Lab 12 announced the Mighty power amplifier.

Lab 12 announced the Mighty power amplifier

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2014/05/13

Formally presented at this year's show in Munich, Mighty strives to complete Lab 12's product range, being their first power amp. It is a single ended triode/ultra-linear design with EL34 tubes and no feedback.
Lab12 has maintained their distinctive aesthetics with the choice either between two standard colors, or from a wide range of custom colors, while in the case of the Mighty the finish options are expanded to include the output transformer covers, too. The amplifier faceplate also features the two distinctive analogue meters from Nissei.
The amplifier is based on an input/driver stage implemented with a 6N1P tube and an output stage with one EL34 per channel. The user can choose between the triode and the ultra-linear operation through the relevant switch.
Mighty delivers 9W per channel, using custom output transformers and a circuit without feedback while, according to published data, Lab 12 uses high quality audiophile components. Among them, gold plated tube sockets, gold plated RCA plugs with Teflon dielectric and matched tubes as well.

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