Bryston launched the BP-173 preamplifier.

Bryston launched the BP-17 Cubed preamplifier.

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2017/08/07

Bryston has announced the introduction of the new BP-173 (Cubed Series) preamplifier, utilizing patented technology that debuted on the much heralded Cubed Series amplifiers and being the first to employ the patented Salomie input circuit and a new feature set with highly flexible input/output array.
According to the press release, Bryston’s patented super-linear, low noise input buffer jointly developed by Bryston and the late Ph.D. engineer Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie, significantly reduces noise and distortion. The BP-173 also has improved RF and audio frequency noise filtering to prevent unwanted anomalies on the power line from interfering even minutely with the audio signal.
The BP-173 offers expanded input/output options, including two pairs of XLR outputs and two pairs of RCA outputs, making it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment and accommodate numerous system configurations. An RCA tape loop lets users connect a line-level processor or recording device and one of the XLR output pairs can be internally selected to have either variable (default) or fixed output enabling users to easily connect a Bryston BHA-1 or other balanced input headphone amplifier. The BP-173 also includes two pairs of balanced inputs and five pair RCA inputs, and can be ordered with a high-resolution internal DAC, a premium moving magnet phono stage, both DAC and phono modules or without either module installed. Users can select sources, adjust volume and more all from the optional BR-2 remote control or via RS232 connection to virtually any control ecosystem.
The BP-173 is available in either black or silver, 17-inch or 19-inch (wide) faceplates and will begin shipping to authorized dealers in September, 2017 with a US MSRP of $3995. The DAC and phono stage options have an MSRP of $750 each. The BR-2 remote has an MSRP of $375. Like all analog components from Bryston, the BP-173 is covered by their 20 year warranty.

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