Denon added full digital DCD-50 CD Player to its Design Series for serious Hi-Fi listeners.

Denon added full digital DCD-50 CD Player to its recently launched Design Series for serious Hi-Fi listeners.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2015/04/21

Denon added full digital DCD-50 CD Player to its recently launched Design Series for serious Hi-Fi listeners. Following the successfully introduced PMA-50 Stereo Amplifier, the matching DCD-50 CD Player will now complete the series that has been created for serious Hi-Fi listeners looking for a compact and high quality design, the company says. The DCD-50 allows full digital signal processing from DCD to PMA, for pure, unadulterated playback of beloved CD collections.
The DCD-50 features a slot-in CD drive, compatible with standard audio CDs and MP3/WMA files on a disc alike. The digital signals are carefully shielded and sent to the coaxial digital output, ready to be connected to the playfellow PMA-50. Once connected, full digital signal processing as well as Denon's original sound technologies in the amplifier such as Advanced AL32 Processing and DAC Master Clock design will be used in an effort to enhance the music listening experience. In case the DCD-50 should not go with the PMA-50 or other amplifiers with digital inputs, it still contains a high precision 32 bit/192kHz D/A converter to be connected to any standard amplifier with regular cinch analogue audio input.
The stylish and elegant compact chassis features deluxe finishes including soft aluminum matte with bright silver tone accents and glossy and matte black surfaces. It is sized to fit just about anywhere, including home and office desktops as well as home studios. With an auto-rotating OLED display, it can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically, still playing discs in perfect quality. Removable feet and screw caps make re-configuring a breeze. For total convenience, the supplied remote control features an ergonomically-designed layout and is able to operate the PMA-50 as well.
With the combination of DCD-50 and PMA-50, modern Hi-Fi enthusiast are able to playback all of their local music libraries, no matter if they are stored on a CD, on a computer, on a smartphone, or on other external media devices that include an analogue or digital output. Music lovers can even enjoy the latest high resolution audio sources thanks to the PMA’s USB-B connection to a PC or Mac to play high-res PCM and DSD audio tracks.
Both PMA-50 and DCD-50 are already available in a black/silver color finish at authorized Denon retailers.

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