to develop a new desktop record cutter. to develop a new desktop record cutter.

Source: KickStarter Project page, Last Accessed: 2014/12/31

With their KickStarter project declared as successfully funded at the end of 2014, are ready to start the production of a new desktop record cutter. The DRC, designed with modern technology and a vintage soul, will probably define a future for vinyl cutting. Crowd-funding expanded feature set and reduced the final price, the company says.
The DRC is a Desktop Record Cutting package capable of cutting vinyl and/or vinyl-like material. The system is automated using precision engineered technology for ease of use (for new users) but, also, allows for custom control, upgrades and modifications for the experienced engineer.
Over-engineered custom billet alloy is used for the construction of the overhead and the damping mechanism which is capable of 7+ inches of movement - enough for a 14 inch Master Acetate. DRC features an integrated high-torque turntable with custom cut composite platter and the potential to use vacuum clamping and also considers a Pro 14-inch version.
The system includes a stereo cutter-head and the complete electronics package, which was designed and produced by Machina and offers multi-axis digital control of all linear motion, allowing for the DRC to be fully adjustable for both pitch and depth of the cut. The company says that they probably use an OEM existing cutting head but they also consider the possibility to develop a new model if a partner could be found.
The cutter features an integrated cutting pressure measurement system; this means that the user can dial in the perfect depth for cutting in different mediums and/or at different levels. The chassis is, basically, a modular aluminum and steel frame built into a waterproof, shock resistant Pelican Case.
Price would probably be around $6.500,-

For more information:, KickStarter Project Page

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