Cyrus Audio introduced the ONElinear compact loudspeaker.

Cyrus introduced the ONElinear compact loudspeaker.

Source: Official website, Last Accessed: 2018/01/29

The Cyrus ONElinear is a premium loudspeaker system, designed to perfectly augment Cyrus' ONE amplifier, being optimized for use with their hybrid Class D power stage topologies and engineered with a classically “British” linear frequency response curve.
ONElinear's bass/mid 5-inch driver uses a double-wound copper-coated aluminum voice-coil which is light and produces a stronger magnetic field and hence offers better control in bass frequencies. The voice coil is bonded to a carefully profiled Kevlar cone which is, also, light and responsive, carrying limited inertia and retaining its shape and audio characteristics even when pushed hard. The speed and accuracy of the resulting bass response is remarkable for a speaker of the size, the company states.
The tweeter is an 1-inch textile soft-dome and “capable of meaningful response well beyond the limits of human hearing" with an upper cut-off frequency at 24kHz, according to the published data (frequency response is 50Hz-24kHz ±3dB). Cyrus says that the high frequencies are refined and balanced and never aggressive or harsh, yet retain the full detail of the source recording. Nominal impedance is 8 Ohm and the sensitivity is 86dB SPL (2.83V/1m).
The crossover uses high quality electrolytic capacitors (the cross frequency is set to 2.1kHz) and the 11-liter cabinet has been developed using advanced computer modeling to reduce the contribution of cabinet noise to levels more than 35dB below the driver output. The same computer modeling is also used to fine tune the crossover to ensure a consistent performance, even when listening off-axis.
The ONElinear is rear-ported and designed to be positioned between 10-30cm from a rear wall. This will optimize the bass response and mid-range clarity, although some experimentation with position is advised as this will be room-dependent, Cyrus says.

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