Luxman unveiled the CL-38u SE and MQ-88u SE, a tribute to their iconic pre/power amp pair.

Luxman unveiled the CL-38u SE and MQ-88u SE, a limited, 100-set production of their iconic preamplifier/power amplifier pair.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2016/11/09

Established in 1925 Luxman has more than half a century experience in the manufacturing of high-end, vacuum tube, amplifiers. Each Luxman valve tube amplifier is considered a masterpiece in audio design and a number of original products are still enjoyed in systems all over the world today. The CL-38u SE and the MQ-88u SE, are a tribute to these legendary amplifiers and combine Luxman's traditional designs with a deep appreciation for music reproduction.
The proprietary designs of the CL-38u SE and MQ-88u SE, include a number of Luxman original custom made parts including the transformers and block capacitors. In special commemoration of the 90th anniversary, key components have been developed including a new oil capacitor, which ensures an industry-leading, expressive capability.
While a simplistic circuit configuration has been implemented into the tube amplifier circuits to ensure tonal purity, each individual component has been evaluated for sonic performance through repeated and extensive listening tests, the company says. In the production process, each CL-38u SE and MQ-88u SE, undergo a 48-hour aging process before the final performance of each unit is confirmed exactly to specification, audio performance and finish.
The CL-38u encapsulates the original design and features of the CL-35 control amplifier developed in 1970, updated and re-configured in celebration of 90 years of high-end audio reproduction. Luxman's R&'D team have paid special attention to the tonal quality of this “Special Edition” with upgraded ECC803 and ECC802, Slovakia JJ Electronics Tubes for unbeatable silky-smooth expression.
The MQ-88u is based upon the legendary MQ-60 stereo power amplifier. It utilizes Slovakia JJ KT-88 power tubes configured in triode mode. With extensive research, integrating new Slovakia JJ Electronics miniature vacuum tubes into the amplifier and oil condenser connections, circuit stability has been perfected - above and beyond the original performance of the legendary MQ-60. As result, a much smoother tonal quality and powerful driving force can now be enjoyed.
Production of both amplifiers will be limited to 100 pieces.

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