Audio-Technica's new SonicPro ATH-MSR7 Headphones, Designed for High-Res.

Audio-Technica is now shipping its new SonicPro ATH-MSR7 Headphones, Designed for High-Resolution Audio.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2015/04/13

Audio-Technica is now shipping its SonicPro ATH-MSR7 over-ear Hi-Res Audio headphones, designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy and musical realism from high-resolution audio and top-quality source material. The smartphone-compatible ATH-MSR7 incorporates newly developed design innovations including Audio-Technica’s exclusive True Motion Drivers to deliver extraordinary detail, clarity and imaging with a natural tonal balance and extended dynamic range.
The ATH-MSR7 features Audio-Technica’s new True Motion Drivers, which employ a 45mm driver with a lightweight voice coil and diaphragm. The ATH-MSR7’s Multi-Layer Air Damping Technology utilizes a two-layer aluminum/magnesium housing that provides a lightweight, rigid structure for the drivers. Three air vents control the airflow to provide greater dynamics and sonic impact. The housing is shaped to “mirror” the physical structure of the ear to enhance low-frequency sounds.
Designed for total comfort, the ATH-MSR7’s cushioned, soft, memory foam ear-pads fit comfortably around the ears and its swivel design and padded headband facilitate a perfect fit for any wearer.
The ATH-MSR7 is ideal for use with any music system or playback device whether it’s a home stereo, laptop, portable music player or smartphone. It’s supplied with a detachable 4-foot smartphone compatible cable with an integrated controller and microphone for answering phone calls and controlling music/video playback from compatible smartphones and other devices. The ATH-MSR7 also comes with 4-foot and 10-foot cables and a carrying pouch. The Audio-Technica SonicPro ATH-MSR7 over-ear High-Resolution audio headphones are available at $249.95 (US suggested retail), in black (ATH-MSR7BK) and gun-metal (ATH-MSR7GM).

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