KDC-125U/KDC-165U: Kenwood released duo of budget-friendly head units.

Kenwood released duo of budget-friendly head units.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2015/10/30

The company announced it is shipping the first of its 2016 line of CD receivers, τhe KDC-125U and KDC-165U, which target the budget-minded consumer who wants a multitude of media options in an attractive, user-friendly design. Starting at $100, both models feature CD, smartphone music playback, flash drive compatibility.
"Regardless of price point, there is an expectation by consumers to be able to choose from terrestrial radio, CD, plug-in drives or even connected phones, and play it through the larger sound stage of a car's speakers," said Kenwood Marketing Manager Tony Mercado. "We made sure in designing these two units that they deliver on that expectation."
The KDC-125U (MSRP $100.00) and KDC-165U (MSRP $110.00) feature a universal, single-DIN design with a red-illuminated, theft-deterrent detachable faceplate. The rotary knob and physical buttons for source and input selection enable eyes-free control while driving. The 13-digit display shows source and music information as well as ID3 tags from music on personal media.
In addition to AM/FM radio, the faceplate features a USB receptacle and 1/8-inch audio input behind a flip-open cover, along with a motorized CD slot. Users can plug in USB drives to play MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC-embedded music files, and even select from multiple drives on a connected multi port USB adapter thanks to the new Drive Change feature. The USB input is also compatible with the Kenwood Music Play App for Android, playing and managing the on-board music library of select Android-based smartphones.
Inside of each model is a 50-wattx4 amplifier to drive speakers directly. Depending on the desired function, a single set of low-level RCA-type connectors can pair to either a rear speaker amplifier or subwoofer amplifier. To tailor audio playback, the user enjoys several configuration options, including a three-band equalizer, subwoofer level control, loudness switch, bass boost and low-pass filter. The company's proprietary Drive EQ helps to make music heard during noisy road conditions, and Kenwood sound reconstruction works to restore audio lost during compression.
The KDC-165U adds direct connection and control of an iPod or iPhone (cable not included) through the USB port. It can also interface with the device's Pandora and iHeartRadio apps to manage each music source through the radio controls.

For more information: http://www.kenwood.com/

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