Rois Acoustics announced Kalypso Passive, horn loaded loudspeaker.

Rois Acoustics announced Kalypso Passive Loudspeaker.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 31/03/2015

Rois Acoustics, has announced the passive version of their flagship Kalypso loudspeaker, which was first launched at the Hxos Eikona Show 2013 in Athens and caused quite a stir with its innovative design and performance.
Kalypso is an active, one-way loudspeaker, which uses an 8-inch top-quality full range drive unit mounted on a rear horn-loaded cabinet and driven by a built-in true digital amplifier. According to the press release, the design philosophy of Kalypso is that of absolute simplicity and minimal signal path as means to achieve the highest level of naturalness and transparency of sonic reproduction.
With the same design principles, the new Kalypso Passive offers the same unique sonic virtues but without the commitment of the built-in amplifier of the active version.
The new Kalypso passive with its 8 Ohm nominal impedance and 95dB/W/m sensitivity can be driven by any power amplifier and it would be an ideal match for low-power, single-ended valve or transistor amplifiers, highlighting their unique sonic qualities.
Kalypso Passive has a special response-tuning circuit, made with audiophile quality parts from Mundorf, Germany. This circuit offers total sonic transparency, while allowing the user to match Kalypso’s tonal balance to the acoustics of the listening room.
The point-source sound emission, the absence of crossover filter and the non-resonant design of the cabinet endow the the sound of Kalypso with harmonic integrity, temporal and spectral coherency, immediacy, dynamics and a unique overall naturalness that conveys that magical sense of “being there” to the listener, the company says.
Kalypso Passive is available in a variety of real-wood and high-gloss color finishes. The price of the standard version (natural birch) is €3000.
More details on Kalypso’s unique operational and sonic features will be available very shortly at Rois' website.

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