More News - 2014

Gold Note introduced the Bellagio Conquest Black King, their best turntable ever!

Bellagio Conquest Black King is the limited edition, ultimate evolution of the best turntable ever designed by Gold Note, the Bellagio Conquest, introduced at the end of 2013, the company says. Their unique “Power Control System”, for fine-tune the motor's torque, is also included.

Steinway Lyngdorf announced Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D compatible surround sound processor.

Steinway Lyngdorf announced its latest product, the pioneering Model P200 three-dimensional surround sound processor that supports both Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D decoders and offers the well known RoomPerfect room correction technology as well.

JVC announced four new in-dash receivers, just in time for the holiday season.

JVC Mobile announced it is shipping four in-dash receivers from its anticipated 20 new-for-2015 products. The immediate availability of two multimedia centers and a pair of CD receivers gives retailers and consumers the latest technology and smartphone integration in time for the holiday season.

Denon revealed Auro-3D upgrade offer for Premium AV Receivers.

Denon announced a unique upgrade offer to bring three-dimensional audio format Auro-3D to their recently introduced Premium AV Receivers. Expected to be available in December, a firmware upgrade will further enhance the feature set of the AVR-X5200W and the AVR-X4100W models.

MQA: Meridian unveiled revolutionary technology for high resolution audio.

Bob Stuart, founder of Meridian Audio, launched MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), a breakthrough technology to reverse the trend, in which sound quality has been continually sacrificed for convenience.

Astell&Kern + Blue Note Records offer a serious anniversary package!

Astell&Kern, a well known hi res portable music player company, has announced a special package partnership with Blue Note Records to commemorate the record company's 75th anniversary in the world of Jazz and Blues.

Klipsch introduced their second soundbar under the legendary Reference name.

Klipsch recently announced the launch of its Reference R-20B soundbar with performance, voicing and design said to be inspired by the same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from the brand’s original Reference home theater line.

Sony expanded Hi-Res Audio line with new headphones, headphone amplifier and cables

Sony introduced an expanded range of portable audio options to enjoy Hi-Res sound on-the-go. This includes three new headphones as well as the PHA-3 Portable Headphone DAC/ Amplifier, and several headphone cables including models engineered with Kimber Kable.

MartinLogan unveiled their highly anticipated new flagship loudspeaker – Neolith.

MartinLogan unveiled their upcoming statement class hybrid electrostatic speaker, the built-to-order Neolith, a product that combines the innovations of MartinLogan's legendary Statement Evolution 2 loudspeaker with the iconic simplicity of the original Monolith loudspeaker.

Mu-so: Naim's first wireless music system.

After a rather dynamic presentation during the High End Show at Munich last Spring, Naim Audio launched their first wireless music in September. The system can stream high resolution “better than CD” quality music from an array of devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and other storage devices.

Mark Levinson's new No 585 integrated amplifier.

Harman's Luxury Audio Group displayed the No 585 during the High End 2014 Show at MOC Munich, as an amp designed to deliver ultimate-quality music reproduction from analog and digital sources, including computers and music servers. The No 585 combines a host of engineering advancements with complete ease of use and Mark Levinson’s striking, next-generation industrial design.

XTZ Headphone Divine: Worlds first DSP enabled wireless headphone.

A successful Kickstarter project has funded the world’s first wireless headphones that uses a special technology which makes it possible to offer world-class audio performance without burning a hole in your wallet.

Marantz announced their first Dolby Atmos capable multichannel A/V Preamplifier, AV7702.

Marantz recently released their first Multichannel A/V Preamplifier with Dolby Atmos capability, the Marantz AV7702. According to the press release, it offers true versatility paired with renowned Marantz audio performance perfect for home cinema enthusiasts.

Small speaker, big sound: Bowers&Wilkins introduced the T7 portable loudspeaker.

The most portable standalone speaker Bowers&Wilkins has ever produced claims top sound quality from a small footprint. How? Through their sensible use of engineering of course…

Sennheiser announced the new Urbanite headphones series.

With its new Urbanite headphones, Sennheiser delivers what young, urban mobile music lovers have been craving: detailed, heart-thumping bass in a durable, trend setting design that's built for the long haul.

Tannoy announced upgrades to popular Revolution loudspeaker series.

Tannoy has launched the Revolution XT Series, an upgrade to their best-selling Revolution loudspeakers. The announcement was made by TC Group Vice President of Residential Communications Tim Chapman who described the upgrade as “dramatic”.

Bose introduced CineMate 15 home theater loudspeaker system and Solo 15 TV sound system.

Bose recently introduced two home entertainment products that combine performance and simplicity. The CineMate 15 home theater loudspeaker system and Bose Solo 15 TV sound system are up and running quickly, easy to use, and deliver sound for everything on TV, from network shows to music, movies, sporting events and video games.

Amplifier Technologies' new AT6000 power amp series.

Amplifier Technologies' new AT6000 Morris Kessler Signature amplifiers are available in two through seven channel configurations and feature ATI's Pure Balance design with current feedback, ThermalTrak bipolar power output devices and servo circuits to null the dc output offset.

Dome Flax 5.1: Focal proposes a return to nature for your films!

From October onwards, there’s a newcomer at Focal, the innovative natural “Flax“ cone has now been integrated into the brand’s Home Cinema universe with Dome, a high-end system made in France which aims to become a reference in its category.

New Pioneer compact component system offers audio quality & extensive network options.

Pioneer announced the new P2DAB compact component hi-fi system, which consists of the SX-P01 stereo receiver, the all-new N-P01 network audio player and matching high-quality 2-way loudspeakers, with all devices featuring sleek, modern looks with rigid aluminium front panels.

Densen announced the B-250 XS Reference preamplifier.

The Densen B-250 has established itself as a reference preamplifier on the high end market over the years. Now, Densen introduces its updated XS version, featuring many of the innovations appeared in the B-275 Super Leggera preamp.

New Pioneer Elite Reference Blu-ray players strive to offer highest quality audio and video possible.

Pioneer announced the Elite BDP-85FD and flagship BDP-88FD Blu-ray players designed to be the ultimate reference players for today’s audio and video enthusiast. The new models feature exceptional construction, high quality video upscaling, precise audio reproduction and advanced network capabilities, the company says.

IsoAcoustics to show Arista stands at AES show.

At this year’s AES Show in Los Angeles, IsoAcoustics will be introducing Arista, a stylish and sleek new aluminum acoustic isolation stand for medium-sized professional studio monitors and bookshelf speakers for Home Entertainment and hi-fi applications.

Dynaudio unveiled next generation Xeo loudspeaker systems.

The company from Denmark, has released the next generation of its Xeo wireless loudspeaker systems that combines 100% lossless audio transmission, set up simplicity, wireless multi-room and multi-source audio distribution, and high-resolution music file compatibility.

Sony introduced new 7.1 channel premium sound bar below $1000.

Sony recently introduced the HT-ST5 premium sound bar with wireless subwoofer, a 380-watt system that features 7.1 channel surround sound plus full HDMI connectivity and Bluetooth streaming with NFC. Building on the success of the HT-ST7, the new HT-ST5 was designed in collaboration with Academy Award-winning Sony Pictures sound engineers.

ATC announced SCM20ASL Pro (V2) Active and SCM20PSL Pro Passive Reference near field monitors.

ATC announced the availability of two new high-performance reference near field monitors — the active SCM20ASL Pro (V2) and passive SCM20PSL Pro, the former replacing the previous-generation SCM20ASL Pro, and the later being an all-new product, providing an entry point into ATC studio monitoring at a lower price point.

Harman/Kardon unveiled the new Soho Wireless headphones.

Harman/Kardon tries to marry high quality sound and wireless freedom with top aesthetics in the new Soho Wireless headphones. Designed to elevate the act of traveling, the Bluetooth headset embodies sleek, head-turning visual and touch appeal, with premium-stitched leather and a stainless steel body and sliders.

Quad launched the Quad PA-One Headphone amplifier.

With the increasing interest towards headphones and headphone amplifiers, it is not a surprise that Quad recently announced their PA-One amplifier, with inputs for both digital and analog sources, featuring a full-tube based circuit, from input, up to the power stage.

DEG, CEA, The Recording Academy and Major Labels reached Agreement on Definition for High Resolution Audio.

DEG, CEA, The Recording Academy and Major Labels reached Agreement on Definition for High Resolution Audio. The definition is accompanied by a series of descriptors for the Master Quality Recordings that are used to produce the hi-res files available to digital music retailers. These can be used on a voluntary basis to provide the latest and most accurate information to consumers.

JBL unveiled new Cinema SB350 soundbar.

JBL's new soundbar is a compact design that includes a powered wireless subwoofer, offering 320 watts of home theater sound for any TV.

Pioneer introduced new N-70A/N-50A Hi-Fi streamers.

Pioneer recently announced the N-70A and N-50A streaming network players. According to the relevant press relesase, both players are designed to achieve the very best performance from both hi-res and standard resolution audio files, with or without network connection.

SPL Phonitor starts shipping the mini headphone amplifier.

The newest member in the SPL Phonitor family, the Phonitor mini, is now available in stores. The Phonitor mini features at its core the same 120-volt technology as the Phonitor2, the brand’s flagship, as well as SPL's well known crossfeed controls.

Definitive Technology unveiled audiophile-grade Wireless Music System.

Definitive Technology unveiled its much anticipated Wireless Music System, equipped with DTS' Play-Fi technology for delivering audiophile-grade music anywhere in the home over Wi-Fi. The brand new collection will allow listeners to stream and control music from smartphones, tablets or a PC wirelessly throughout the home, without loss of optimal audio performance.

Denon launched two new components that bring existing music systems into their HEOS wireless multi-room sound ecosystem.

The HEOS Link adds HEOS multi-room audio functionality to existing audio systems or powered speakers; the HEOS Amp brings HEOS functionality to any existing pair of loudspeakers. These are the first additions to the HEOS line since initial launching with three loudspeakers: HEOS 3, HEOS 5 and HEOS 7.

Yamaha introduced new integrated amps in Natural Sound Hi-Fi series.

The company unveiled four integrated amplifiers that will acquaint newcomers to the legendary “Natural Sound” of its Hi-Fi components as well as thrill enthusiasts who want modern connectivity, such as digital audio connections for a HDTV or Blu-ray Disc player all the way up to a USB DAC function that supports high resolution audio.

North Star Design unveiled new DAC named Intenso.

The company from Italy appears to be very active lately as they presented their forth D/A converter in a period less than 18 months. Intenso complements the series of Impulso, Excelsio and Supremo models and offers many of their features but it is a product with a price well below €1000,-

Sony unveiled high-res capable media player and headphones pair.

Sony gives to listeners more ways to enjoy high-resolution audio formats on-the-move with all-new Walkman NWZ-A17 Digital Music Player and MDR-1A Hi-Res headphones that brings them closer to the spirit and soul of the artist's original performance.

Paradigm unveiled new Prestige Series.

During CEDIA, Paradigm unveiled their new loudspeaker series, the Prestige, which includes seven models in total and harness in-house developed technologies, like the Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) tweeter lens and the S-PAL tweeter. The new models are expected to ship in the next few months.

Yamaha announced premium Aventage series BD-A1040 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player.

Yamaha introduced the premium Aventage BD-A1040, its fullest featured universal Blu-ray Disc player to date with expanded connectivity that includes Bluetooth for the first time.

Creative unveiled their flagship pro-grade Sound Blaster E5.

Creative launched a new audio solution for USB DAC and headphone amplifier, a 24-bit/192kHz 120dB high resolution design for smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac computers, featuring top-notch specs and audiophile-grade components.

Classé launched the affordable Sigma Series.

At CEDIA Expo., Classé has announced the availability of a new series of components called Sigma, featuring a 7.1 channel Surround Sound Preamp/Processor, called Sigma SSP and two amplifiers, the AMP2 and AMP5, rated at 2x200W and 5x200W into 8 ohms respectively.

Bose introduced QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones.

The next generation of QuietComfort headphones, the new QuietComfort 25, feature an entirely new design, combining better noise reduction and audio performance with a stunning new look and greater portability. They replace the legendary QC15.

Panasonic to revive Technics brand name, invests in high end audio!

Panasonic announced that it will launch its audio products under the Technics brand name again, reviving its brand long synonymous with high-quality Hi-F. New Technics-branded Hi-Fi audio systems will be released first in the European market in December 2014 and later in other parts of the world.

Cowon launched Plenue 1 High Resolution Audio Player.

Plenue 1 is a portable audio device capable of 24bit/192kHz and DSD high resolution playback and it is based on the Cowon’s know-how in high quality media players. According to the press release, it uses an embedded OS based on Cortex dual-core, enabling reliable and optimized playback and a nice GUI as well.

Graham Audio revived the LS5/9 BBC monitor.

Drawn from the rich legacy of many exhaustive years of BBC research and development in engineering studio sound, Graham Audio have combined modern production techniques and acute attention to detail to build a new version of the LS5/9 BBC licensed monitor loudspeaker.

Harman introduced a new generation of Infinity Reference Series loudspeakers.

Harman, ushers in a new generation of its groundbreaking Infinity loudspeakers, founded in 1968. The new Infinity Reference Series, already a winner of the iF Product Design Award for 2014, encompasses loudspeakers from bookshelves to subwoofers.

Samsung launched Level, a new series of premium mobile audio products.

Samsung announced the Level, a new series of premium audio products, offering a range of audio accessories with high sound quality, superior comfort, portability, and style that give mobile users the best possible sound experience for their smartphone or tablet.

Bryston introduced BDP-1USB Digital Music Player.

Bryston has announced the introduction of the BDP-1USB digital music player, their most affordable high-performance music player designed specifically for those customers using one of many popular USB external DAC’s (Digital to Analog Converters) available on the market. The BDP-1USB can comfortably manage large music libraries of up to 30,000 tracks—from MP3 to high resolution files stored on external USB or NAS drives.

Marantz completes their Classic Stereo line-up with PM7005 integrated amp.

The company recently introduced a new 2-channel component, the PM7005. According to Marantz, this integrated amplifier is packed with superior-quality components, best-in-class materials, the very latest in circuit design and, also, includes an on-board USB-DAC functionality.

Yamaha announced the SRT-1000 Sound Base with built-in 8 Sound-Beam system.

The SRT-1000 features an 8 sound-beam system which bounces said beams around your room to give you a true surround sound experience, up to 5.1 channels. It’s based on Yamaha's Intellibeam technology found on higher end soundbars, but refined to be more affordable and accessible.

Vanguard: Krell's new integrated amp.

The $3,500 Vanguard, displayed for the first time at the High End Show in Munich, combines a high power amplifier with a fully balanced class A Current Mode preamplifier circuit and an optional digital module as well.

Denon unveiled New AV Receivers for Dolby Atmos object-oriented auduio technology.

Denon announced its newest line of AVR’s developed to deliver captivating, multi-dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos. Expected to be available in September, the AVR-X4100W and the AVR-X5200W models will be the first Denon AVRs to feature the new object-oriented surround sound technology from Dolby.

Benchmark announced the availabitlity of the AHB2 power amplifier, starting July.

The AHB2 realizes Benchmark's goal to build a power amplifier that could deliver the full performance of their flagship DAC2 converters, and today's finest high-resolution recordings. Being their first power amp, it will be available this summer, starting July.

Pioneer brings back vinyl playback with new professional direct drive turntable.

Pioneer launched the PLX-1000 professional turntable designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback. The model offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout, high-torque direct drive mechanism, and can be combined with Pioneer’s professional series DJM mixer. Needless to say, it could be of interest for audiophiles too…

Auris released skye, a WiFi receiver compatible with any music dock.

The intuitively-designed skye fits onto any 30-pin docking station and allows wireless control of the streamed music through a skye control app. Unlike Bluetooth, the skye is not limited to a certain wireless range. Transmission is even possible through walls and furniture.

DA-10: A new, versatile DAC from Denon.

Denon recently announced a new d/a converter, along their DA-300USB, with a compact design, capable for both on-the-go and home use. A Burr-Brown DAC chip, Denon's Advanced AL32 processing and asynchronous USB streaming are among the most interesting details…

SP-SB03 : Pioneer’s Speaker Base is optimized to improve the movie and music experience.

Pioneer introduced the SP-SB03 Speaker Base TV Audio System, designed by legendary loudspeaker engineer Andrew Jones to deliver excellent full-range sound performance and replace the audio that comes from the small low-powered speakers built into today’s flat panel televisions.

Musicians expose the decline of sound quality in new film “The Distortion of Sound

Documentary presented by Harman features Quincy Jones, Slash, Mike Shinoda and Snoop Dogg addresses audio compression’s impact on the listening experience. The documentary aired for the first time on “The Distortion of Sound” YouTube channel and on

New Onkyo High-End A/V Components Debut with Dolby Atmos, 4K/60 Hz Video.

Onkyo has unveiled three high-end audio-video components, featuring Dolby Atmos, latest HDMI 2.0 for 4K/60Hz video, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, DTS Neo:X and ISF Video Calibration.

Pioneer announced USB DAC /Headphone amplifier.

Pioneer will release a headphone amplifier with built-in USB DAC. The U-05 will be available during this summer, offering audio streaming through asynchronous USB up to 24bit/384kHz in PCM and up to 5.6MHz in DSD format with a selectable digital filter and both single ended and balanced headphone outputs.

Audio-Technica introduced new headphones to the European market.

Both the ATH-RE700 and a limited edition of the ATH-A900XLTD were displayed for the first time during the High End show in Munich, the first being a retro but stylish, smart and comfortable design while the later includes several enhancements over the original model.

DVDO introduced iScan Mini 4K Ultra HD video enhancement system.

The company announced the iScan Mini, a compact video enhancement system that features Silicon Image's VRS ClearView technology to improve SD and Full HD picture quality through 4K adaptive scaling, noise reduction and resolution enhancement.

ADL's new A1 Headphone Amp/DAC.

The new ADL A1, displayed for the first time during this year's CES, is designed for anyone who opts for a small, portable DAC and headphone amp to cover his needs of a high quality on-the-go audio system, while, also, appreciates the option to use it in the home environment with equally good results.

Audiant 80i 40th Anniversary Edition released from Perreaux

Continuing their 40th anniversary celebration, Perreaux announced the offering of the Audiant 80i as a limited edition model with only 100 pieces scheduled for production. The company has already released their flagship Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier as a 50-pieces limited edition item too.

Marantz has added to their stereo collection two new budget Hi-Fi separates.

Marantz has added to their stereo collection two new budget Hi-Fi separates, the PM5005 and CD5005 for the price-conscious music lover who loves good sound. Both models are expected to be available in July at selected Marantz dealers and online.

BlueTube Audio announced the launch of BT-6 vacuum tube amplifier.

The BT-6 is a vacuum tube amplifier hand crafted in a walnut and cherry hardwood enclosure reminiscent of craftsmanship from 60 years ago, but also features Bluetooth technology and it is constructed out of all natural materials. The company is currently funding the whole project through the popular crowd sourcing site IndieGoGo.

Ortofon develops tribute mono cartridge.

Danish cartridge manufacturer Ortofon working closely with Universal Music Group designs new mono cartridge celebrating Apple Corps Ltd’s and Universal Music Group’s release of The Beatles Mono Box Set.

Yamaha's A-S2100 and CD-S2100 to be available from this summer.

The company has announced the A-S2100, their new high end stereo integrated amplifier and the CD-S2100 CD/SACD Player with a USB DAC designed by Steinberg, in spring, both models being inspired by and based on the top-of-the-range S3000 series. According to the press release, they will be available this summer.

Paradigm ships Soundscape 5.1 soundbar

Paradigm published details about their powered 42-inch 5.1-channel soundbar with dedicated Music and Movie Modes, Virtual Surround, Bluetooth with aptX technology, Dolby Digital and Hex Codes, designed for people who want a high quality surround sound system without any requirement for additional A/V electronics.

Momentum SX7: Neat Acoustics announced new Momentum models.

Neat Acoustics unveiled a new model in their Momentum series, the SX7 and, also, announced upgraded versions of the other models in this series to include a new tweeter and a new name as well. The series will be known as Momentum SX.

Lab 12 announced the Mighty power amplifier.

Formally presented at this year's show in Munich, Mighty strives to complete Lab 12's product range, being their first power amp. It is a single ended triode/ultra-linear design with EL34 tubes and no feedback.

Denon announced new AV Receivers in X Series

Denon announced two new 2014 Network AV Receivers based on last year’s highly acclaimed X series models. The new AVR-X2 100W and AVR-X1 100 W deliver the latest Denon surround sound technology plus advanced connectivity including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at an affordable price.

Weiss MAN301-DAC-A: A 30th Anniversary Limited Edition MAN301 In Gold.

To celebrate their 30th year anniversary, Weiss launched a limited edition MAN301-DAC Network Player finished in gold! The model name is MAN301-DAC-A and it sports their soon to be released new analog output section with a discrete line driver stage.

Magico celebrates its 10th anniversary with the limited edition release of the M Project.

Paying homage to everything Magico has built over the last ten years, the company recently announced the release of the M Project, a limited-edition loudspeaker that encapsulates their latest state-of-the-art technology.

Ensemble: Devialet announced their first ever complete audio system.

Just a few weeks after the announcement of SAM, a technology to compensate for the individual loudspeaker characteristics, Devialet published some details for a complete system that includes an integrated amplifier (running SAM) and a pair of loudspeakers.

Sharp to deliver WiSA-Compliant universal player offering wireless High Fidelity Audio and Full HD Video.

Sharp Electronics has unveiled the Sharp universal player and wireless bridge, the first Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association-compliant universal player system. The Sharp Universal Player (SD-WH1000U) is the first component to transmit uncompressed sound at 24-bit96kHz and video at Full HD (1080p) — wirelessly.

Pro-Ject announced the new Xtension 9 Evolution turntable.

The company recently introduced their new turntable, a system that seems to incorporate some quite interesting ideas and is offered in four distinctive finishes and -optionally- as a full package, with an Ortofon cartridge as well.

Gold Note announced the Fiorino USB to S/PDIF converter.

That box allows you to connect any computer to your favorite d/a converter by using one of its standard coaxial S/PDIF inputs and stream your high resolution files through it. Even if your DAC includes a USB interface, there is a chance to get better sound. Fiorino uses a top class chip-set to do the job.

Polk takes desktop loudspeaker design to new heights with Hampden.

Polk announced the retail availability of its newest bookshelf loudspeaker, Hampden. Designed to serve as either a near-field desktop audio solution or an extension of a larger home theater system, Hampden features Bluetooth wireless technology in an attractive package.

A 2: Beyerdynamic's new headphone amp.

Moving a step forward, and after the announcement of the smaller amps Α 20 and A 200 p, Beyerdynamic introduced their top-of-the-range A 2 headphone amp. According to the press release, the new amplifier was re-developed from scratch so as to be able to uncompromisingly achieve the highest sound quality using dynamic headphones of all types.

Dirac supports Pioneer to create next gen smart loudspeakers.

Audio technology provider Dirac Research announced that they have reached a licensing agreement with Pioneer Corporation to utilize the Dirac HD Sound technology in their next generation of loudspeakers.

Pioneer AV Receivers to incorporate latest HDMI specification.

Pioneer introduced three home theater receivers designed to support the most up-to-date high quality audio and video formats. The VSX-824 5.2-channel and VSX-1024 and VSX-1124 7.2-channel receivers support the HDMI 2.0 specification for high resolution video playback on 4K televisions.