ATC does not need much of an introduction. It is among the most known loudspeaker manufacturers with clear views about how to do things, and an implicit policy around their ranges and models that generally exudes a sense of “take it or leave it”. ATC's views about some fundamental audio matters were expressed several years ago in an interview with Bob Polley (in greek) and I do not think much has changed since then. On the contrary, it seems that the company's strategy for a rationalization of their consumer line evolves as it was then described, with emphasis on the efficiency of production processes, which has resulted in the launch of some quite reasonably priced products.
The last version of SCM40, which is the subject of this review, is quite interesting for other reasons, though. For starters, it is the top model in the HiFi range that seems to replace the previous Entry series (and the model with the same name). It is also the first (and only) loudspeaker in this series with a three-way design using the company's iconic soft dome midrange driver. What, however, makes the SCM40 stand out is its tweeter, the first designed and built by ATC, something that was expected for a long time and, probably starts a new chapter in its history. The HiFi Passive series would be the first in which all loudspeakers are designed and manufactured “in house”, including the tweeters.
The SCM40 v2 (pay attention to the version number, if you do your research on the internet because the original SCM40 still exists out there) is a fairly large floorstanding loudspeaker (with a height of just under 1m). The review sample was finished with a dark color natural wood (Black Ash). Let's look at the details…

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2014/02/11 Last Follow Up: 2014/02/11 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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