Columbus: New loudspeaker series with active compensation from Casta Acoustics.

Columbus: New loudspeaker series with active compensation from Casta Acoustics

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2015/09/15

The well-known manufacturer recently released details about a new loudspeaker series which includes active compensation technology in the low-frequency region in an attempt to achieve both high sensitivity and a good low-end response.
According to the press release, the design of Columbus series is an attempt to tackle the classic design problem encountered in passive systems, where high sensitivity is achieved either by increasing the driver's size or by selecting a higher frequency low cutoff (i.e by reproducing less low frequency information).
The solution employed by Casta is an active low-frequency branch comprising a down-firing woofer (an approach that ensures a constant acoustic loading) and a servo-controlled amplifier to drive it. The company gives no details on the amplifier, but most probably it uses mechanical or another kind of feedback from a closed-loop control system Casta calls this technique Bass-Comp and use it in two models, the stand-mount Columbus 12 and the floorstanding Columbus 22.
Apart from the different cabinet size, the two loudspeakers use the same drivers and electronics. Both are two-way designs with the high-frequency part featuring a 50mm paper cone tweeter and the mid/bass part featuring a 100mm paper cone mid/woofer. The cross-over point is at 2.5kHz. The active part features a 160mm driver loaded by a different air-volume since the cabinet is internally divided. The active control provides an adjustment feature to optimize its output depending on the position of the loudspeaker in the room (near a wall intersection, close to a single wall or in free space).
Both models are fairly sensitive (92dB/W for Columbus 12 and 93dB/W for Columbus 22) and present a high nominal impedance magnitude (10 ohms) to be easily driven by small tube-based amplifiers. Frequency response ranges from 40Hz up to 20kHz for the stand-mount model and from 30Hz up to 20kHz for the floorstanding model.

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