Rois Acoustics Emphasis 314

Rois Acoustics Emphasis 314

Rois Acoustics is a relatively new Greek company, with a quite interesting background, since its founding members are active in loudspeaker design and manufacturing for a long time. Both Socrates (Zafiriadis) and Aris (Sdravopoulos) had an active participation in the field during the last three decades. Zafiriadis was the founder of the historic Roister brand of loudspeakers, while Sdravopoulos was a member of their most creative engineering team.
Rois Acoustics currently offers two series of loudspeakers (the Status and the Emphasis), an active subwoofer and has announced a top of the range model, the Kalypso. Kalypso will be a very interesting shift in terms of how Rois Acoustics addresses the challenge of a state of the art loudspeaker, being an active design, with an integrated DAC, and featuring a horn loaded full-range driver supported by digital equalization. Until we have the opportunity to review the Kalypso, however, it could be quite interesting to deal with a more down to earth product, both in price and specs, and this is what the Emphasis 314 definitely is.
The use of the phrase _quite interesting_ is intentional since, contrary to what one would expect in this price category, the loudspeaker reviewed in the following pages varies significantly from what we can call the market standard. It is a three-way design with a fiberglass cone midrange, loaded by a separate chamber, two woofers placed close to the floor and first-order crossover filters. These are not choices seen for the first time, obviously, but they are quite rare across products with a price below the € 1000, - level. Certainly they are enough for the Emphasis 314 to stand out in terms of an expression of intent. Let's see the details_

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2014/10/28 Last Follow Up: 2014/10/28 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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