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Aoshida Dilvpoetry DAC DT-1

Aoshida Dilvpoetry DAC DT-1

A small online survey, searching for the word "Dilvpoetry", does not bring the results you expect. The brand name exists for sure, but only under the auspices of Aoshida and for a good reason. In fact, Dilvpoetry, as we understand it, is a brand name that belongs to Aoshida, a series of devices that are designed as budget-conscious solutions. Aoshida, unlike Dilvpoetry, is a well-known player in the field of online sales, who works with many important international names in the field of high fidelity and they seem to be familiar with what "budget-conscious" means. Of the seven Dilvpoetry series devices, the four have a price below the $100 limit, while the DT-1 we review here is the product with the highest price level of all. Not bad, given that all the devices seem to be designed to meet the contemporary listener's needs and requirements and are, based on the information published, quite modern and not at all thrifty implementations.

A good example for all of the above is, indeed, the DAC DT-1. It is a device that supports very high sample rates, features a classic, yet not simplistic, approach to the headphone amplifier design, and has a full-fledged analog stage, using both solid-state and tube-based circuits which can be switched on by the user, allowing for a sound fine-tuning according to his taste. Additionally, there is an ad-hoc wireless streaming solution as well as a full remote control.
Aoshida's goal is obvious here, and is a quite noble one: to take a Hi-Fi candidate through the start of his journey and show him some interesting things without seizing his wallet!
Let's look at how they manage it…

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2022/03/16 Last Follow Up: 2022/03/16 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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