CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
Show Report: Ion - Oceanway

Ion's Air LP of is an analog system that offers a USB port so you can digitize your LPs. It is available in a variety of colors.

Arena from JBL is an affordable loudspeaker series that includes two floorstanding and two bookshelf/stand models, a center channel loudspeaker and the necessary subwoofer.

JBL also presented the S700NC headphones,featuring active noise cancellation and -additionally- are the first to incorporate Harman's Clari-Fi technology to improve the quality of compressed music files in real time.

Collector's edition of a Keith Monks' record cleaning system. It is the Discovery Mini One Sapphire.

One of the “big names” that offer WiSA certified products is Klipsch. Their new Reference series is designed so that it can operate wirelessly.

As in Munich in 2014, Krell made enough noise with their new integrated amplifier, the Vanguard. It delivers 200W per channel, with a class A preamp stage and can be upgraded with a module to add DAC and wireless streaming functions.

LG has introduced a full line of 4K TVs with OLED display technology…

…but the UF9400, a 65-inch TV-set based on Quantum Dots was much more interesting. Quantum Dots is a quite promising screen technology to look at, in the near future.

Linn presented their Exakt series devices including the complete Akurate system, showing here, active crossovers and a room correction system.

S1 from Lumin Music is their premier media player/streamer. The player supports 32/384 and DSD128 playback and includes a DAC with four ESS9018 chips.

Luxman's M-700u delivers 120W per channel into 8 ohm loads, 210W into 4 ohms and can be bridged to deliver up to 420W/8 ohms as a monoblock. The power amp can be combined with the C-700u preamp.

For those with limited space and/or budget, Magnepan's .7 could be an interesting offer.

Top 11.2 channel AV preamplifier/processor from Marantz. The AV8802 supports Dolby Atmos and may be upgraded to be compatible with Auro-3D. It can handle 4K signals and is ISF certified for picture settings.

Well known from their legendary instrument amplifiers, Marshall displayed their headphones. Called Major II, is an over ear folding design that offers level adjustment.

D150 is the new McIntosh preamp/DAC, an evolution of the D100 which was presented two years ago. The preamp offers five digital inputs (and a USB port) that support signals up to 32/384 and DSD128, analog inputs and a headphone amp.

Melco manufactures audiophile storage devices. There are two models, the N1A and the N1Z with SSDs and HDDs respectively which are optimized to stream high resolution audio files. Mind that a separate network player is required.

Meridian presented special edition models for their DSP8000, DSP7200 and DSP5200 loudspeakers…

… as well as the new version of their Explorer converter (Explorer 2) which is now compatible with the MQA technology formally demonstrated to the public during CES. The company announced that the high-resolution streaming service Tidal will use the MQA.

Inspiration headphone series from Monster is specifically designed for women. This is one of the many series showed by the company this year.

MSB's Universal Media Transport. This year the company unveiled the prototype of a media server with a 3TB integrated hard drive and their Femto timing circuit.

Not quite new but always impressive. The Domain Omni ESL from Muraudio is an omnidirectional loudspeaker with a point source characteristics, featuring a specially designed electrostatic driver for mid- and high frequencies and a conventional woofer for the lows.

Music Hall's new turntable. The name is Ikura.

Naim Audio launched the Super Lumina cables series. The series include both interconnects and loudspeaker cables with top shielding properties (using a tinned copper foil). Conductors consist of silver-plated copper, apparently of Litz architecture.

Allthough Oceanway Audio has accustomed us to big loudspeakers, the new Sausalito is a rather compact three-way design with a fabric dome tweeter, an 8-inch aluminum midrange and a12-inch woofer. Do not think of anything tiny though… Its exceeds one meter in height.

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