CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
CES 2015 | Show Report
Show Report: Onkyo - Spiral Groove

This is a classic 2-channel integrated amp from Onkyo. The model is the A-9010 and, according to our information, the company produces two versions, the "European" with an integrated DAC and the "British" (a.k.a. the “UK” version) which offers no DAC but has some differences in the circuit design (including audiophile capacitors) to give a different sound character. But both feature a phono preamp…

… where their new direct drive turntable (CP-1050) can be connected. The new turntable includes an S-type aluminum tonearm.

Onkyo also presented the DAC-HA200, a portable DAC/headphone amp.

Panasonic is the first company that showed the prototype of a player that is compatible with the new Blu-ray discs capable of 4K resolution.

The company also displayed the Viera CX850, a new top 4K UHD TV series featuring LED panels. The series includes a 65 and a 55-inch model both supported by Studio Master Drive technology. User interface is supported by Firefox OS.

Parasound unveiled an integrated amplifier in their Halo series. Capable of 2x160/240W in 8/4 ohm loads, includes a phono stage (MM/MC), a DAC (384kHz and DSD), 6 analog inputs, headphone amplifier and classic tone controls.

Pass Labs also displayed their integrated amplifiers. This artistic impression shows the INT60 (60W class A) and theINT250, while the company announced a headphone amplifier, for which there is no name at this time.

Philips presented the NC1L headphone set, that features active noise suppression and targets iOS devices users, since they use the Lightning plug and not the classic 3.5mm jack. Power for the active noise suppression circuitry is sourced from the device so the headphones battery-free

Hinge from Polk Audio is designed for those who want good quality headphones on-the-go. They are foldable, with aluminum parts and feature a microphone and volume control to be used with a smartphone.

Polk Audio also announced it will soon release a wide range of grilles for the small portable loudspeaker Omni S2.

After months of speculation, the already famous Pono, Neil Young's media player and the initiative for high resolution audio, made its debut to a major show.

Small, light and wirelessly connected, the EP-SB in-ear headphones from RBH Sound are using Bluetooth technology. Do not be confused by the cable shown in this photo however… It just connects the two earpieces.

Rega's RP10 uses a skeleton-plinth with minimum mass which is contact-less surrounded by a conventional surface. Basic differences from the smallest RP8 model are the ceramic platter, a new power supply and the new RB2000 tonearm.

Celebrating their 65th anniversary, Rogers presented a version of the classic, iconic LS3/5A compact monitor loudspeaker.

Rogue Audio unveiled their new preamp called the RP-5. This is a full tube design with four 12AU7, a phono preamp, a headphone amplifier, and offers an external processor loop and a remote control.

Samsung has demonstrated, among other things, the new television series JS (JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500) with screens sizes from 48 to 88 inches, based on the SUHD processor (not to be confused, with their resolution, which remains at 4K). The new sets are using the Tizen OS.

The company also presented two loudspeakers, the WAM7500 and WAM6500 with multiroom capabilities and quite interesting design which ensures a form of omnidirectional sound radiation. The smallest model is portable (featuring a rechargeable battery).

Sennheiser's successful Urbanite XL series now include a wireless version. Based on Bluetooth 4.0, they support NFC technology and offer level and basic play back controls positioned at the right side earpad.

First announced about a year ago, Sharp's SD-WH1000 is a universal player compatible with WiSA. The player supports wireless streaming of 24/96 multichannel audio and 1080p video.

Sharp also presented their new UH30 4K television series. There will be two models, at 70 and 80 inches, with the first to be certified by THX 4K. Both models will be supported by SPECTROS technology to offer a wider color gamut. The series will be among the first to use Google's Android TV platform.

Simaudio unveiled their new converter, the Moon Neo 280D that supports up to 32/384 PCM, and DSD256 streams along with DXD. The new DAC offers seven inputs, wireless connectivity (Bluetooth/aptX) and can be upgraded with the media player MiND module.

Playing strongly in the hi-res audio market segment, Sony showed their new NW-ZX2, a high end Walkman that supports 24/192 and DSD playback. The media player features an 128GB built-in memory which can be expanded using memory cards. Battery life goes up to 60 hours.

Sony has, also, introduced four new 4K TV series, all based on Android OS. Of these, the X90C appears to be the thinner 4K set on the market with a depth of only 2/10 of an inch. The series includes two models with 65 and 55 inches screens.

Spiral Groove unveiled a new top-of-the-range turntable, the Revolution. It is an imposing structure with a plinth made of layers of different materials, an inverted bearing, synchronous motor (featuring an external regenerator) and a platter in the form of a truncated cone.

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