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hARt Lab Tune Three

hARt Lab Tune Three

I was informed about the existence of hARt Lab about three years ago when the company made its first appearance in the Munich High End show in a very impressive way. Then, crickets.
Indeed, the worldwide conditions did not help the audio industry, and especially the newcomers, but it is, also true that I had forgotten hARt until they made their appearance again, this time with some products available for a review. You should not miss such opportunities, of course, so during the recent months, I had to live with one of the first devices the company offers, the Tune Three power amplifier.
“hARt” means “harmonic Audio Reference tunes” and the company was founded by a group of engineers who combine knowledge and love for good sound, both elements that promise interesting things, at the least.

All of the company's products are "Tunes", with Tune One being an integrated amplifier, Tune Two and Tune Four preamplifiers, and Tune Three and Tune Five power amplifiers. The Tune Four and Tune Five pair is the company's top system (preamplifier/streamer/DAC/Headphone amplifier and monoblock amps) and one crucial piece of information is that all devices are founded on two basic circuits (one tube-based and one semiconductor-based) which hARt has developed during the last fifteen years.
The device we review here is the "small" model (a figure of speech, obviously), a two-channel implementation, which is quite revealing of the designer's ideas and intentions. As a small spoiler, accept the fact that Tune Three was the most interesting and noteworthy amplifier we have reviewed in recent years.
Let's look at the details…

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2022/05/18 Last Follow Up: 2022/05/18 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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