Some details about ATC's HiFi Entry series were reported when we reviewed the series' top passive model, SCM40, here about two years ago. The series replaced the previous entry level group of products retaining the model names and adding two models, the SCM19A and SCM40A (the "A" stands for "Active") for those consumers who would like to move towards this direction.
The new SCM19 is the largest of the three stand-mount type loudspeakers included in the new series and differs from its smaller siblings, the SCM7 and the SCM11, by featuring a different woofer (both in diameter and in technology) and by its cabinet size and volume. It is also the largest two-way design in the series, as the SCM40 is a three-way product, featuring the ATC's familiar dome midrange unit.
As expected, SCM19 shares some common features with the SCM7/11 and the SCM40, and these include the tweeter developed by ATC (SH25-76), the sealed-box cabinet architecture with the characteristic curved side panels and the distinctive magnetically attached grill.

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2016/05/24 Last Follow Up: 2016/05/24 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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