Thixar Silence Plus/Thixar Eliminator.

Thixar Silence Plus/Thixar Eliminator

Thixar Silence Plus
Specifications (according to published data)
Description: Support Platform.
Materials: Finished MDF surfaces with special damping material (gel) placed between them.
Dimensions: 450x360x48 (mm, Medium), 500x440x48 (mm, Large).
Weight: 7.4kg (Medium). 10.6kg (Large).
Other features: Custom finish options, Spike inserts.
Thixar Eliminator
Specifications (according to published data)
Description: Chassis vibration damping mass.
Materials: Metallic mass with an internal composition that includes a special damping material (gel).
Dimensions: 150x100x25 (mm).
Weight: 1.6kg.
Thixar Silence Plus/Thixar Eliminator
Price & General Information
Price (€), Silence Plus 1,600,- L (Large) 1,500.- M (medium) (*)
Price (€), Eliminator 400.- (*)
Sample source Audio Harmony
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More Information
(*) Please note that this price is for the local market where our review sample source provide their services. For a price specific to your location, consult your local dealer.

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