Magico S1

Magico S1

For some years now, the somewhat informal group of products known by the quite expressive term "show stoppers" (in the sense that the interest around them is so great that interrupts the normal flow of visitors in a show), indispensably includes a Magico loudspeaker. It is difficult to accept that this is due to pure chance. Instead, it is quite evident that Magico's products possess a certain aura of sophistication even when being deliberately excessive as, say, was the $600,000 Ultimate III we saw in Munich last Spring. Mind that, this was a loudspeaker that hardly allowed visitors to enter the room because of its size. Additionally, for those who have the opportunity to listen to a Magico, even occasionally, it is obvious that these are products with a design vision based on solid principles and a that they are highly effective in honoring these principles, too.
The approach Magico uses in their designs is -more or less- known. All products are founded on drivers designed and manufactured in-house using exotic materials, while the cabinets are assembled mainly from aluminum parts. All of them are supported by a complex, also metallic, internal structure. The company offers two series of products, the Q, with six models including their flagship Q7 (in its latest version, Mk II) and two subwoofers, and the S with three models including the S1, which is the subject of this review.
First appeared in 2012, S1 is Magico's answer to the need of a model with a price quite lower compared to their other offerings. Such a loudspeaker could be accessible from a wider segment of the audiophile niche, expanding Magico's market share. From the reviewer's point of view, it is also an excellent opportunity to see how their recipe works in practice. Here's what we found…

Dimitris Stamatakos

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Original Publilcation: 2015/03/03 Last Follow Up: 2015/03/03 Original Language: Greek (Translated)

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