CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
Show Report: 3D Sound Labs - Bryston

One of the interesting offerings in the field of immersive audio, i.e. the creation of the impression of a three-dimensional sound field, the Neoh headphones from 3D Sound Labs is expected to seek crowdfunding early this year.

MMS10 is one of the two media servers showed by ACE (there was also a smaller model, the MMS5). The devices can support both audio and video media.

AKG's N90Q, signed by Quincy Jones, feature active noise cancellation technology and offer equalization capabilities and stereo imaging controls as well.

The top of the range Rubicon DAC/ADC from Antelope Audio is known from previous years but now is upgraded and capable to stream DSD128 and PCM 24/384.

Antelope also showed a bundle that included the Zodiac Platinum converter, the 10M clock and the Voltikus power supply.

Aura Note V2 is a complete system from April Music. It includes a CD player, amplifier (based on ICEpower modules), FM radio, conventional analog and digital inputs and connectivity via USB as well.

The Astell & Kern presented their AK500N, a desktop media player/streamer with a 1TB hard disk. The system supports both 24/192 and DSD playback and WiFi/DLNA streaming as well.

Last year, ATC made it to the headlines with the launch of SCM 40. This year, they presented its active version, code-named SCM 40A.

Audeze's long-awaited move: A DAC/headphone amp. The name is Deckard.

The same company also unveiled a new headphone model, the EL-8, a planar magnetic design at a price which is expected to be very reasonable.

New aesthetics for Audio Research maybe somewhat controversial between many of their traditional friends, but is certainly impressive. Here, the power amp GS150, based on KT150s to offer 155W per channel.

The first headphones from Audioquest called Nighthawk and expected in 2015. With wood cups, semi-open architecture, a cover made through 3D printing technology and the necessary sophisticated cables seem quite ambitious…

Portable headphone amplifier from Audio-Technica. The AT-PHA100 features analog and digital inputs (via USB) delivers 80mW/32 Ohm and offers a battery life between 6 and 14 hours, depending on the input used (USB or analog, respectively).

Among the many earphones presented by Audio-Technica was the ATH-MSR7 an over-ear design based on the company's experience from professional products and customized to the needs of high-resolution audio listeners.

Aurender 's N100 is a media player/streamer that supports all popular file formats, includes a 120GB SSD for caching, USB output and Ethernet connectivity.

Well, this is not an optical illusion… The Air 2 Bluetooth from Axxess CE is a wireless speaker featuring maglev technology i.e. they are magnetically suspended above their stand. Interesting and inspiring approach that raises, perhaps, some questions of inertial nature…

After made us up with their QB-9 DSD, Ayre made also a quite expected step. They displayed the prototype of a DAC/headphone amp called the Codex. We just can't wait!

Bang & Olufsen always have some interesting things to show. The Moment is a complete system featuring a user interface based on a wooden touch surface… There is also a conventional touch screen to give access to more complicated tasks.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, B.A.T. (Balanced Audio Technology) announced four new products. Here, the power amplifier VK-225SE (with transistor-based power stage and the Super-Pak power supply). There were also the VK-23SE and VK-43SE preamps and the basic version of the power amp, the VK-225.

Belcanto's REFStream is an Ethernet media player/streamer that includes standard digital outputs (ST, SPDIF and AES / EBU). Can be used with third-party software and supports all popular audio formats (including DSD).

BenQ is well known for their projectors, but treVolo is a portable, wireless (via Bluetooth) loudspeaker based on electrostatic diaphragms which can be folded to reduce the volume of the device during transport.

Top DAC from Berkeley Audio Design. Alpha DAC Reference can handle signals up to 24/192 through four standard inputs, offering a choice of digital filters and comes with the full version of JRiver Media Center for playing DSD. No USB port, though…

Custom One Pro Plus from Beyerdynamic offers great possibilities of setting up (through four different user profiles), but also the possibility to change their appearance with a collection of add-on accessories.

Bryston demonstrated the prototype of a new DAC, the BDA-3. According to available information, it will support 32/384 and DSD256 streams and will offer HDMI inputs to be able to play SA-CD discs from compatible players.

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