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hARt Lab Tune Two

hARt Lab Tune Two - Preamp/Headphone Amp/Streamer/DAC

We got to know hARt Lab through our review of the Tune 3 amplifier, about two years ago, and as you can read in the relevant text, we were impressed both by the structure of the device and the company's way of thinking, as well as by the acoustic experience. Already, by 2022, the hARt product line was almost complete, with two amplifiers (stereo and monoblock) and two preamplifiers, the flagship model Tune Four, and the smaller one, Tune Two, which we are reviewing on the following pages. Be also informed that their highly promising integrated amplifier, Tune One, is expected to be presented in this year's Munich show.
For most, it certainly doesn't escape notice that the concept of "preamplifier" has expanded quite a bit in recent years. A plain, line-level design leaves us somewhat unsatisfied, a complete analog device with a phono preamplifier satisfies us - more or less - and a preamplifier with a digital section, i.e., with digital inputs and DAC, is considered the baseline for acceptance, accompanied, of course, by sour comments like "but it doesn't have a streamer?". Aware of this reality, the people at hARt decided to go for the… Full Monty, leaving nothing out. Additionally, they designed the Tune Two (and the Four) in a way that they can be upgraded, according to the user's needs. You can buy the Two as a plain Line level device, but also add if you need them, the Phono preamp and the DAC. As a final touch, consider the included headphone amplifier, which is far from being just a typical addition, as we'll see.
To all this, we must add the always meticulous aesthetics and build quality hARt Lab is known for, an interesting user interface (both on the physical level and the app level), as well as the option to use it either as a pure tube stage or as a hybrid with a semiconductor-based output. These are quite interesting things indeed.
Let's look at the details…

Dimitris Stamatakos

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