Magico unveiled the MPOD coupling system for heavy loads.

Magico unveiled the MPOD coupling system.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2016/09/09

Magico announced the new MPOD noise-channeling support system, based on the scientific principles of Constrained Layer Damping (CLD), a method which is well documented and an extremely effective way to channel unwanted vibrations away from a component and its platform.
Many users have already experienced the significant sonic improvements with the Magico QPOD placed under light- to medium-weight components. The design of the QPOD is also based on the Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) and for some time now Magico's engineers have been working on a larger version of the QPOD, one that will provide similar results under heavier loads, including loudspeakers. According to the press release, designing a noise-channeling system that effectively dissipates resonance while maintaining ideal coupling properties to the floor was incredibly challenging, however, the company was finally able to reach its goal and is pleased to announce the new MPOD.
The robust-yet-elegant MPOD is comprised of multiple machined aircraft-aluminum and tungsten-steel parts that, when assembled, form a vertical stack. A solid pure-copper substrate center section is sandwiched by a top and bottom layer of ISODAMP. ISODAMP is a thermoplastic material that, when compressed against the copper substrate, facilitates the constrained layer damping function and dissipates unwanted energy virtually immediately, Magico says.
Prior to installation the top and bottom halves of the MPOD are held apart by a center spindle and pull-pin. Once the MPOD is installed the removal of the pull-pin engages the CLD properties of the MPOD. Once the pin is removed, no hardware is connected between the top and bottom part of the MPOD, effectively “floating” the component placed on it. The threaded coupling stud on the MPOD is designed to replace the existing footer on the Magico Q7, Q7 Mk II, M-Project, and S7, and other loudspeakers that have the same thread specifications. The audible benefits of the MPOD will also be realized underneath heavier components such as amplifiers, without using the threaded coupling stud.
The MPOD is available for immediate shipping in three different sets, with three, four and eight pieces, respectively.

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