Exposure's new VXN active crossover allows you to upgrade your system to active operation!

Exposure's new VXN active crossover and power supply allows you to upgrade your system to active operation!

Source: Press Release, Last Accessed: 2020/01/24

The company says that you can experience a serious performance enhancement by upgrading your loudspeakers to active operation, with their new VXN active crossover and VXN power supply. By upgrading your loudspeakers using an external active crossover, which by-passes the speakers’ internal passive crossovers, you can optimize your amplifiers’ output and greatly improve your speakers’ performance.
While a typical audio system uses one power amplifier channel per loudspeaker, in an active system there is one power amplifier channel per drive unit. So in an active system, in a two- way loudspeaker design there are effectively four amplifiers driving the speakers, and in three- way design, six amplifiers. In this case, the Exposure VXN active crossover unit is connected between the preamplifier and the power amplifiers.
The new Exposure VXN crossover has initially been developed for active operation with Kudos Audio’s top-of-range loudspeakers. Kudos Audio’s flagship Titan series, as well as the "Super" models in its Cardea series, are all configured to allow simple by-passing of the internal crossover for active operation, opening up a wider upgrade path and enabling a variety of performance enhancing capabilities.
Exposure’s VXN active crossovers can also be tailored to suit other loudspeaker brands. When ordering the VXN units, customers should specify which loudspeaker model they intend to use, since Exposure will adapt the components in the active crossovers to enhance the performance of specific loudspeakers. What’s more, the VXN active crossovers can be applied not only Exposure’s own electronics, but potentially to any pre/power amplifier combination. All inputs and outputs are RCA. Power to the VXN active crossover is supplied by Exposure’s dedicated matching, fully linear, VXN power supply.

For more information: https://www.exposurehifi.com/

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