluOS family of products, now numbering nearly 20 different solutions across three well-respected high-fidelity audio brands.

AURALiC modernizes their original lineup with Aries G1 and Vega G1.

The original Aries Wireless Streaming Bridge and Vega DAC helped make Auralic’s name in the high-end audio industry, and this year the company revisits its classic products with a “G” style makeover. With pricing more similar to the originals than Auralic’s premium line, it may well be the most economical way to get your hands on some of the company’s latest engineering.

AKM Develops New DAC with Headphone Amp, Enabling DSD Playback on portable devices.

As the DSD format continues to gain broader acceptance, AKM has developed the AK4377, a 32-bit stereo digital to analog converter (DAC) with a built-in headphone amplifier that can play DSD sound sources on smart phones and portable music players.

Cayin unveiled N8 flagship DAP with Solid State and Triode Vacuum Tube Output.

N8, Cayin's new flagship portable Master Quality Digital Audio Player made its worldwide debut at High End 2018, offering -for the first time- a dual Direct Heated Triode vacuum tube and a full balanced solid state analog output in one portable package, along with top-class high resolution digital audio capabilities.

Heinz Lichtenegger's Audio Tuning acquired Musical Fidelity.

Heinz Lichtenegger a HiFi industry veteran who created the Austrian distribution company Audio Tuning and the international global brand Pro-Ject Audio Systems, announced that Audio Tuning acquired the iconic British audio company Musical Fidelity as MF's founder, Antony Michaelson has retired.

Emotiva's modular XPA-DR power amp series.

The new, modular, XPA-DR Series platform delivers Emotiva’s signature blend of audiophile design and performance at ultra-lean prices and includes the XPA-DR1 mono, XPA-DR2 two-channel and XPA-DR3 three-channel models which utilize up to three pairs of Differential Reference Amplifier Modules, fed by a massively over-designed, fully regulated, 3 kW switch mode power supply within a heavy-duty chassis.

McIntosh announced the MT2 Turntable.

McIntosh announced the MT2 Precision Turntable, an analog source the plays both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records and is virtually ready to use out of the box as tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang and arm height are all preset from the factory for maximum performance.

Audionet announced full streaming features through free upgrade for all DNx products!

The German manufacturer recently announced that the leading streaming services on the planet, including tens of thousands of radio stations and podcasts, will be delivered in state-of-the-art sound quality via all their DNx machines.

Yamaha RX-V385 AV Receiver gives aspiring AV enthusiasts best value.

Yamaha introduced the RX-V385 AV receiver, bringing the best in audio and video technology to those exploring the possibilities of their home theater setup on a budget, by offering the latest in audio and video technologies at an affordable price point.

LAB12 Moved to new site, ready to offer more demos of their equipment!

The company from Greece recently announced that they have moved to new facilities, which are better suited to the increased production needs and, of course, more inviting for those who want to see and listen to some of their devices!

Monitor Audio introduced the Studio standmount loudspeaker.

Studio is a premium loudspeaker offering absolute performance from a compact cabinet, featuring an MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer and dual 4-inch low/mid range drivers, modified versions of those used in Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum PL500 II.

Metaxas & Sins will launch brand new open reel tape recorder at 2018 Munich High End Show.

You’ve no doubt heard the rumors. You may have read a few teasers. Perhaps you wondered whether it would actually happen. Well, it happened. In May 2018, high-end audio brand Metaxas & Sins launched one of the world’s first modern day open reel tape recorders!

The electron 28n: Mamalos introduced their power cable, based on nanotubes technology.

Electron28n is Mamalos' audiophile power cable to employ their newly developed Carbon Nanotubes Treated Power Conductors and is capable to deliver high current without injecting unwanted electrical noise into nearby interconnect and speaker cables.

Elipson unveiled wireless in-ear headphones.

Celebrated worldwide for the quality of its Hi-Fi loudspeakers, Elipson has developed the In-Ear No. 1 to ensure an amazing listening experience, with complete freedom thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX compatibility.

Sumiko unveiled a bunch of phono cartridges.

Sumiko recently announced six new phono cartridges, the outcome of a 3-year development effort. The new line will be premiered at the Munich High End Show, May 10-13, 2018 and includes 4 new moving magnet cartridges and 2 new moving coil cartridges.

Cary Audio introduced the SA-200.2 ES and SA-500.1 ES Power Amplifiers.

Representing the next generation of the SA design, the SA-200.2 ES and SA-500.1 ES solid-state power amplifiers, embody a modular approach that ensures consistency in performance, and ease of manufacture and serviceability, Cary Audio states.

Audio Research announced the new Reference 160M vacuum tube amplifier.

The new amp features a refined audio topology with fewer and better components in the signal-path, Ultralinear/Triode operation, proprietary auto-bias and an advanced power meter.

Ruark introduced the MRx Wireless Loudspeaker.

Ruark recently gave details about the forthcoming release of MRx, their first connected wireless loudspeaker which will be available to purchase from May/June 2018 and will offer great sound and a wide range of abilities, looking forward to to be the perfect system for the lounge, kitchen or study.

Benchmark unveiled the HPA4 Headphone Amplifier, featuring ΤΗΧ's AAA technology.

Benchmark and THX have partnered to introduce the Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amplifier, based on a circuit that uses THX's Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology which reduces harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by 20 to 40 dB, to guarantee a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience.

Dali unveiled the new SUB C-8 D subwoofer.

With the SUB C-8 D, you get a subwoofer which feels equally at home in a surround setup destined for movies and in a compact stereo setup meant mainly for musical enjoyment. Therefore, this subwoofer is everything but a boombox, the company says, introducing a design featuring an 8-inch woofer and a 170W class D amplifier.

LittleZoe amplifier is making its first appearance in this year's Munich HighEnd Show!

Our first contact with LittleZoe was about two years ago, when it was just a concept design, but the impressions were more than excellent. Not surprisingly, the tube-based amplifier proved to be a project that has attracted worldwide interest due to its innovative design based on an idea by architect and audiophile Dimitris Karagiannis. Now, the amp is heading for its world-premiere at the HighEnd Show in Munich.

Bryston/StormAudio collaboration announced, SP4 16.2 audio processor unveiled.

Bryston has announced that they will be working in collaboration with StormAudio, a premium audio hardware manufacturer based in France, enabling both companies to leverage their respective design and manufacturing expertise in an array of new product offerings.

Naim Audio unveiled new network players.

Combining state-of-the-art DSP with a rich, analogue soul, Naim's new network players deliver engaging, immersive sound quality to get the very best out of your music. At the heart of the new range is their first ever 500 Series network player, the ND 555 which marks the first 500 Series launch since the CD555 twelve years ago, followed by the NDX 2 and the ND5 XS 2.

Teac unveiled new Reference series models.

Teac has added three new Hi-Res Audio-focused components to its separates-based Reference mini component system. The UD-505 USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier, the NT-505 USB DAC/Network Player and CG-10M Master Clock Generator are simultaneously elegant to behold, easy to accommodate and truly inspiring to hear.

Monitor Audio's Monitor loudspeaker series.

With a choice of bookshelf or floorstanding models, and a powerful center and subwoofer, the Monitor Series delivers detailed audio resolution in both two-channel and multi-channel configurations, while their orange driver cones and white, black and walnut finishes offer a contemporary focus to the sleek proportions and bring fun and functionality across the range.

Munich HIGH END exhibition announced an action-packed program.

This year, visitors to the HIGH END can once again look forward to exciting talks, presentations, demonstrations and workshops, featuring high-calibre speakers, throughout the 2018 exhibition. A small preview of the exciting topics is already unveiled.

New Clearaudio Tracer tonearm marries stability and agility with elegant simplicity.

Clearaudio's new Tracer radial tonearm, is taking the company’s family of radial and tangential arms to a tidy ten-strong. The new tonearm slots neatly between the existing Magnify and Clarify models, which positions it just three steps down from Clearaudio’s flagship Universal arm.

Cambridge Audio unveiled the Edge top-class 50th Anniversary series.

Cambridge Audio celebrates their 50th anniversary with the introduction of Edge, a pioneering Hi-Fi series that introduces a new standard for sound and design and builds on the company's driving principles of creating products that bring the "Great British Sound".

Onkyo unveiled the TX-NR686 A/V powerhouse.

With the 7.2 channel TX-NR686, Onkyo bundles Dynamic Audio Amplification with cutting-edge wireless multi-room audio technologies, 4K video support, and 3D audio in a 165 W/Ch THX Certified Select A/V receiver that brings next-generation entertainment to the living room and beyond.

MC1.25KW: New 1.2kW amp from McIntosh.

McIntosh's MC1.25KW Quad Balanced power amp is one of their most advanced products and replaces the venerable MC1.2KW as the company's most powerful single chassis monoblock amplifier with an output of 1,200 Watts of power into a single channel.

NAD introduced the VISO HP70, their first wireless headphone with active noise canceling.

NAD introduced the VISO HP70, a wireless, full-size headphone with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Tri-Mode operation and the company’s exclusive RoomFeel technology. The VISO HP70 is NAD’s first wireless headphone and the company’s most advanced design to date.

L1000: Astel&Kern's desktop headphone amplifier in the new ACRO series.

Astell&Kern recently introduced a new sub-brand of desktop audio products called ACRO and by using their expertise and knowledge in designing portable audio devices, announced the first product in the series, the ACRO L1000, the company's first desktop headphone amplifier.

Demand Series: Definitive Technology offers a high-performance bookshelf loudspeaker series.

Featuring technology advancements to both Definitive's aluminum dome tweeter and mid-range/woofer, each bookshelf loudspeaker in the Demand series delivers full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging in a modern, elegant styling.

Antipodes introduced the ΕΧ music server.

The Antipodes EX is an evolution of the Antipodes EDGE, but it is made to the same specification level as the flagship DX, becoming only the second of their music servers to get the “X-Series” designation. The new server provides a low entry price level to the digital audio high-end, because it does not require to add a DAC and, also, offers a clear upgrade path.

Linn upgrades the LP12 with the phono Urika II and the new Lingo.

Music system manufacturer Linn, launched two new upgrades to kick off the 45th anniversary year of the legendary Linn Sondek LP12, the iconic model that the company was founded on and remains the benchmark for turntables today.

Parasound introduced a new, more affordable Halo Phono Stage Preamplifier.

Parasound has introduced a more-affordable John Curl-designed phono for a new generation of analog enthusiasts. The new Parasound Halo JC 3 Jr. stereo phono preamplifier is about half the price of the company's dual-mono Halo JC 3+.

Audioengine unveiled the A5+ Wireless speaker.

Audioengine recently announced the A5+ Wireless Music System, an exciting evolution of the award-winning A5 loudspeakers, offering upgraded aesthetics and the original A5+ signature sound. The A5+ Wireless isn’t just a pair of powered stereo speakers but a smart system that works with Alexa, Siri, and all other voice activated apps, speakers, and devices.

Quad unveiled the one-box system Solus in Artera Series.

Quad has just added a one-box Hi-Fi system to the Artera Series, their primary solid-state component range. The Artera Solus combines a CD transport, DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier in a single compact chassis, with extensive connectivity options including Bluetooth wireless streaming.

JBL to introduce an updated version of the iconic L100 loudspeaker.

JBL recently unveiled the L100 Classic, a modern take on the all-time best-selling JBL L100 loudspeaker which follows on the heels of the successful 4312SE 70th Anniversary Studio Monitor model launched in 2016.

NAD's Masters M22 V2 delivers increased power and flexibility, features Hypex's nCore modules.

NAD recently announced a new and improved stereo Masters Series amplifier, the M22 V2, that delivers a 20% increase in power to 300 watts per channel and features a bridging switch that transforms it into a powerful, 900-watt monoblock.

Panasonic launched new line-up of UHD Blu-Ray players including reference-class UB9000.

Panasonic announced the launch of its latest Ultra HD Blu-ray players, including two models, the DP-UB9000 and the DP-UB820, which both support HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology, the next-generation HDR format.

DS-2 : Wharfedale’s new Bluetooth loudspeaker.

Bluetooth loudspeakers are wonderfully convenient, but all too often their sound disappoints, says Wharfedale, as they announce their new DS-2 stereo Bluetooth system, an entirely different proposition, based on the now-discontinued DS-1, a similarly diminutive pair of Bluetooth loudspeakers widely acknowledged as the best available in the low price range.

L-509X: Luxman's new flagship integrated amp.

Luxman's new L-509X flagship AB class integrated amplifier features the performance of separate amplifiers in a single unit, for audiophiles who are looking for a high quality, multi-functional, but simple system.

Gryphon unveiled the Sonett Phono stage.

In an effort to bring the performance of the reference level Gryphon Legato Legacy phono stage to more affordable price points, Gryphon introduced a stand-alone version of their phono preamplifier module that would make the fruits of Gryphon’s explorations into the latest circuit topologies, low-noise component breakthroughs and power supply innovations accessible to all.

Mytek announced the Liberty, an affordable PCM/MQA/DSD D/A Converter.

Mytek's new Liberty Digital-to-Analog converter, is a PCM/MQA/DSD USB 2 device, designed for high quality music playback and monitoring of all high resolution formats, featuring several digital inputs, digital volume control, unbalanced as well as balanced audio outputs, and a high-performance headphone amplifier.

Cyrus introduced the ONElinear loudspeaker.

The Cyrus ONElinear is a premium loudspeaker system, designed to perfectly augment Cyrus' ONE amplifier, being optimized for use with their hybrid Class D power stage topologies and engineered with a classically “British” linear frequency response curve.

Chord announced the Qutest standalone DAC.

Qutest is a standalone DAC with conversion architecture based on Rob Watts' award-winning Hugo 2 and is perfectly equipped to bring the benefits of the company's digital technology to a wide range of connected devices, giving an instant performance upgrade, plus the ability to modernize aging digital source components.

ATC launched CDA2 Mk2 CD/DAC Preamp.

ATC announced the arrival of the CDA 2 Mk2 CD/DAC preamp, which represents a re-engineering of its predecessor in all the key performance areas. Wholesale upgrades to the company's leading source product, deliver audiophile levels of accuracy and dynamics to music reproduction, combined with extraordinary value for money.

Exposure adds new HP headphone amplifier to its compact XM series.

In 2017, Exposure launched the “XM” series of Hi-Fi components, packing an impressive complement of high-end features into a compact and affordable design. Now, the XM3 phono stage, XM5 integrated amp, XM7 preamp and XM9 mono power amps are joined by the new XM HP headphone amplifier.

D 3020 V2: NAD Enhanced Its Best-Selling Digital Integrated Amplifier.

NAD Electronics announced a new and improved digital amplifier, the D 3020 V2. The original D3020, the company’s best-selling amplifier was updated with cosmetic refinements and, by popular request, the addition of a moving magnet phono input, while its price has lowered.

Sonarworks True-Fi: Connecting Headphone Listeners to Studio Sound.

European audio software developer Sonarworks, recently announced its new True-Fi technology that removes unwanted sound coloration from headphones so the listener can experience the artist's true intention — on a sonically balanced listening canvas which enables ”Studio sound” performance.

Bryston unveiled Flagship Active Systems.

Bryston has announced the introduction of their Active Loudspeaker lineup, featuring three speaker models of different sizes, combined with the DSP-enabled BAX-1 active crossover and legendary Cubed-Series amplifier technology, in an effort to create an ultimate performance audiophile package.

LG unveiled the SK10Y soundbar.

LG’s new SK10Y soundbar delivers 550W of powerful output and supports 5.1.2 channels by harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos technology and Meridian's experience in high-performance, high-fidelity audio through Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and knowledge of psychoacoustics.

Weiss introduced the DAC501 and DAC502 DSP DAC/network renderers.

With the DAC50x duo, Weiss created a new paradigm for what used to be a black box device. A typical d/a converter is, normally, a "set and forget" device but the DAC501 and DAC502 add a number of interesting signal processing features, offer a variety of digital inputs and a full set of analog outputs.

ABBA - The Album: 40th Anniversary Half-Speed Mastered 2LP Vinyl Reissue.

In celebration of "ABBA – The Album" original release four decades ago, Polar Music/UMe released a half-speed mastered, 45rpm-cut, 180-gram 2LP edition on January 26. First released in Scandinavia in December 1977, ABBA – The Album took the world by storm, hitting Number One in several countries.

MA252: McIntosh's first hybrid amplifier.

The MA252 is the first hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh. Taking retro design cues from the legendary McIntosh MC275 vacuum tube amplifier, the MA252 combines the best of vacuum tube and solid-state circuit design to create an amplifier that’s both visually and sonically stunning.

RME unveiled the ADI-2 DAC.

RME Audio, the German manufacturer of digital audio solutions for the professional and HiFi sector, recently unveiled the ADI-2 DAC, a two-channel, high-end digital/analog converter in a 9.5-inch/1U housing.

Gold Note's Valore 425 Plus turntable.

With a 30mm plinth shaped to reduce vibrations, Valore 425 Plus guarantees audiophile sound in a smart and elegant solution while, despite its compact size, it features a 9-inch B-5.1-derived Gold Note tonearm and a 4mm thick high mass hinged dust cover.

Amphion announced Helium and Argon bookshelf models with redesigned cabinets.

Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers announced Helium410, Helium510, Argon0, and Argon1 bookshelf loudspeakers with redesigned cabinets, while the two Helium models, also utilize new, higher class components.

Pro-Ject Audio announced the Juke Box E. Just add the loudspeakers!

With Juke Box E “active turntable”, Pro-Ject attempts to show all vinyl enthusiasts and growing audiophiles, how easy and great a music experience from a modern record player can be. The device includes a built-in pre- and power-amplifier, which allows you to place the speakers far away from each other to minimize the possibility of acoustic feedback and to create a real analogue stereo experience.

Klipsch unveiled the Heritage Amplifier to drive the most demanding headphones.

Klipsch recently announced the debut of its Heritage Headphone Amplifier, a true audiophile solution with mid-century design characteristics that drives headphones to deliver music in the cleanest, most efficient manner, for higher energy and dynamics.

Magico introduced the A3 loudspeaker.

Magico recently launched the A Series, starting with the A3, a loudspeaker obtainable by a wider audience bringing together a bevy of technologies unheard-of at its price point, including a fully braced and anodized aluminum enclosure, a beryllium tweeter, carbon Nanographene cones, neodymium based motor systems and Magico's renowned elliptical crossover.

Perreaux unveiled the new 255i Integrated Amp.

What started a number of years ago as a project to upgrade to the optional DAC module for the Perreaux Eloquence series integrated amplifiers, has lead to the retirement of the Eloquence 250i and the release of the new 255i integrated amplifier.

Space One Wireless: Where the iconic design meets the exceptional acoustics.

Two world-renowned brands, Porsche Design, known for iconic design and KEF, acclaimed for exceptional British acoustics, have joined to deliver an uncompromisingly luxurious wireless headphone set. The Space One Wireless brings music on business trips, in boardrooms and at home.

Play it again, SAM: Audionet unveiled the SAM 20 SE Limited Edition Integrated Amplifier.

Celebrating their legendary integrated amp's 20 years anniversary, Audionet recently announced the best SAM ever: the strictly limited Special Edition SAM 20 SE (20th Anniversary), a heavily upgraded version of an already highly acclaimed device.

Tidal turns Loudness Normalization ON by default and helps to end the Loudness War.

Music Streaming service Tidal has adopted the loudness recommendation of Eelco Grimm, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Grimm Audio. In Tidal’s recent update of their iOS and Android apps, loudness normalization is now turned ON by default.

Audeze introduced the LCD-MX4 headphones, targeting engineers and critical listening users.

Audeze recently announced the newest addition to their award-winning LCD collection, the LCD-MX4. Designed for all the producers and mastering engineers, the LCD-MX4 is 30% lighter than other LCD models and supports Audeze's Reveal plug-ins which apply filter presets specific to each headphone model.

Ortofon introduced the Quintet MC Series.

Since 1948, Ortofon has introduced about 100 different moving coil models and nothing demonstrates the company's long-standing resilience more than its commitment to the refinement of analogue sound quality and its continued development of new cartridge models. The new MC Quintet is their most recent product series.

Akiko Audio introduced the Phono Booster.

Akiko announced the availability of the Phono Booster, a device which can be used to reduce high frequency noise, leaving the listeners to enjoy their record collection at its finest.

iFi unveiled the nano iDSD Black Label portable DAC/Headphone amplifier.

iFi introduced their original nano iDSD on the market in 2014 and it was an immediate success, offering full high resolution audio playback by supporting DXD and DSD formats, a high powered headphone amplifier and a very competitive price. Now, the company attempts to introduce yet another best-seller, with the “Black Label” version of the device.

Pro-Ject's VC-S MK II Record Cleaning Machine.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems launched their first Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) in 2016. Now, the Austrian company are expanding on the knowledge acquired from their first RCM to release a MK II version with improved performance and features.

The MHA50 Portable DAC/Amp from McIntosh.

Nearly everyone walks around with most if not all of their music library in their pocket or bag where it’s readily accessible via a pair of headphones. While convenient, it likely doesn’t sound as good as it could. The handheld MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier can make your music sound its best, McIntosh says.

Acuhorn added a media streamer/DAC and a class-D power amp to their product range.

Acuhorn from Poland, the company that recently unveiled the minimalist single-tube TT Original SET power amplifier, recently introduced two new products, the R2R media streamer and the Rate class D power amplifier, both devices with some interesting aspects, to say the least.

Sennheiser’s new HD 660 S delivers even better sound, comfort and versatility.

Sennheiser has launched a new open dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile – the HD 660 S. The new model builds on the legacy of the HD 650 and features a new and improved transducer design that delivers lower harmonic distortion for an even more natural, lifelike audio experience, the company says.

Conrad-Johnson announced the ART150 and ART300 amplifiers.

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Conrad-Johnson has introduced two new ART amplifiers, the ART150 stereo amplifier and ART300 monoblock, to be offered as limited edition products with just 250 units of the ART150 and 125 pairs of the ART300 being available.

The +Record Player: The all-in-one compact turntable from +Audio.

The +Record Player combines elegant design, advanced features and uncompromising audio, in a compact, one-unit package to please discerning vinyl enthusiasts seeking a high quality turntable solution to enjoy their record collection without the cost and complexity of a traditional component system.

Ultrasone unveiled the Edition 15.

With the Edition 15, Ultrasone is expanding its product range with a set of top-class open reference headphones, being their first set to feature GTC driver and the S-LogicEX technology. Production of the Edition 15 will be limited to 999 headphones.

McIntosh's MA7200 Integrated Amplifier and MAC7200 Receiver.

McIntosh recently announced the MA7200 integrated amplifier and the MAC7200 receiver, each product combining the best-in-class audio performance of the legendary McIntosh Reference System with the latest in technological development.

Audio Analogue's PureAA Line.

Audio Analogue announced a new line of products, the PureAA Line, made to recall the philosophy used for the most successful Audio Analogue products, the mix of simple design and reference-quality sound, with the best value for money available on the market.

Murano Alto, the latest high end floorstanding loudspeaker from Cabasse.

Assembled in Cabasse studios located in Plouzane, France, Murano Alto is a compact column-like floorstanding loudspeaker, featuring the coaxial mid-tweeter driver from their state-of-the-art system l’Ocean and two woofers with honeycomb diaphragms.

PX: B&W launched their first adaptive wireless noise canceling headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins announced the launch of the PX headphone, the company's first adaptive noise canceling wireless headphones. Its design is focused on optimizing sound quality, and it is created in the same labs and testing environments used to create B&W's top quality loudspeaker technology.

NAD introduces the C 558 belt-drive turntable.

NAD Electronics, recently introduced the C 558 turntable for the resurgent vinyl market. The C 558 is a full-featured, belt-driven model targeted for the record enthusiast who is looking for exceptional value. Pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 phono cartridge, the C 558 will be shipping in November 2017.

AudioSolutions unveiled the Vantage S 5th Anniversary floorstanding loudspeaker.

For their 5th anniversary, AudioSolutions created the Vantage Anniversary Series, with fresh looks, different kind of materials, and eye catching lines. The first product is the Vantage S, a four-way floorstanding loudspeaker with some serious punch.

Aqua unveiled extensive hardware and software upgrade for the Formula DAC.

Aqua recently unveiled an extensive hardware and software upgrade for the Formula DAC, redefining its sonic performance and introducing its newer version, the Formula xHD.

Kanta No2: Focal unveils a new loudspeaker.

The latest addition to Focal’s Classic Home Audio collection, the Kanta No2 is a totally new design from the French company. By utilizing many of their proprietary acoustic innovations, Focal has created a compact 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with a new industrial design that will blend in perfectly with any interior.

Two Hafler high-performance preamps, the PH50B and PH60B, are now shipping.

Hafler recently announced the availability of the PH50B and PH60B, two high performance phono preamps that feature both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs for connection to Hi-Fi playback systems or pro audio equipment.

MusiCHI announced new version 6.1 with DSF support, two new GUI modes and more…

MusiCHI Suite, the 4-in-1 application (Library Manager, Tagger, Ripper and Player) dedicated to classical, jazz and other data-intensive genres of music, has launched a new release. The Version 6.1 adds DSF (DSD) format support, a Simple Player and a Tablet mode, along with a couple of other interesting upgrades.

Sonos to offer smart loudspeaker with support for multiple voice services.

Sonos introduced the Sonos One, an all-new, voice-controlled smart loudspeaker, capable of supporting multiple voice and music streaming services. The Sonos One launches with Amazon Alexa on Oct. 24 while Google Assistant is to follow in 2018.

Burson unveiled details about their new Play preamplifier/headphone amp.

Burson unveiled details about the Play amp, a design capable to drive all types of headphones and an easy one to use, if you like to try some op-amp rolling. The new device features an ESS Sabre-based top class DAC with 32bit/384kHz, DXD and DSD256 playback capacity, paired with an XMOS USB receiver and pure Class A circuitry.

Denon added new models to their Design Series.

Denon recently expanded its acclaimed Design Series with the addition of three new models. The PMA-60 amplifier builds on the success of the PMA-50, which it replaces, while the PMA-30 offers an even more affordable entry-point for the range, and the DCD-100 CD player is designed to match the DRA-100 network audio receiver.

Dynaudio announced Music – its first wireless multiroom music system.

Dynaudio has announced Music – a family of four intelligent wireless loudspeakers with one-touch simplicity and the ability to seamlessly (and automatically) adapt to any room or position, and to surrounding noise levels – so music always sounds its best.

McIntosh adds disc replay to its luxury compact audio system with the MCT80.

The new MCT80 introduces SACD/CD playback to McIntosh’s bijou MXA80 system and joins streaming, vinyl and headphone amp add-ons, to deliver the full McIntosh experience from a compact system.

Pioneer introduced the PD-70AE flagship SA-CD Player/DAC, based on ESS converters.

Pioneer/Onkyo announced the release of Pioneer brand flagship SA-CD player and D/A Converter PD-70AE, a compilation of Pioneer’s know-how, expertise on disc playback, represented by the original technologies on pickup control and quiet drive, and the latest digital audio design technologies.

QC35 II: Bose adds Google Assistant and Noise Control Settings to iconic QC35.

The QC35 II noise canceling headphones have all the performance and features of the original QC35, delivering the same industry-defining noise cancellation, audio performance, and up to 20 hours of battery life but are the first headphones to offer seamless voice access to Google Assistant, and comes with settings to control the way the noise is canceled.

Gold Note introduced the IS-1000, a complete all-in-one source.

IS-1000 is an advanced, fully integrated amplifier that redefines the way music playback is experienced, to achieve a new pinnacle in high-end audio, seamlessly merging a preamplifier, a power amplifier, a phono preamplifier, a DAC and a streamer in a unique, complete source.

Acuhorn unveiled new SE-Triode power amplifier with a minimalistic circuit approach.

Acuhorn's TT Original power amplifier is a single ended triode design, featuring just one 6C33C power triode per channel and a transformer coupled input, yielding up 6W per channel or 12W in a monoblock configuration.

Zesto Audio introduced the Andros Allasso Step-Up Transformer.

Zesto Audio is pleased to announce their first audio accessory, the Andros Allasso Step-Up Transformer. Allasso, a word which in Greek means “to change or transform one thing to another”, is the most versatile SUT on the market today, with 40 adjustments four a Mono and 40 adjustments for a stereo MC cartridge.

AVM unveiled the Ovation CS 8.2 and CS 6.2 all-in-one systems.

The CS 8.2 from AVM's flagship Ovation Line features a high-powered integrated power amp, a CD transport exclusively provided by Teac, a Hi-Res DAC, Hi-Fi streaming capabilities with access to Tidal and Qobuz services and includes a custom-designed Ovation 803 T tube line stage.

Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti: A new high-end offering from the Danish experts.

In 2008, Ortofon honored their Chief Engineer Per Windfeld with the release of the MC Windfeld cartridge. Nearly ten years after the original release, the decision has been taken to update the MC Windfeld with the very latest technologies.

AudioControl introduced the Maestro M5 processor and the Director M4840 power amp.

The M5 is a 7.1.4 channel 4K Ultra HD Preamp/Processor featuring Dolby Atmos, DTX:X and Dirac Live room correction, while the M4840 is a high-powered 8-channel matrix amplifier featuring DSP profiles for popular architectural speakers and a vast array of digital and analog inputs, all from a shallow depth, compact 2U chassis.

T+A unveiled the new Cala range.

With two new models available – Cala SR and Cala CDR (with a CD transport) – the latest range of Cala receivers combine music streaming and the latest digital audio technology into systems that meet the highest demands on sound and aesthetics.

NAD introduced the T 758 V3 A/V Receiver.

The T 758 V3 is a performance update to NAD's award-winning T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver and continues their “simple is better” design philosophy, offering lifelike surround sound performance and heart thumping power to reach-out-and-touch-it 4K video.

Compact Hi-Fi systems from Onkyo serve high quality sound around the home.

Onkyo introduced three new systems,each blend component-grade musicality with effortless operation for people of all ages, especially those less familiar with network audio.

Unison Research announced the Unico 90 integrated amplifier.

In 2015, Italian valve specialists Unison Research renovated their Unico range of hybrid Hi-Fi electronics with the introduction their new flagship, the Unico 150 integrated amplifier. Now, the lessons learned in the development of the Unico 150 have resulted in the introduction of an alternative high-end offering.

Meters Music introduced the Meters Cubed wireless loudspeaker system.

Meters Music, the British music and audio innovator, introduced Meters Cubed, a sleek and stylish desktop wireless loudspeaker system that combines a highly compact design with a powerful sound performance that belies its small size.

New technology meets classic design in the new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series.

The new 700 Series develops the ethos of the CM Series it replaces, adds technology from the 800 Series Diamond and new, bespoke acoustic innovations to produce the best-performing range of loudspeakers in its class.

Bryston launched the BP-17 Cubed preamplifier.

Bryston has announced the introduction of the new BP-173 (Cubed Series) preamplifier, utilizing patented technology that debuted on the much heralded Cubed Series amplifiers and being the first to employ the Salomie input circuit and a new feature set with highly flexible input/output array.

North Star Design introduced the Venti DAC for their 20-year anniversary.

Twenty years since the founding of a company is a good opportunity to celebrate and North Star Design is doing it by presenting the Venti (the Twenty), an ES9038PRO-based d/a converter that seems to be their next step, surpassing in performance the already great Supremo.

Simaudio's Moon 240i integrated amplifier.

With connectivity accented on digital audio, as well as a plethora of analog line-level inputs, and a phono input, the 240i can easily become the one-box centerpiece of your music and entertainment system.

Nakamichi announced Shockwafe 9.2 and 7.2 Ch DTS:X sound bars.

Two new Shockwafe series sound bars equipped with DTS:X compatibility, dual wireless subwoofer configurations and signature 3S (Synchronized Surround Sound) rear loudspeakers hit the trifecta in terms of power, performance and simplicity.

Dust and static from analogue and digital media? Try Furutech’s destat III!

Japanese cable and accessories experts Furutech offer the destat III an accessory which eliminates dust and static from analogue and digital media, from audio and video components and, according to the information published, from pretty much anything.

Yamaha unveiled the R-N303 Network Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver.

The R-N303 connects to a wide array of legacy and modern music sources ranging from turntables to on-line music-streaming services and delivers on sound quality on all music, exceeding expectations for its price in a package that is as handsome as it is practical.

iTube2: iFi's 2nd generation tube buffer offers three different sonic signatures to choose from.

iFi redesigned their quite successful iTube with new parts and new circuitry (only the GE5670 tube remains), using trickle-down technology from the flagship “Pro” series, to offer the new micro iTube2, a tubed output stage, tube preamp, tube buffer and an impedance-matching device, all in one.

Focal launched a new range of portable, wired and wireless, headphones.

Focal recently introduced its new collection of portable headphones featuring wireless technology, to target new customers who are both techies looking for a unique design and audiophiles who recognize the quality of Focal sound, and for whom freedom is essential!

The JBL 4312SE rekindles the charisma of a classic studio monitor line.

JBL's 4312SE high-performance studio monitor bookshelf loudspeaker which was presented earlier this year, in honor of 70th Anniversary of the JBL brand, will be available in August.

Pump up the party with High Power Audio systems from Sony.

The High Power Audio systems, MHC-V50D and SHAKE-X30D, from Sony, are designed to bring the party to any room, offering superb sound quality and great power, thanks to the exclusive Smart High Power Technology and Mica Cone loudspeaker drivers used.

P-1000: Gold Note's first preamplifier, unveiled.

Designed for high end audio systems, P-1000 is an innovative Class-A line preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six Gain Stage design, with a relay-based input selector and an optical Alps Encoder for volume control, addressed to real music lovers.

McIntosh announced new top-of-the-range integrated amplifier.

The MA9000 is McIntosh's largest integrated amplifier in both size and power, offering 300 watts per channel and combining their amplifier and preamplifier expertise into one comprehensive unit.

Astell&Kern's KANN media player.

Astell&Kern has introduced a new product design that incorporates a high-performance amplifier into a player for a perfect merger of two independent devices. Τhe KANN not only drives high-impedance headphones without an additional amplifier, but also reliably reproduces high-quality sound with low-impedance loudspeakers.

Mobile Fidelity’s new turntables and electronics are available now.

Mobile Fidelity is now offering complete and moderately affordable analog solutions for all LP owners, especially those who cherish their MFSL vinyl remasters.

M11: 4-channel amp from Daniel Hertz.

Daniel Hertz's M11 four-channel integrated amplifier M11 is the first totally integrated solution for driving bi-amplified loudspeakers with no-compromise performance.

Timestep's EVO GR: an enhanced version of Technics’ new deck.

Devon-based Timestep has earned quite a reputation for its modifications of various iconic Technics turntables. Now, designer Dave Cawley turns his attention to a more affordable deck - the new Technics SL-1210 GR - to create the enhanced Timestep EVO GR.

Rotel introduced new stereo components as part of the 15 Series.

For over half a century, Rotel has been manufacturing award-winning Hi-Fi components that set new levels of audio performance within and often above their class. The tradition seems to continue with the latest introduction of three new stereo components as part of the 15 Series.

HEOS Bar: A complete music-streaming solution.

Denon introduced the HEOS wireless soundbar and HEOS subwoofer as part of their wireless multi-room sound system. The two stylishly designed new products offer high quality home theater soundtracks and music playback, as well as an innovative feature set.

New Wyred 4 Sound d/a converter lineup features the latest ESS Sabre Pro DAC chips.

Wyred 4 Sound recently unveiled a new d/a converter lineup using all-new ESS Sabre PRO DAC chips, from the 9026PRO for the DAC-1v2, up to the 9038PRO for the flagship model DAC-2v2SE.

Pioneer introduced the VSX-832 and VSX-532 5.1 channel virtual Dolby Atmos AV Receivers.

Pioneer announced the VSX-832 5.1-Channel Network AV Receiver as its first device to support virtual Dolby Atmos, while the new VSX-532 5.1-Channel AV Receiver, is an entry-level model equipped with Bluetooth technology for those not requiring advanced networking capabilities.

Exposure adds preamplifier and power amplifier to the compact XM series.

Earlier in 2017, Exposure Electronics launched their new "XM" series of Hi-Fi components, packing an impressive complement of high-end features into a compact and affordable design. Now, the XM3 phono stage and XM5 integrated amplifier are joined by the new XM7 preamp and XM9 mono power amp.

Boulder unveiled details for the mid-level 1160 stereo power amplifier.

Boulder announced the release of the 1160 stereo power amplifier, the successor to their 1060 model and the first product in the new mid-level 1100 Series, which combines new technology and exceptional performance with reduced size, power and cost.

Yamaha's NS-SW050 and NS-SW100 powered subwoofers use the Twisted Flare Port.

The latest additions in a succession of industry pacing home theater audio components, the NS-SW050 and NS-SW100 subwoofers both incorporate Yamaha's proprietary Twisted Flare Port technology, an innovation that has revolutionized speaker design, the company says.

Van den Hul released new Stradivarius edition of Crimson cartridge.

Like the violins, violas and cellos crafted by the Stradivari family, almost all of van den Hul’s phono cartridges are personally hand built and tuned by himself. But has VDH now cracked one of the key secrets of the famous Stradivari sound? The new "Stradivarius" edition of his Crimson phono cartridge would suggest so, the company says.

Cable + Pro: Burson's active cable.

The Cable + Pro interconnect is an attempt to control the relationship between the output impedance of a source and the input impedance of the amplifier to which it is ultimately connected. In practice, it is a low output impedance interconnect/buffer amplifier combination, featuring the widely recognized Burson's V5 audio modules.

Outlaw announced the RR2160 Retro Receiver.

Outlaw recently announced the successor of their RR2150 original Retro Receiver, a device which has won multiple awards, received outstanding reviews, and has consistently been one of the company's best-selling products. The new amplifier will offer higher power output, enhanced connectivity and both HD Radio and Internet radio capabilities.

Rothwell's Signature Two MC Phono preamplifier.

The Signature Two is an audiophile moving coil phono stage, employing low-noise discrete transistor circuitry throughout - no op-amps or transformers - and offers variable gain and cartridge load impedance.

Gold Note unveiled the new Pianosa turntable.

Pianosa redefines the classic idea of the turntable through innovative shapes and quality materials, merging tradition and technology to provide the best musical experience for all the senses. The new turntable offers a unique combination of performance, high quality materials and Italian design.

Densen unveiled the 1NRG power supply.

Densen recently introduced their new external power supply, the 1NRG. Say it fast, and the name is clear: One Energy…

Mytek unveiled the Brooklyn AMP to complement Brooklyn DAC.

Brooklyn AMP is a reference power amplifier with signature Mytek sound, its dual mono design breaking the sound quality spell associated with Class D and proving a well executed Class D circuit can sound… well, as a reference! The name is aptly chosen because the amplifier fits in the same housing as the DAC, albeit with an inch of extra depth.

DP-X1A/DP-S1: Onkyo announced two portable digital audio players.

Onkyo announced the availability of two new digital audio players: the audiophile-oriented DP-X1A, featuring a dual ESS DAC chip, and the DP-S1, Onkyo's first non-Android OS device of its kind.

Wilson Audio unveiled the Alexia Series 2.

With a footprint not much larger than the Sasha W/P, the first Alexia, launched in the Fall of 2012, completely redefined what audiophiles thought was possible from a relatively compact design and rapidly evolved as one of Wilson Audio’s most successful products. Now, in the new Alexia Series 2, nearly everything has been reworked in an effort to offer an even better loudspeaker!

New AV Receiver and Sound bars from Sony.

Audio products line-up for 2017 from Sony, features an advanced, Dolby Atmos/DTS:X compatible, audio/video receiver and two new sound bars, the flagship HT-ST5000 and compact HT-MT300 models.

Sennheiser introduced the HDV 820 DAC/Headphone amplifier.

Sennheiser recently introduced their latest product in its audiophile range, the fully balanced headphone amplifier HDV 820.

Wilson Benesch unveiled the Resolution floorstanding loudspeaker.

Resolution is the latest loudspeaker from the Wilson Benesch loudspeaker Geometry Series and incorporates the company’s state-of-the-art drive technology in a unique high-tech enclosure, formed from a carbon fiber composite monocoque and precision-machined metal-alloy components.

Grandioso G1 is Esoteric's Master Clock Generator flagship.

Esoteric recently announced a new Master Clock Generator in the Grandioso line, the G1. G1 is the flagship model of the Esoteric master clock generator line and adopts a high precision, rubidium oscillator.

TX-8270: A new stereo receiver from Onkyo.

Onkyo recently announced a versatile 2-channel amplification solution with the introduction of the TX-8270 network stereo receiver. Comfortably driving loudspeakers of almost any size and impedance, the new receiver will delight listeners with rich and compelling sound.

Blu MkII: Chord's new generation FPGA-based upscaling transport.

Chord Electronics strives to set new standards for CD sound quality with its new Blu MkII, an upscaling CD transport which uses the very latest FPGA technology to implement advanced proprietary filtering and upscaling techniques.

Audiolab M-DAC Mini: Small size, low price, big performance.

Since the launch of the original M-DAC in 2011, Audiolab’s range of standalone DACs has earned widespread acclaim and a host of awards. Now, the company extends the M-DAC range with its smallest, most affordable high-resolution DAC/headphone amp yet.

Audeze introduced the innovative LCD-i4: The In-Ear sibling to the LCD-4.

Audeze launched the LCD-i4, attempting an all-out assault on making the absolute best in-ears, scaling down the renown LCD-4, and creating an in-ear headphone for music lovers desiring many of the performance qualities of the LCD-4 for both in-home use or while traveling.

Yamaha RX-V 83 Series AV Receivers elevate the entertainment experience.

Yamaha's latest RX-V Series models — the 7.2-channel RX-V683 and RX-V583, as well as the 5.1-channel RX-V483 and RX-V383 — provide 4K Ultra HD video, as well as expanded surround sound technologies to elevate the listening and gaming experience in the home.

MSB unveiled the Reference DAC.

With the recent success of the Hybrid technology debuted in the Select DAC, MSB released a new device, carrying much of the same technology, but in a more compact, robust and above all – affordable price.

Audio MusiKraft announced the world’s first customizable phono cartridge.

Audio MusiKraft announced their cartridge shells, specifically designed for the Denon DL-103 and DL-103R phono cartridges, which are all customizable and available in three different metals along with a selection of twenty-four different wood varieties.

Acoustic Energy introduced the new 100 Series.

The original AE109 was launched in 1996 and achieved worldwide acclaim from dealers and press alike due to its performance, high build quality and value, setting industry standards in the entry-level hi-fi speaker category. Now 20 years on, AE aims to reclaim the mantle with their new and improved version of this audio icon.

Magico unveiled their new M6 floor standing, three-way, five-driver loudspeaker.

Magico announced the new M6 loudspeaker, a product establishing a new pinnacle of engineering and design vision, featuring a carbon fiber monocoque enclosure, and expanding the ground breaking work made by Alon Wolf and his engineering team, when the M-Project was released, in 2014.

m900: Grace Design's new compact DAC/Headphone amplifier.

The m900 is a portable, desktop friendly, DAC /Headphone amplifier/Preamp combo, designed to give audio professionals and enthusiasts musical and transparent audio playback from USB, S/PDIF or Toslink sources.

The Denon HEOS AVR: surround yourself with sound – without the wires.

New Denon HEOS AVR combines style with the ability to deliver the surround sound experience- all without cables cluttering the room to the rear channels, offering up to 5.1 channel surround sound with the simple set-up and operation of a soundbar.

Audio by Van Alstine unveiled the DAC MK 5.

Audio enthusiasts are delighting that Audio by Van Alstine, has released its next chapter in the pursuit of uncompromised digital audio, the DAC MK 5, a multi-format digital to analog converter which supports PCM data streams up to and including 192kHz as well as DSD64 and DSD128 formats.

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2: Design conscious sound.

Since its introduction in 2013, Ruark's MR1 Bluetooth stereo speaker system has been widely commended as one of the finest available. The new MR1 Mk2 version, retains all the attributes of the original, but its looks have been significantly enhanced making them even more appealing to design conscious customers.

RME unveiled the 768kHz ADI-2 Pro AD-DA converter and headphone amplifier.

RME’s 20-years anniversary reference AD/DA converter is a host of devices, all put together into one unit, with a simple and mostly automated way of using it right out of the box, the result being a compact unit with excellent tech specs, crystal clear and transparent sound, and two extremely powerful headphone outputs.

IsoTek offers compact, clean power solution with the new EVO3 Genesis One.

EVO3 Genesis One is a new to the Mosaic series, state-of-the-art, single cell sine wave generation system with extremely low THD. As the name suggests, it features one outlet and is designed to work with a single front-end source component.

CI Audio announced the release of their long-awaited PEQ-1 MKII MM/MC phono preamp.

This new dual-mono design is aimed at music lovers seeking the utmost life-like performance from their vinyl collection and offers outstanding performance with a wide variety of phono cartridge types.

The new Densen B-250CAST Preamp.

The Densen B-250 has established itself as a reference preamplifier on the high end market over the years. Now Densen introduces the B-250CAST. Taking many of the innovations from the B-275 Super Leggera preamp, the new preamplifier offers a new level of performance, supported by some advanced solutions.

Ambeo Smart Headset: Capture your world in 3D Audio with mobile device simplicity.

Sennheiser has created the world's first intuitive, compact and mobile binaural recording headset. The Ambeo Smart is a ground-breaking headset that captures immersive 3D audio with mobile device simplicity placing the listener inside the soundscape and playing back the direction of sounds and natural spatial characteristics of a location.

Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems announced powerful addition to Progression Series.

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems announced the Progression Stereo amplifier, featuring the innovative Super Rail circuitry, first unveiled in the Progression Mono amplifier, to deliver remarkable control and fidelity to any connected loudspeaker.

Pioneer's new FAYOLA music-systems.

The "Fayola" music-systems FS-W40 and FS-W50 overcome the limitations of ordinary audio-systems, offering free setup and flexible configuration, two-channel and surround transmission to loudspeakers and an almost unrestricted multi-room capability which can be used seamlessly with all streaming services and sound formats.

McIntosh announced the MXA80 audio system.

The MXA80 Integrated Audio System is the next generation of the acclaimed MXA70. It maintains the same compact footprint and full functionality while adding support for DSD and DXD digital music files thanks to a new digital-to-analog converter.

Pass Labs has started shipping their new XA25 Class A power amplifier.

Pass Labs has started shipping their new XA25 Class A power amplifier, the most affordable power amplifier in their current line. Priced at $4,900, the XA25 is not meant as merely an entry-level model, but rather, a more affordable way for consumers to experience the Pass Labs line.

Oppo released the UDP-205 audiophile Universal Player.

Oppo unveiled their UDP-205 4K Ultra HD audiophile Blu-ray Disc player, a step-up version of the recently released UDP-203, which brings top-of-the-line audio performance to a universal player.

Rotel introduced reference home theater AV Processor with Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X.

Rotel has introduced the single-chassis RAP-1580 AV Processor, the ideal home theater solution for those who don’t have space for separate components, yet still desire uncompromising performance.

VPI's Prime Signature turntable.

The Prime Signature is the next step up from the Prime, an apparently big success for VPI, two years after its initial release. It features an upgraded JMW 10-3D Reference arm in a metallic black gloss finish with Nordost Reference wire and some other improvements over the basic model.

Playback Designs' new Dream Series.

Playback Designs has announced their new Dream Series, incorporating the latest Ultra High Performance technology, the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in audio design. The Dream Series consists of the MPD-8 standalone DAC and MPT-8 transport with CD/SACD drive and an optional, built-in, music server.

Denon unveiled new app for precise multichannel sound set-up.

Denon has launched a new Audyssey MultEQ Editor app, allowing home theater enthusiasts to refine and customize the set-up of their Denon AVR-based systems for better surround sound.

Optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio launched the new entry level DS 002 model.

The company is launching a new entry level design, the DS 002, drawing on innovations from the Master 1 while offering a more affordable way in to optical cartridge technology.

Argon7LS : Amphion's new  loudspeaker.

Argon7LS floorstanding loudspeaker. The newcomer replaces the Argon7L model, incorporating the passive radiator design which is already present in Argon3S and Argon3LS.

New power distributor/conditioner from LAB12.

Based upon the experience LAB12 gained from the design process of their quite successful Gordian, but clearly more simple and at a more affordable price range, Noyra is a good first step one can take to upgrade the quality of the power fed in his system.

Bryston unveiled the BDP-3 Digital Music Player.

Bryston has announced the introduction of the BDP-3 digital music player, a reference quality entertainment hub capable of reading virtually all digital file formats and resolutions, featuring a lightning fast processor, increased RAM and two independent USB 3.0 buses.

Classé’s Sigma SSP MkII debuts Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and upgraded HDMI.

The slim and elegant Classé Sigma SSP, has been upgraded with the addition of new audio DSP and HDMI hardware. The eight-channel Sigma SSP MkII supports Dolby and DTS 3D audio formats when configured as a 5.1.2 channel system and passes 4K UHD video at 60 Hz with HDCP 2.2.

NAD unveiled the C 338 HybridDigital Integrated Amplifier, the first to feature Chromecast.

NAD Electronics announced the shipping of the new C 338, the first Hi-Fi amplifier to feature Chromecast built-in for music streaming, designed to deliver class-leading performance, connectivity and flexibility at a remarkably affordable price.

V-MODA unveiled Remix, a Bluetooth loudspeaker and headphone amplifier.

The company announced the availability of Remix, their first portable Bluetooth loudspeaker that delivers uncompromising sound quality and design along with unrivaled 3D-printed customization options for every surface. Remix is the culmination of three years of R&D, involving dozens of engineers and over 50 prototypes.

RNHP: Rupert Neve's headphone amplifier.

Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or just listening to music, your headphone amplifier is as important to the final sound quality as your headphones – yet the world is full of headphone amps with compromised sonics, headroom, and power. To address these shortcomings, Rupert Neve and his team at Rupert Neve Designs have developed the RNHP.

Magico unveiled the SPOD spiked footer solution based on CLD.

Magico, announced a newly developed spiked footer solution called the SPOD, based on the scientific design principles of Constrained Layer Damping (CLD). SPOD provides an effective way to couple Q-Series, S-Series (MkI/MkII) and V-Series loudspeakers to the floor.

Stellar Gain Cell: A new DAC/Preamplifier from PS Audio.

PS Audio claims that there isn’t a DAC made that doesn’t benefit from a great analog preamplifier, therefore it is not a surprise that the Stellar Gain Cell DAC combines the benefits of both—a full-featured DAC with an exceptional analog preamplifier controlling its output level.

M 063: Ballfinger's brand new 2-channel, 1/4-inch tape recorder.

The M 063 was developed for the professional user as well as for the ambitious music lover, featuring a three-motor drive and electronics based on ultra-linear, low-noise amplifiers with minimal distortion. This machine is, as far as we know, the first new of its kind for about two decades (probably more)!

Origine: Oracle's new affordable turntable.

Oracle states that the new Origine turntable was created with one goal in mind; to answer the historical demand for an affordable, quality built and long-lasting record player. But although the Origine is at the entry point of Oracle's line of products, it maintains the high standards of excellence that is expected from the Canadian firm.

iFi nano iDSD LE: Just add Smartphone and Headphones.

The nano iDSD Light Edition (LE) is the newest entry-level DAC from iFi Αudio. It uses the same design approach as the multi-award winning nano iDSD but without the SPDIF output, digital filter selection and is capable of DSD128/PCM384.

Tivoli Audio introduced the Model One Digital: A Tabletop Radio for the Modern Era.

Tivoli Audio recently announced the Model One Digital, bringing the quintessential tabletop radio into the age of the smart home. Balancing style, technology, and audio quality, the Model One Digital merges the simplistic elements and user-friendly features of Tivoli's classic Model One radio, but with a tech refresh.

Sonos introduced PLAYBASE - an off the wall approach to TV sound.

Sonos announced Playbase, the latest addition to its wireless home sound system and the newest loudspeaker in their home theater lineup. It slides underneath the TV, delivering powerful home theater sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it's off.

B&W launched the new DB Series Subwoofers.

The new Bowers & Wilkins DB Series contain three subwoofers designed to deliver incredibly powerful, tight and agile bass. They are the most powerful active subwoofers Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced, and feature the Aerofoil cone bass drivers used in flagship 800 Series Diamond.

The New Densen Cast Amp.

Densen just launched a string of new products with the Cast Amp, their first product to allow streaming, and doing so, by using Google Cast Audio technology. This will allow for the use of Tidal, which has become the de-facto standard for premium streaming, but also allows for a myriad of other streaming software.

Genesis unveiled the Maestro loudspeaker.

Genesis Advanced Technologies recently announced the next generation of their highly regarded Genesis 5-series loudspeaker, the Maestro, a 5-way design with two ribbon tweeters (front and back), a solid Titanium-cone midrange, two aluminum mid-woofers and four 8-inch woofers with an integrated 500W servo-controlled bass amplifier.

Baetis Audio unveiled the new Prodigy-X and Reference-X media servers.

The Prodigy-X and Reference-X models from Baetis Audio feature the newest Intel170 chip-set and 6th generation Core i5 or Core-i7 CPU, plus DDR4 RAM -- and this means significantly higher CPU and RAM speeds.

rPhono: Arcam rSeries now include a MM/MC, fully adjustable phono preamp too.

Designed specifically to replace an in-built phono amplifier or to add a turntable connection to your existing amplifier, the rPhono is the latest addition to the rSeries.

TARA Labs introduced the Muse Series cables.

TARA Labs recently introduced a brand new high-end audio cables series called The Muse, one of the most impressive attributes of which is a retail price point that is far below what compatible competitors high-end audio cables cost.

Sonus Faber announced the new Homage Tradition Collection.

Sonus Faber restyled their Homage collection, the company’s most iconic line which has been completely revamped in keeping with its rich past and precious legacy. The Homage Tradition collection features four models, the well-known Amati, Guarneri and Vox and the newcomer Serafino.

Aerix's Duet combo system strives to maximize both the visual and the auditory experience.

Duet's dual box design, with an aluminum plinth for vibration suppression and a quite distinctive Dot LED display, strives to maximize the visual and the auditory experience, offering both standard CD playback and high resolution audio streaming as well.

Oppo introduced the Sonica audiophile DAC and Network Streamer.

Oppo Digital announced the release of the new Sonica. The newest entry into the Oppo family of digital audio products, Sonica DAC merges audiophile-grade performance with the latest network streaming technology, the company says.

Onkyo rolls out firmware update, enabling FireConnect audio distribution.

Onkyo has announced a firmware update that activates FireConnect wireless multi-room audio distribution from selected Onkyo audio-video and hi-fi components and systems to compatible wireless speakers.

Simaudio unveiled the Moon Series Neo MiND network streaming player.

The Neo MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) provides a perfect link between your digital music libraries and your Hi-Fi system in the most efficient way.

Rega announced a new and improved version of the Brio integrated amplifier.

Throughout the whole design process, the new Brio has been meticulously improved in every aspect, from the quality of materials to the manufacturing process, to make this version a step ahead in Rega’s engineering and design for amplifiers.

Audioengine Expands HD Series with HD3 Wireless Music System.

Audioengine introduced the HD3 wireless music system, a more affordable product than the successful HD6. More than just a powered multimedia speaker, HD3 is a complete music system that allows you to listen to all of your music from any source.

Chord Electronics’ Poly brings wireless, network and SD playback to the Mojo DAC.

Chord Electronics has unveiled Poly, a new network module which is set to introduce high-res wireless streaming, SD card and network music playback to Mojo, with both smartphone control and playback.

Esoteric unveiled the K1 SA-CD Player in the Grandioso line.

Esoteric announced a new single unit SA-CD Player/DAC in the Grandioso line, the Grandioso K1, a supreme SACD Player reigning over all other single chassis models.

Totem Acoustic launches the Sky Monitor.

Totem Acoustic, soon to be celebrating its 30th year of loudspeaker design and manufacturing, has officially launched the Sky bookshelf monitor worldwide.

NAD announced Masters Series M32 DirectDigital Amplifier availability.

NAD recently announced the immediate availability of their Masters Series M32 DirectDigital Amplifier. The M32 is an elegant, top-of-the-line, BluOS ready, integrated amplifier with a host of features that offers maximum flexibility.

Arcam's rPlay DAC adds both wireless and wired audio streaming to any system.

The rPlay is the latest addition to the rSeries and allows you to add network audio streaming services and internet radio to any system using DTS PlayFi, Apple Airplay or UPnP enabled music sources.

Gold Note introduced the XT-7 loudspeaker, their first with an AMT tweeter.

XT-7 is Gold Note's new full range, 3-way, large floorstanding loudspeaker with anti-turbulence rear bass reflex, their first product to feature an AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter.

Next-generation Hugo 2 revolutionizes Chord Electronics’ game-changing portable DAC/amp.

Chord Electronics has unveiled Hugo 2, a dramatically redesigned version of its legendary portable DAC, featuring all-new casework, flexible new features, plus next-generation technical and sonic performance.

Lyngdorf unveiled MP-50 surround processor.

Lyngdorf Audio seems to move into multichannel audio with the unveiling of the new MP-50 surround sound processor. The MP-50 offers cutting-edge cinema performance in a sleek package.

Harman’s Mark Levinson introduced the №515, their first ever turntable.

Mark Levinson introduced the №515 turntable, designed for the discriminating analog music lover. Designed and built in partnership with industry-leader VPI Industries, the №515 is handcrafted in the USA, and is the first turntable worthy of the Mark Levinson name, the company says.

YG Acoustics to offer a series of racks.

YG Acoustics, best known for their top quality loudspeaker designs, recently introduced their first audio rack series, initially designed for internal use. The series consists of three models, the Rack 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6, all of them expandable and upgradeable.

Dali unveiled the Spektor loudspeaker series.

Dali recently introduced the brand new Spektor series, consisting of four models, Spektor 1, Spektor 2, Spektor 6 and Spektor Vokal, a set of affordable Hi-Fi loudspeakers, balancing between getting the optimum amount of audio performance, and optimizing the production of every element involved.

Mytek introduced the Clef Mobile Hi-Res Audio DAC/Headphone Amplifier.

After Brooklyn and Manhattan II DACs, Mytek -during the CES- introduced the Clef, a highly portable unit, offering up to 24 bit/192k and DSD128 playback, driver-less USB Class 2, MQA capability, AptX Bluetooth and ACC for iPhone 7’s.

Ortofon's new Stereo Test Record.

Ortofon’s new Test Record contains special test signals developed for analyzing cartridge performance as well as its interaction with the tonearm and turntable. Those who remember or own the original “Test Record”, have every reason to rejoice, because Ortofon seems to offer some improvements and additions in this new version.

Exposure introduced the new XM series.

Exposure Electronics launched their new "XM" series of Hi-Fi components and, responding directly to the unstoppable resurgence of vinyl amid a digital age, they offer a smart solution for those who seek great performance across multiple media but don’t want the size or cost of their system to spiral out of control.

Denon announced new reference headphone.

Denon announced a new flagship over-ear headphone model, designed for the most demanding audiophile. With over half a century of experience in the design and development of headphones, the new AH-D7200 reference model combines innovative technologies and carefully selected materials for the finest in private listening, the company says.

AudioControl Adds DTS:X/DTS Neural Surround.

AudioControl has announced the availability of DTS:X and DTS Neural Surround for their Concert AVR-7 and AVR-9 home theater receivers as well as their Maestro M9 theater processor. These surround formats are available now and can be added to models already in the field via firmware update.

Bryston unveiled the BCD-3 CD Player.

Bryston leveraged their award-winning DAC technology to launch a highly refined CD player, the BCD-3. According to the press release, the BCD-3 joins the highly successful family of digital products in the Bryston lineup and serves a community of consumers loyal to the CD format seeking superior sound and build quality.

Zanden Audio Systems unveiled new version of their Model 3000 preamp.

The new preamplifier, code-named Model 3000mk2, is expected to replace the current model and includes some serious refinements both in the power supply and the input/output transformers.

Pro-Ject Audio unveiled the Essential III.

Pro-Ject introduced their newest creation, the evolution of an audiophile milestone, the Essential III, an improved version of the Essential II which includes, among other refinements, a better cartridge, a new motor control circuit, and a new main platter bearing.

Marantz introduced the SA-10 SACD player/DAC and PM-10 amplifier.

The Premium 10 series, comprising the SA-10 SACD/CD player/DAC and PM-10 amplifier, features groundbreaking Marantz audio technology designed to deliver the best possible sound from high-resolution audio formats and CD alike.

Audio Analogue extends its Anniversary line with the new Maestro integrated amplifier.

Last year Audio Analogue celebrated its twentieth birthday with a new, contemporary edition of the company’s first ever product, the Puccini integrated amplifier. Now, the Italian brand has given another of its much-loved classics the Anniversary treatment: the once-flagship Maestro.

Meters Music unveiled the OV-1 Headphones.

Meters Music, a new brand that belongs to Ashdown Engineering (better known from their bass amplifiers, pedals and effects), recently unveiled the OV-1 headphones, a system which includes a pair of VU meters attached to the earcups.

Piega unveiled the finest coaxial sound 2.0

After 16 years, Piega presented the second generation of the legendary Coax loudspeaker in a new Coax series which includes a compact bookshelf, the Coax 311, and two slightly over one meter high floorstanding loudspeakers, the Coax 511 and Coax 711.

Pro-Ject Audio unveiled the Pre Box DS2 Digital preamplifier.

Pre Box DS2 Digital is a premium preamplifier with five digital, one phono and one line level inputs, featuring four different analogue and one digital outputs.

HiFiMAN unveiled new electrostatic headphone system, the Shangri-La.

HiFiMAN announced the introduction of an all-new, premium electrostatic headphone system called Shangri-La which builds upon their expertise in nanotechnology to create a cutting-edge headphone and includes a custom designed amplifier featuring four audiophile-grade 300B tubes.

Magico unveiled the Mk II version of their S3 floorstanding, 3-way loudspeaker.

Magico announced the new S3 Mk II, a model which nestles in between the S1 Mk II and S5 Mk II and features all of the advanced design elements of the S-Series Mk II models, including a new 9-inch bass driver with the lowest measured distortion born from the design and engineering theories applied to the limited edition, 10th Anniversary M-Project.