King's Audio M-03 portable headphone amplifier.

King's Audio M-03 portable headphone amp.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 04/06/2015

Well known for their big King Sound headphone amps, King's Audio unveiled, during Munich's High End show, a small portable amplifier code-named M-03 which is suitable for use with both electrodynamic and electrostatic headphones.
The M-03 features a compact chassis, designed to be carried everywhere and is available in a variety of colors. The user has at his disposal a line input via a mini jack and two outputs, one suitable for driving electrostatic headphones (the kind of headphones for which King Sound is well known of) and one suitable to drive conventional headphones.
Output voltage goes up to 300Vrms (through the electrostatic out) and 3Vrms (through the conventional output) and the maximum power that can be handled is 125mW at 32 Ohm loads (measured at the conventional output).
An integrated, rechargeable 6200mAh battery is featured to power the amplifier and the user can use a USB-format port for charging his media player or mobile phone. The weight of M-03 is about 450gr and a carrying case is, also, included

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