Tandem Audio Statement/Ultimate

Tandem Audio Statement/Ultimate

The first acquaintance with a Tandem product I had, was about four years ago during the review of their first rack which can be read (unfortunately only in Greek) here. The conclusion was clear: Nick Michelios, the man behind Tandem and the design of its products, has a particular set of ideas and a means to deliver them out to the real world. Using the rack, seemed to had an effect on the sound of a system and there was some serious evidence for this, including laboratory results.
Based on the above, the arrival of two new products from Tandem was more a matter of time and when this happened (some weeks before their first appearance in an international show, in this year's Munich High End) could only be addressed as a new challenge. This time we were dealing not with a complex rack but with something much more minimal and in some aspects quite different compared to what we experienced in 2011. The two stands belong to the Statement and Ultimate series, respectively, are mainly addressed to those who have one or more power amplifiers and are based on the experience Tandem gained in recent years from the design and manufacture of their rack systems. Let's look at the details…

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Original Publilcation: 2015/04/29 Last Follow Up: 2015/04/29 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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