Perreaux introduced their SR58 top class floor-standing loudspeaker.

Perreaux introduced their SR58 top class loudspeaker.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2015/10/28

According to the press release, the SR58 is a no-compromise loudspeaker solution, designed to perfectly compliment Perreaux's high performance amplifier range, a 3 way bass reflex floor-standing design that behaves as a true point source.
To maximize cabinet rigidity and minimize cabinet resonances and coloration of the sound SR58 features a heavily braced MDF enclosure from high density MDF up to 25 mm in thickness, finished with bonded slabs of solid natural stone to each side. The resultant "rigid stratification" construction technique ensures the finished cabinet is almost completely inert and free from resonances and artifacts, Perreaux says.
Each finished cabinet weighs in at 104 kilograms. You don’t require spikes to bond the SR58 to the floor, since it will bond to the floor all on its own accord. In any case, SR58 includes leveling bolts enabling the user to exactly level the speakers and match them to the flooring surface.
SR58 uses top tier Scandinavian manufactured drivers based solely on performance, reputation and serviceability in years to come. Perreaux does not give more info on the drivers but their saying goes that “if you respect products from companies like ScanSpeak and SEAS, then you will also appreciate drivers we have employed our SR58 Loudspeaker." Point taken…
The SR58 loudspeaker nestles twin mid range drivers either side of the tweeter in what has become known as an MTM configuration. MTM compensates for any sonic lobe tilting effects that are present in more common, MT or TM, driver arrays and is the frequent choice of enlightened manufacturers and listeners alike. An MTM configuration provides a point source in the midrange, with a wide horizontal sound field, but a very poor vertical sound field. This also means that for general listening while walking around the room, the sound quality will be less than ideal, but the lack of room reflections from the floor and ceiling will give a very precise and accurate sound when listening from the seated listening position.
For the low frequency part of the audio spectrum, up to 650Hz, two 8-inch, bass reflex loaded, aluminum cone woofers are used. The low frequencies of the loudspeaker were given a Linkwitz-Riley second order filter, while the midrange to the tweeter was given a Butterworth third order filter. The drivers are computer modeled to match levels, provide the tonal correction, and match the phase/time characteristics between the units, while avoiding any loads that would mean less than ideal sound, the company says.
The height, width and length, angles and flair of the rear port has been custom designed by Perreaux engineers and is constructed specifically for the SR58 loudspeaker. The idea behind this, appears to be that -aesthetic considerations aside- a rear port design has the added advantage of further diminishing any possibility of ever hearing stray internal cabinet resonances or port chuffing interference.
Both the stone side panels and the cabinet inner finish could be customized to suit the customer's aesthetics. The SR58 loudspeakers are available now.

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