dCS launched new flagship Vivaldi 2.0.

dCS launched new flagship Vivaldi 2.0 system.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2016/04/12

Launched in 2012 and comprising the Transport, DAC, Upsampler, and Master Clock, Vivaldi was a cost-no-object flagship system, pushing the boundaries of what was then possible with digital audio playback. Now, dCS has made a number of hardware and software improvements to the system, warranting the 2.0 suffix. The changes are designed to make Vivaldi even easier to use, more flexible, and even better sounding.
Vivaldi processed practically every digital format and offered a vast array of input and output configurations. At its heart was a new generation of the dCS Ring DAC, a unique, bespoke-designed digital-to-analogue converter that offered superlative sound quality and technical performance.
The improvements in 2.0 include double-speed DSD upsampling in the Transport, while the DAC gets additional gain settings, a new mapping algorithm, and a new DSD filter. The Vivaldi Upsampler adds the option for double-speed DSD upsampling and a new, galvanically isolated Network and USB interface board that improves performance and adds support for TIDAL, Airplay, Spotify Connect, plus a new control and music playback App.
The new mapping algorithm (mapper) is a milestone in the development of the dCS Ring DAC, which forms the heart of the Vivaldi DAC, the company says. It has been developed to run at higher speeds while better avoiding mismatches that occur between outputs, further reducing any errors correlated with the signal. According to the press release, the results are superior linearity, even at very low signal levels.
Version 2.0 software allows for two new mappers, together with the original for comparison. Subjectively, both new mappers bring more detailed, expressive, tonally-complete, and full-bodied character over the original, but each offer subtle differences in sound that users can choose between, depending on their preference and ancillary equipment.
The new, highly optimized DSD filter fitted to the new Vivaldi DAC was created to provide better impulse response than previous DSD filters and has virtually no ringing. High frequency noise has also been better suppressed outside the audio band to be more universally amplifier friendly.
Vivaldi Upsampler’s new network interface board and control App lets listeners manage their music playback experience from virtually any source – whether CD/SACD, iRadio, USB, traditional digital, streaming services, or UPnP - in an elegantly simple way, and all from one control point. It has built-in TIDAL, Airplay, and Spotify Connect functionality and is firmware upgradeable to accommodate future music services. The new, galvanically isolated Network and USB interface that comprises part of the Upsampler upgrade results in a quieter, more natural sound while using these inputs.
Vivaldi DAC and Transport owners can update to version 2.0 by requesting software update discs from their authorized dCS retailer. Vivaldi Upsampler owners wishing to upgrade to Upsampler to version 2.0 will need to arrange for their unit to be sent to an authorized dCS service center to perform the hardware and software upgrade.
Vivaldi Transport and DAC will be available in April 2016, while Vivaldi Upsampler in May 2016.

For more information: http://www.dcsltd.co.uk/

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