PMC unveiled the twenty5 series.

PMC unveiled the twenty5 loudspeaker series.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2016/05/25

PMC launched the twenty5 series to mark the company’s 25th anniversary and embody two and a half decades of cutting-edge research and development in a product range that provides a listening experience that redefines high-fidelity.
The five strong twenty5 series features a multitude of innovations, including a key development that has been achieved as a result of the research into aerodynamics that was originally conducted for PMC’s flagship studio monitors, the QB1 – the reference loudspeaker of the world famous Capitol Studios, LA. In keeping with all PMC products, the foundation of the twenty5 series is Advanced Transmission Line bass loading, which has been radically improved and enhanced with the new aerodynamically designed Laminair vent technology.
According to the press release, Oliver Thomas, PMC’s head of design, took his knowledge of aerodynamics, gained during his previous employment in Formula One, and applied it to the ATL. As with the aerodynamics of motor racing, the aim is to reduce turbulence and drag, which, in turn, reduces resistance and increases efficiency. The result is the Laminair aerodynamic vent, which creates a smooth laminar airflow as it exits the line. The audible effects are obvious with a faster, higher definition bass with accurate timing and dynamics,without unwanted air noise, the company says.
The twenty5 series project is packed with new and highly innovative elements like the new long-throw mid-bass drivers, with resin-bound, g-weave fine-weave glass fiber cones and the already class-leading twenty series Sonolex fabric dome tweeter, further refined through fine-tuning of the geometry and perforations of its mirror finished stainless steel grille, which improves dispersion for a wider soundstage.
The twenty5 series cabinets, featuring the now familiar 5° sloping front and rear baffles, lend a contemporary aesthetic to the product. Measurements taken using accelerometers resulted in subtle dimensional adjustments, making them stiffer to reduce panel resonances, and the newly adopted plinth bars with built-in isolation further enhance the stability of the enclosures. Custom-made single piece stainless steel spikes thread through the bar to facilitate simple level adjustment.
The crossovers for each of the models feature PMC’s renowned 24dB filtering and a military-grade circuit board, with ultra-thick pure copper tracks, while connection to the amplifier is via PMC designed binding posts, directly coupled to the crossover.
The range comprises two stand mount loudspeakers, the two-way twenty5.21 and twenty5.22; and three floor-standing models, the twenty5.23, twenty5.24 (both two-way) and the three-way twenty5.26, which features the proven PMC 50mm soft dome midrange. The 27mm tweeter is common to all models, with the 21 and 23 sharing the 140mm long-throw g-weave bass driver, with a170mm variant used in the 22 and 24, and a 177mm version in the flagship twenty5.26.
All speakers within the range are available in a choice of three hand-selected and book-matched real wood veneers; Oak, Walnut and Amarone, plus the high gloss Diamond Black finish. Every model comes with an invisible magnet-fixing grille, finished in an exclusive warm black textured PMC cloth.

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