Gold Note introduced the IS-1000, a complete all-in-one source.

Gold Note introduced the IS-1000 a complete all-in-one source for high-end audio applications.

Source: Official website, Last Accessed: 2017/09/20

IS-1000 is an advanced, fully integrated amplifier that redefines the way music playback is experienced, to achieve a new pinnacle in high-end audio, seamlessly merging a preamplifier, a power amplifier, a phono preamplifier, a DAC and a streamer in a unique, complete source.
IS-1000 basic concepts come directly from Gold Note's flagship models. The preamplifier P-1000 and the power amplifier PA-1175 inspired the design team to create a new source that would integrate the analogue components of a high quality amplifier with the digital technologies of a streamer and a DAC, the company states.
IS-1000 is a Roon Ready device, fully compatible with multi-room systems and with a quick plug&play installation. The only thing the user need to do is simply plug IS-1000 to the mains, connect it to the home network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and to the loudspeakers. After initial setup, there are a lot of possibilities to explore, like streaming from Tidal (with MQA support), Qobuz, Spotify & Spotify Connect and Deezer with Roon and Gold Note's App (available for iOS and Android) or browsing a collection of digital music stored on NAS, HDD and USB sticks, with resolution up to 24/192 (PCM) and DSD64 (DSD native and via DoP). For vinyl records playback there is, also, a phono preamplifier supporting both MM and MC cartridges. IS-1000 includes a new Class AB power amplifier capable of 125/250W per channel in 8/4-Ohm loads.
Connectivity includes 6 digital inputs for PCM signals, up to 24bit/192kHz, 3 optical, 1 Coaxial, 1 USB type A capable of DSD64 and an Ethernet port for LAN. There is also a wireless connection feature through Wi-Fi. In the analog domain there are three inputs in total, one balanced (XLR) and two single ended (RCA), including the phono input. The user have access to a pair of single ended analogue outputs (RCA), one variable and one fixed.
The IS-1000 features an improved chassis in solid brushed aluminum, designed by Stefano Bonifazi and is available in black or silver finishes.

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