CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
Show Report: Cabasse - House of Marley

Cabasse showed the StreamAMP amplifier, a device that supports both wireless and wired streaming (WiFi/Bluetooth and Ethernet). I is compatible with all standard audio files and features NFC technology. It is controlled through the StreamCONTROL app.

Azur 851N is Cambridge Audio's premier network player. Supports PCM (24/192) and DSD playback and wireless streaming over WiFi and AirPlay.

Cambridge also exhibited the CX series, comprising of two integrated amplifiers, two receivers, a network player and a CD Transport.

TL-300d is a new preamp from Cary Audio; an all-tube design that includes four analogue and five digital inputs (featuring both a USB port and wireless Bluetooth/aptX) and offers user-selected upsampling.

Cerwin-Vega presented an interesting loudspeaker series for desktop audio applications. Called the XD, includes three models of loudspeakers and an active sub.

Chord Electronics displayed the 2 Qute DAC which is based on Qute EX and the small Hugo. It offers both conventional digital inputs and a USB port (up to 384kHz) and supports DSD128 playback.

The company also presented the Hugo TT, the desktop version of their small (and, apparently, quite successful) Hugo. The bigger chassis fallows for XLR inputs, two 0.25-inch headphone jacks and a much heavier battery operated power supply that includes 100.000uF filters.

A new integrated amplifier from Creek is always good news. Evolution 100A offers more than 110W per channel and can be upgraded with modules for preamp phono, tuner (AMBIT) and DAC (RUBY).

Dared's Mars is a small integrated amp (featuring 6N3 tubes) that includes a DAC and supports streaming via both USB, and Bluetooth.

Symphony 1 are Definitive Technology's first headphones. It is an over-ear design with active noise cancellation and wireless connection through Bluetooth.

After a quite busy 2014, Devialet presented another product: The Phantom is a wireless loudspeaker featuring a spheroid cabin with two low frequency diaphragms moving in opposite phase and some "heavy" DSP to optimize performance.

EAT (European Audio Team) showed their C-Sharp, a turntable based on composite materials (carbon fiber and thermoplastic). C-Sharp features an inverted ceramic ball bearing, belt drive and a hybrid unipivoted/gimballed tonearm design.

Enclave is the first company that offers a complete multichannel loudspeaker package at the entry-level price segment, certified as compliant with WiSA wireless technology.

Enigmacoustics presented a second, smaller, super tweeter after Sopranino. The name is Veleno.

To top floorstanding loudspeaker in Epos' K series is the K3.

Estelon's top of the range loudspeaker: Extreme features a cabin geometry that allows for space and the listening position related adjustments, two 10-inch aluminum woofers, one 10-inch mid/woofer, a ceramic dome midrange and a diamond dome tweeter.

Focal's Easya is a wireless loudspeaker system. It includes a master device which performs the streaming and some compatible loudspeaker models.

Furutech/ADL showed their top DAC/ADC, the Stratos. Stratos features a phono preamp, supports DSD playback and includes a headphone amplifier.

GamuT's three-way RS7 features a crossover network with no capacitors in the midrange signal path. The loudspeaker uses two 7-inch woofers, a 7-inch midrange and a 1.5 inch ring radiator for the high frequencies.

GoldenEar completed their Triton series, with Five a floor standing design.

Twenty is a switch-mode amplifier from Griffin that delivers 20W per channel and supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth. In this photo is accompanied by a 2.1 loudspeaker system from NHT. The amplifier offers a separate output for the sub.

Harman's Omni Bar is a 2.1 system that can be used either as a conventional soundbar or as a sound system with wireless sources, via Bluetooth. It also offers some multiroom features. The subwoofer is wirelessly connected.

Hegel showed their new DAC. The HD12 supports 24/192 and DSD playback, and offers both single ended and balanced outputs as well as a headphone amplifier.

The House of Marley presented a wide range of new products, with their known alternative aesthetics. Between them, the ANC on-ear headphones.

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